Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch102

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Chapter 102: The Gu Family’s Decisiveness

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Gu Nan’s wanton killing cast a shadow over the whole Martial Arts Competition. A large number of participants even withdrew in protest.

Regarding these people, Gu Nan was too lazy to care about them. Instead, their withdrawal was actually good for him—the original three-day competition was forcibly shortened to one day.

As far as Gu Nan was concerned, he only needed the Martial Arts Competition to be held. It didn’t matter who won, who lost, who became famous, and who suffered a blow to their reputation.

Based on Gu Nan’s experience, the vast majority of Evil Value in this event would involve Lin Yunyun, not the Martial Arts Competition itself.

Most of the Evil Events and missions in the game couldn’t be cleared by simply committing evil. Otherwise, players would be able to level up as long as they killed indiscriminately—how could it be that easy?

Either the mission objective was clearly given, as was the case with “Bai Luoluo’s Blackening,” or the player was allowed to freely explore and develop the storyline. However, there must still be a key condition.

To put it bluntly, a freeform event just meant that the mission objective was hidden.

Players can only get Evil Value through triggering the key condition. For example, Gu Nan recognized that Lin Yunyun was the key in this “Martial Arts Competition” event.

So he enticed Lin Yunyun to take drugs and sent her to Gu Nian’s bed…

“There’s a ruckus outside because of you, yet you’re still leisurely sipping tea here by yourself.”

A voice sounded beside Gu Nan, but he didn’t even lift his head. The visitor was Lu Zhanyu, who hadn’t appeared for a long time ever since they returned from Immortal Demon World.

Gu Nan yawned, a little bored. “I’ve only ever paid attention to the matters I have to do.”

“Didn’t you want to take full control of the Martial Arts Competition? But now that there’s no longer any opposition, it looks like you don’t care about it anymore?” Lu Zhanyu made herself at home, opening a chair and sitting down with a smile.

Gu Nan was too lazy to continue the conversation and just said bluntly, “If you have something to say, say it. If you don’t, then f**k off.”

It seemed that she already expected Gu Nan’s vulgarity. Lu Zhanyu reluctantly spread her hands. “Gu Nian told me to come… She says that after this matter, you’d better avoid the limelight for a while.”

Hearing this, Gu Nan couldn’t help glancing at her and curling his lips.

‘The fact that Gu Nian sent Lu Zhanyu over means that Gu Nian has already noticed the relationship between us… But she probably can’t guess how we met.’

Seeing that Gu Nan seemed to be unconcerned, Lu Zhanyu frowned. “You’ve killed a little too much this time… It’s not a big deal to kill Huang Qi—in any case, you’re a Domain Stage expert. However, killing Zhou Xuewen is very troublesome.”

Lu Zhanyu also came from a major family. The Lu family on Heavenly Enterprise Star was just a branch family; its main branch was actually in the distant Fourth Region, so Lu Zhanyu knew more about the twists and turns involved in interstellar politics.

While Huang Qi did have an uncle who was the commander of a military region, that uncle had countless nephews. He wouldn’t look for a Domain Stage expert’s trouble just for the sake of a dead nephew.

On the contrary, Zhou Xuewen had been running the martial arts hall all his life and had taught countless students. Who knows if there are several talented geniuses among his students?

These people only had one teacher, and Gu Nan even killed him when he was nearing retirement. This hatred must be avenged.

However, Gu Nan was still indifferent and said casually, “Wait till the Martial Arts Competition concludes. Then I’ll know where to go.”

Since it was a series of events, there must be new events after the Martial Arts Competition ends.

Lu Zhanyu frowned slightly. She heard the sound of footsteps at the door and had to shut up. After a flash, her figure disappeared completely.

“Young Master, the results of the Martial Arts Competition have come out,” Wang Dong reported respectfully, still in a black suit.

Gu Nan took the final result from him and asked with a light smile, “Why are you still here…? The Gu family still dares to work with me?”

Wang Dong’s expression remained unchanged, but he showed a meaningful smile. “Those old men may not dare to, but Eldest Miss dares.”

Gu Nan paused, then threw his head back and laughed.

“And here I thought she was wholeheartedly dedicated to the family. Turns out she’s the same as Lu Zhanyu. She’s not shy about screwing over her allies at all.”


At the same time, the Gu family’s hall was full of fierce quarreling.

