Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch105

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Chapter 105: New Weapon——Blade of the Sanguine King

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Outside the adoption center, the fourth member of the Seven Stars Team stood in stunned silence.

He didn’t understand how someone could still move freely even after being hit by his projectile. ‘Don’t tell me that this person’s physique is even stronger than that of the beasts in the endless void?’

This doubt didn’t stay for long. An ominous feeling emerged in his heart when he saw that smile on Gu Nan’s face.

The next second, he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen, and his entire person flew backwards and fell heavily to the ground, where he coughed up blood wildly, alarm bells going off in his head.

“Still not dead? Must be Infinitesimal Stage…” Gu Nan’s fleeting voice traveled into his ears.

He tried to get up but only felt a gale reaching his face. He barely managed to tilt his head to one side.

Gu Nan reappeared, the Dragon Heart Pendant on his chest still shining slightly.

His punch, which was infused with Dragon Power, hit the left side of his opponent’s face and actually tore off a portion of his face!

Both skin and flesh had been torn off by the strong force, revealing countless pulsing blood vessels and broken facial bones.

Without the support of the eye socket, the eyeball naturally fell down, suspended by a few optic nerves that were still connected.

“Fourth Brother!”

“Fourth Brother…”

Sorrowful cries came, and several figures instantly appeared around Four Brother, fury and grief apparent on their faces.

Originally, the team members were scattered around, ready to intercept if Gu Nan started using his innate ability, but who could’ve thought…

Lan Bing was also among them. At this time, her face had long lost its previous indifference and she roared angrily, “Kill! Kill him! What bullshit strategy! Everyone, attack!”

The burly man with three hands rushed up first with a strange cry, “Ahh! I’ll start!”

His figure was four times the size of an ordinary person. In addition to the normal four limbs, a huge hand also grew from his back, which looked particularly frightening.

This burly man was Han Lingtian, the second member of the Seven Stars Team. He was gifted with tremendous strength ever since birth and had a frank temperament. He excelled at killing his opponents with brute force.

He was also one of Zhou Xuewen’s disciples. He didn’t know martial arts when he was young and was often bullied in his hometown. Later, the speed of his growth spiraled out of control once he embarked on the road of cultivation.

He had just stepped into the Infinitesimal Stage, but he was one of the most powerful team members.

At this time, he leapt up high, his three arms spreading out as they simultaneously attacked Gu Nan from three different directions.

However, Gu Nan still had a cold expression and raised his fist to punch forward without hesitation. His target was Han Lingtian’s face—Gu Nan actually ignored the other party’s attacks and wanted to trade injury for injury with the enemy!

Han Lingtian was quite a meticulous planner underneath his rough exterior. Even though he was extremely furious in his heart, his hand movements were unbelievably precise.

A punch to the face, a punch to the neck, and a punch to the heart.

He was certain that as long as his three punches landed, even a giant beast would suffer a serious injury.

‘This person actually dares to fight me head-on; I must teach him a lesson!’

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Both sides’ fists hit each other almost simultaneously, but the result was beyond everyone’s expectation—Gu Nan still hadn’t moved from his original position, while Han Lingtian was blown back, smashing into a nearby building.

“Second Brother, are you okay?”

Lan Bing hurried to check again, but Han Lingtian walked out of the rubble with bloodshot eyes, a hand covering his nose. He said with difficulty, “He is… very strong.”

Lan Bing’s anger deepened. “We underestimated him… But no matter how strong he is, he will die here today!”

“That’s right!”

“Boss, let’s attack him together!” The rest of the Seven Stars Team finally stabilized Four Brother’s injury and declared at the same time.

Leaving aside the excitement here for a moment, Gu Nan, on the other side, frowned and touched his face. He already had a strong physique to begin with. Combined with the passive effect of “reducing damage by 50%” from the Resistance skill, he couldn’t even be considered injured.

Furthermore, because of the Resistance skill’s effect, most of his sense of pain was blocked, so he didn’t feel it at all.

It’s just…

“My attack is too low!” Gu Nan shook his head.

He already felt this a little when killing Zhou Xuewen earlier—he felt that he had been paying too much attention to survival abilities. Consequently, his attack power began to fall behind.

It was no problem to choose the Resistance skill; the critical problem was that his weapon—the Four Elements Crossbow he used when he was Tier 2—could no longer keep up with the times.

So his consciousness began to sink into the Evil God Temple. He opened the equipment exchange list and selected a weapon.

He’d wanted to buy this weapon for a long time, and it also matched his attributes quite well. It’s just that he hadn’t encountered the problem of insufficient attack before this, so he never bought it until now.

After all… It was too expensive.

>「Buy weapon: Blade of the Sanguine King. 500 points will be paid. Confirm?」


Gu Nan clicked the confirm button with much heartache. After deducting 500 points, he only had 100 points left.

The Blade of the Sanguine King was also called the “Blood Blade” by the players. It was a genuine Tier 3 weapon, in every meaning of the phrase. Only Tier 3 evil gods could buy it. Be it price or attack power, it far exceeded that of the Four Elements Crossbow.

The Blood Blade’s attributes are very simple, and its effects are very clear, that is—extremely high damage!

「Blade of the Sanguine King: High attack. Ignores external defense. Enhanced sharpness. Triggers the effect “Curse of Blood” on hit」

There was also a line of small words after that–

「This is a cursed divine weapon. Whenever your attack hits your opponent, you will take equal damage」

100% ignore external defense, enhanced sharpness, and the Blood Blade’s high innate attack made the true value of this weapon far exceed its price.

So the game designer very considerately added a debuff to it. That is, it hurts both the enemy and the user.

Any player who attacks with this weapon will receive damage equal to the injury they inflicted upon the enemy, which greatly reduces the weapon’s overall utility.

However, the wisdom of players is infinite. They quickly found complementary attributes from other equipment and skills.

For example, Gu Nan had the effects of Resistance and Praise of Dawn. Not only could he reduce injuries by 50%, but the effectiveness of his self-regeneration was tripled!

‘Come, let’s trade injuries!’


Outside the adoption center, Lin Yunyun saw Gu Nan stare blankly into space for a moment, his gaze slack. Just when she was debating whether to speak up, she saw him come back to himself.

At the same time, he raised his right hand and actually produced a long blade out of thin air.

The whole body of this blade was blood red. The body of the blade was slender, emitting a faint yet crimson brilliance. It looked very enchanting.

Gu Nan had never used the Blood Blade in his previous life. This was the first time he held it in his hand. It had to be said that it felt quite good. Faint but bloodthirsty thoughts also entered his head.

“Then… Let’s start killing.” Gu Nan looked at the Seven Stars Team in the distance. His originally calm eyes gradually became a little crazy.

“Let’s go!” Lan Bing shouted in a hoarse voice as she placed Fourth Brother to the side and glared coldly at Gu Nan.


As soon as Han Lingtian wiped his nose, he rushed forward again with a strange cry—even when hunting giant beasts, he still assumed the role of a tank. Their little team has always had a clear division of labor.

The enemy this time was indeed powerful, but their Seven Stars Team wasn’t to be messed with either!

In Han Lingtian’s mind, he seemed to have returned to that golden age when their seven brothers and sisters traversed the stars and hunted one fierce beast after another. That was a magnificent period…

‘Huh? Why am I flying?’

In Han Lingtian’s vision, he seemed to be flying, and his sight was still flying up and down, even spinning around.

But in other people’s eyes, Gu Nan had nimbly approached him and swung the blade at his head.

Severing it in one strike!

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