Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch109

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Chapter 109: Starship

Translator: Ea

In the endless sea of stars, a mid-sized starship quite gorgeous in appearance was slowly sailing through space.

Inside the starship, Gu Nan was gently flipping through an ancient text under the pale yellow light.

A moment later, he took off the gold-rimmed glasses on his face, rubbed his eyes somewhat tiredly, and then recorded something on the paper next to him.

“People, locations, and objects… There are 352 clues related to Maes, 41 of which might be connected to the Eye of Maes.”

After personally flipping through ancient texts and documents for many days, Gu Nan was finally able to find out clues related to Maes.

As a top player, whenever it came to mission clues, Gu Nan never liked to leave it to others. It’s not that nobody around him could do the job, nor was he a natural workaholic, but he simply didn’t trust others’ abilities.

He always felt that he would easily miss some important clues if he relied on someone else’s work, while he himself wouldn’t miss them—to put it bluntly, this was narcissism.

“U-Uncle Gu… the two Lu family sisters are looking for you,” Lin Yunyun’s voice traveled from outside, only to address him with some obvious stammering.

As Lin Yunyun’s adopter, Gu Nan decisively elevated himself by one generation, resolutely refusing to be called “Older Brother.”

After failing to induce the little loli to call him “Daddy,” his final term of address became “Uncle.”

When Gu Nan came to the outer room, the two sisters, Lu Xingyu and Lu Zhanyu, were already waiting here.

Lu Zhanyu brought Gu Nan aboard the starship when Lu Xingyu was still out looking for help, so today was the first time the two met after parting ways.

“Come, greet your older sisters,” Gu Nan said to Lin Yunyun.

Lin Yunyun greeted obediently, “I greet the Lu family’s Big Sisters.”

“Hello there!” Lu Xingyu also smiled back. She had a gentle nature, so she instantly took a liking to a little girl like Lin Yunyun.

“Alright, go play by yourself for a while.”

“Okay, Uncle[1].”

Lu Xingyu: “……”


“In any case, the fact that Mr. Gu is willing to help out… Thank you so much!”

Although Lin Yunyun’s address made her a little confused, the look of delight on Lu Xingyu’s face was unmistakable; she had already heard about Gu Nan’s battle record.

Gu Nan’s reputation in Ruby Fish Star wasn’t too good, but Lu Xingyu was not an inflexible person. The Lu family was a genuinely influential family, so how could its children be naive?

Gu Nan smiled. “No need to be polite. It’s just a deal.”

Gu Nan would help them fight one match, and the Lu family would help Gu Nan find the Eye of Maes—that was the deal between the two sides.

As the next clue in the chain of events, the Eye of Maes appeared when Heavenly Enterprise Star was mentioned, so Gu Nan had reason to suspect that the clue was on Heavenly Enterprise Star.

And as the key figure of the event, Lin Yunyun naturally had to be brought along as well.

So… he’ll just have to inconvenience Sister Gu Nian to temporarily go to Yan Xiaoxiao to resolve her physiological needs.

Gu Nan and Lu Xingyu chatted for a while longer. The latter basically thanked him again, while Lu Zhanyu acted as a human sculpture all the way, not taking the initiative to speak.

She knew that Gu Nan would definitely blab, so her identity could be exposed if she was careless.

“It will take two more days to reach Heavenly Enterprise Star. Why don’t you come out for a walk?” Lu Xingyu suggested with a smile, “The scenery of this endless sea of stars is something that can’t be seen elsewhere.”


On the other side of the starship, a man and a woman from the Lu family were talking.

This starship was privately owned by the Lu family, and this trip not only carried Gu Nan and the Lu sisters, but also other children of the Lu branch family based in Heavenly Enterprise Star, as well as the helpers they had invited.

“Cousin Huaiyun, I heard that you’ve invited an interstellar hunter this time?” The woman gently leaned on the guardrail of the deck and asked with a light smile.

This woman’s name was Lu Jing. She was from a relatively remote branch of the Lu family. This time, she just came to watch the show.

The “Cousin Huaiyun” she spoke of was a relatively famous child of the Lu family who also came from Heavenly Enterprise Star. Both his connections and his own abilities were quite remarkable.