The conflict between the two sides was nothing more than how to handle the Gu family’s relationship with Gu Nan going forward. This was a matter of life and death for the Gu family, so not only was the family’s seniors present, but some of the younger generation could also attend as non-voting delegates.

“Gu Nan is too domineering and will die sooner or later. If our family maintains close relations with him any longer, we will only encounter sudden and unexpected disasters!”

“He’s already a Domain Stage powerhouse. What can we do—fall out with him?”

“That’s right! Besides that person from the Xu family, no one else can restrain him. If he turns around and kills the Gu family, who can stop him?”

“Tianleng died in his hands. Are we just going to let that pass?”

“Then what do you want to do?”

The Gu family’s elders were divided into two groups, with neither side able to convince the other. Second Uncle Gu Tianqi sat in the main seat with a worried expression, feeling like a lot of his hair had turned white overnight.

He could be considered the true patriarch of the Gu family. Naturally, he knew that right now, the Gu family absolutely mustn’t fall out with Gu Nan, or else the Gu family would fall apart overnight.

No one could restrain someone like Gu Nan, who didn’t have any attachments but commanded power that was at the peak of this world.

‘But I also had the closest relationship with Gu Tianleng… Why did this b*****d advance to Domain Stage?’

If Gu Nan was only at the Infinitesimal Stage, perhaps the Gu family would’ve mobilized a long time ago and besieged him till he died. But after seeing Zhou Xuewen’s end, no one dared to attack him anymore.

The group of people gradually quieted down, because both sides realized that they couldn’t convince each other at all. It was better to let Gu Tianqi make a decision.

“Second Brother, you decide!”

“Yes, Second Brother, no matter how you decide to deal with it, we will support you!”

Gu Tianqi was silent for a long time. Eventually, he sighed. “Gu Nian, what do you think?”

Half of the people’s eyes dimmed, while the other half became smug. Everyone knew that Gu Nan was brought in by Gu Nian. Would her opinion even be a surprise?

The fact that Gu Tianqi chose to ask her opinion already made his own attitude clear.

There was no expression on Gu Nian’s face. She calmly spoke, “Regarding Gu Nan…”

“Wait a minute!” A crisp voice suddenly shouted, interrupting Gu Nian. A girl walked in slowly with a report in her hand.

“Xingzhu? What are you doing here…” An elder frowned.

The newcomer was precisely Gu Xingzhu. At this time, she looked full of confidence. She leisurely saluted and replied, “Grandpa, I just received the news that Zhou Xuewen is heavily injured and will die soon. The Seven Stars Team has heard the news and is rushing back to the Ninth Region right now.”

“Seven Stars Team?” The elder’s expression shook, and his gaze suddenly became solemn.

He was no stranger to the name “Seven Stars Team.” It was a team composed of seven Infinitesimal Stage experts who specialized in hunting and killing Domain Stage beasts throughout the universe.

They also originated from the Ninth Region, but the team’s current status and position was so many levels higher than the Gu family.

More importantly, of the seven team members, five were Zhou Xuewen’s direct disciples…

With this, Gu Nian no longer needed to speak anymore. Even Gu Tianqi turned his eyes to this side. Gu Xingzhu had a feeling of elation, and even her spirit radiated delight.

The current Gu Xingzhu resembled her younger self slightly. None of them had seen such a spirited and confident Gu Xingzhu, not since Gu Nian advanced to Prodigious Realm.

The elders seemed to have realized something. This girl was at odds with Gu Nian at the beginning, yet she seemed to have fully devoted herself to Gu Nian recently. However, deep in her bones, she likely still harbored the ambition to surpass Gu Nian.

Gu Xingzhu distributed the reports in her hand. When she passed one to Gu Nian, she deliberately paused slightly and showed a bright smile.

And Gu Nian just gave her a light glance, her mouth curling into a faint smile.

“It’s indeed the Seven Stars Team… They’re certainly strong, but will they be able to kill Gu Nan completely?” An elder asked this question.

If Gu Nan was allowed to escape with his life, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Gu Xingzhu seemed like she was already prepared for this question. She answered in her uniquely clear voice, “It’s the Seven Stars Team that wants to find Gu Nan. We don’t have to greet them ourselves… At the end of the intelligence report, I’ve already suggested a suitable candidate for this.”

The elders quickly flipped the report to the last page, and sure enough, information on another person was attached—

Lu Danze.

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