“Mm, a five-star star hunter,” Lu Huaiyun didn’t hide it and answered with a light smile.

Lu Jing was stunned by the words, then exclaimed, “Five stars! There aren’t many in the entire Ninth Region, right? Could that person be…”

Lu Huaiyun waved his hand. “Don’t blindly guess… It’s Guan Shanxue, the disciple of old Mr. Kang of Yin Yang Tower. He just advanced to five stars two months ago.”

“Oh…” Lu Jing seemed a little disappointed but soon became happy again. “Guan Shanxue is a Prodigious Realm cultivator who has been in the Infinitesimal Stage for many years, it seems that this time, Older Sister Xingyu will lose to you again, Cousin.”

Lu Huaiyun’s branch of the family didn’t have a good relationship with the Lu sisters’ branch of the family. Lu Jing deliberately said this to flatter him.

“Hahaha! That pair of sisters ran all the way to Ruby Fish Star. What kind of powerful helpers can they find in a backwater place like that?” Lu Huaiyun laughed heartily. “The real experts would never stay in an administrative star—they’re all out traveling, challenging themselves in the endless sea of stars to grow!”

There were countless relics and treasures in the sea of stars, so it could attract top martial artists. Lu Huaiyun’s words weren’t wrong.

Lu Jing praised him twice more and suddenly spoke up, “Cousin Huaiyun, I heard that Zhanyu brought a helper along, and that person even brought a little girl with him.”

“Oh?” Lu Huaiyun seemed as if he’d heard something interesting. He laughed brightly. “Good. Little Jing, your Cousin will accept this gift of yours!”


A few moments later, Gu Nan held Lin Yunyun’s hand and slowly walked through the aisle in the middle of the starship.

To the side was a transparent floor-to-ceiling window, reflecting the starry sea outside the window. In the end, Lin Yunyun was only a thirteen-year-old girl, so she had long since flung herself to the window, gazing enviously at the endless galaxy.

But to the rest of the passengers, her behavior resembled that of a country girl who clearly hadn’t seen much of the world—of course, she really hadn’t seen much of the world.

Her action fell in the eyes of the onlookers and triggered a burst of light laughter.

Lin Yunyun was originally enjoying the scenic view of the galaxy, but the laughter finally awakened her. She turned to look behind her, which turned out to be the starship’s dining room.

The original intention of this design was to allow guests dining in the restaurant to see the starlight as soon as they looked up.

The young girl saw the smiles on the dining room guests and finally realized that they had all witnessed her previous actions. She suddenly blushed.

On the other hand, neither Gu Nan nor Lu Zhanyu had much of a reaction. Lu Zhanyu didn’t react because she was quite a good actor and knew how to hide her emotions a long time ago, while Gu Nan…

“Zhanyu, I think you should take them on a tour first,” a voice rang out next to Lin Yunyun. It was a rather magnetic male voice that was trying to hide his laughter.

“It’s just the sea of stars. There will be plenty of opportunities to see it.” This man, dressed in a silver suit, looked down at Lin Yunyun again and asked, “Little Sister, don’t you think so?”

His gaze was a bit playful, making Lin Yunyun’s body shrink.

Lu Zhanyu, who was standing next to them, chuckled lightly. “Cousin Huaiyun, I advise you to put that thought away. There are some people you can’t afford to mess with.”

“Oh?” Lu Huaiyun’s eyes narrowed slightly, finally casting his gaze on Gu Nan. “What is this brother’s name?”

However, Gu Nan didn’t pay any attention to him; he was still looking at the starry scene outside the window.

Lu Zhangyu smiled. “This one is Gu Nan—Mr. Gu.”

Lu Huaiyun frowned slightly. He vaguely felt that the name was somewhat familiar but couldn’t recall where he had heard it for the time being.

And Gu Nan was still ignoring them, all the way until Lin Yunyun tugged on his sleeve.

Notes: [1] Uncle: Lin Yunyun calls the Lu sisters “Older Sisters” but calls Gu Nan “Uncle,” making Gu Nan one generation above the sisters in terms of seniority, so proper decorum dictates that the sisters will have to address him respectfully due to seniority.

Makes things awkward because he used to be in the same generation as them, but he elevated himself by one generation when Lin Yunyun called him “Uncle”

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