Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch125

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Chapter 125: Feng Lun’s Pain and Joy

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Inside Gu Nan’s lab, Lin Yunyun was still clutched by the giant shadow hand, but she kept struggling violently, and the blue light at the center of her eyebrows flickered more rapidly.

“This is…” San Wei looked at that dot of blue light and subconsciously touched her own forehead, where a golden eagle symbol was hidden.

‘The girl in front of me clearly has my clan’s bloodline, yet the mark on her forehead is covered by this blue light.’

“This is a Godstone,” Gu Nan’s calm voice sounded in her ears.

He had no intention of explaining in depth. The only people on this planet who knew what a Godstone was were probably himself and the Lan siblings. He didn’t want to invite trouble for himself.

A Godstone is the vessel that houses divine fire and is also a god’s very foundation, and in some other power systems, it’s also known as a “Godhead.”

The one on Lin Yunyun should only be a fragment of a Godstone, not the main body. But even so, it still managed to suppress the power of her own bloodline, causing her a painful childhood.

The blood of her fellow clan member stimulated Lin Yunyun’s own bloodline, which in turn triggered the awakening of the Godstone fragment inside her body.

The instant he saw this Godstone fragment, Gu Nan finally understood the ultimate goal of the entire event chain.

The root trigger of the event chain was precisely this Godstone fragment, and the series of missions served to guide him to this moment—the appearance of the Godstone fragment.

“A Godstone… and it’s even a water-attribute Godstone.” Gu Nan couldn’t help chuckling. “In that case, that pair of siblings’ target is also clear now.”

‘No, that’s not right. The fact that they came here means that the Godstone’s main body is also here. I’m afraid it’s completely awakened now.’ Gu Nan rubbed his chin and deduced based on his past life’s experience.

Stumbling upon a Godstone here was indeed out of Gu Nan’s expectations.

The Godstone was a god’s very foundation, and it was actually similar for Evil God players as well. The Godstone had another name among players—EXP stone!

Apart from dungeons and events, did players have any other ways to obtain Evil Value?

The answer was yes, but it was exceedingly rare. And the EXP stone was precisely one of those ways!

Through a certain ritual, a Godstone could be directly transformed into a player’s Evil Value. In the game’s mid- and late stages, this setting was practically encouraging players to hunt down the gods.

It succeeded. In his previous life, players had basically killed off all the gods by the late stage of the game. If they didn’t do that, players simply wouldn’t have enough Evil Value to advance.

And the official explanation given by the game developers was:

[To blaspheme against god is the greatest evil]

Memories about the Godstone flashed through Gu Nan’s mind in an instant, and the gaze he leveled at Lin Yunyun was like looking at a rare treasure.

In this moment, he didn’t care about dungeons and events—nothing was as important as that small blue dot.

Even an EXP stone of the lowest rank was still equivalent to hundreds or thousands of Evil Value!

Normally, even with Gu Nan’s abilities, he still wouldn’t even consider hunting gods at all until he reached Tier 5. In other words, Godstones were originally prepared for players above Tier 5.

‘If I can get a Godstone when I’m only Tier 3, then… then I’d still have to find a way to earn enough points to advance.’ Gu Nan threw a figurative bucket of cold water on himself.

After he calmed down, he realized that the Evil God Temple in his brain, at some point, had generated a new prompt.

「Evil Event triggered: Lan Si’s Fall」

Gu Nan’s eyes narrowed slightly. He knew that this was probably the last mission in this event chain.

‘Fall, huh…’


Feng Lun experienced both pain and joy recently.

The pain came from the earlier competition. Ever since his shouting incident during the competition, the gazes of people around him always seemed a little off, vaguely containing some mockery.

Ever since Feng Zhuotang publicly lost to Gu Nan, many people on Lu Qi’s side investigated Gu Nan.

The findings shocked them. The news of Gu Nan’s battle with Ye Qinglan, which was still spreading unchecked, easily came into their sight.

Star Ranker powerhouse!

The fastest breakthrough in a hundred years!

The amazing battle record of killing Austere Sword Saint Ye Qinglan!

Overnight, no one questioned how Gu Nan had defeated Feng Zhuotang anymore. Instead, Feng Lun, who had made a laughingstock of himself before the match, became the dog that everyone liked to beat when down.

Of course, with his old man backing him up, no one actually dared to beat him, but mocking words behind his back were inevitable.

On the other hand, the joy Feng Lun experienced was that Feng Zhuotang seemed to be busy with something these days and had no time to scold him. And the pendant around his neck also brought him a great surprise!

The light on the round blue stone could no longer be seen, but Feng Lun could sense that it didn’t really disappear; it merely hid itself away.

The slightly cool sensation, which still kept coming from his neck, kept transforming his body. Feng Lun could sense himself growing stronger with every second.

Although Young Master Feng had a bad personality and even liked to play around with women, he was still a martial artist.

As long as someone is a martial artist, they won’t be able to resist this temptation!

In just two days, Feng Lun found that his arm strength and speed had strengthened by over 30%. Even his mind had become much sharper, and his memory had improved as well.

This round blue stone seemed to have enhanced his abilities on all fronts. Even learning martial arts skills and cultivation techniques was faster than before.

‘If that’s the case, then perhaps… Even I can become someone strong!’ Young Master Feng’s heart was surging. He remembered his father’s heroic figure back then as he traveled through the sea of stars, and his long-cherished wish from his youth came back to his mind.

But in the next moment, the image of his father being defeated by that person with a single slash also emerged.

Young Master Feng’s face darkened, and he set another goal in mind— ‘When I become an invincible powerhouse, I’ll beat that Gu Nan into the ground!’


Only a few groups of people noticed the Godstone’s appearance. No matter how dark the currents underneath the surface of the water, the surface remained calm as usual.

After Qin Xuanji confirmed that her target was on Heavenly Enterprise Star, she began to gather subordinates. The Lan siblings had a god’s help, so their progress was a little faster. They had already started to investigate.

Gu Nan, on the other hand, was different from both parties—he was waiting.

The next event’s earlier than expected appearance didn’t prevent him from raising Lin Yunyun to Prodigious Realm. He wanted to wait until she finished advancing before embarking on the search for the Godstone.

Regarding the Godstone, players had some methods to find and use it, but the method Gu Nan wanted to use required the cooperation of Lin Yunyun herself.

But of course, there was no way to cooperate in her current state.

Gu Nan looked at the wildly agitated Lin Yunyun inside the room, who had raging internal energy and extremely high strength, and rubbed his brows with some headache. “How long will it take to push her cultivation to Prodigious with that new drug?”

Perhaps because the crystals made from San Wei’s blood were particularly effective, the speed of Lin Yunyun’s cultivation was significantly faster than before.

“About five days,” Professor Lu Ming answered without much hesitation.

But then, he said with some hesitation, “Mr. Gu, with the target’s current mental state, I’m afraid there will be trouble during her breakthrough.”

Gu Nan frowned slightly. “Is there any way to calm her emotions?”

“It’s best to give her more room to move around, preferably in a natural environment.” Lu Ming said, “She’s just like a beast right now, possessing only the basic survival instincts. Her mind is being clouded by hallucinations.”

“Then place her in the courtyard for the time being and get two Prodigious cultivators to keep an eye on her.”

Lu Ming was flabbergasted. “Mr. Gu, Prodigious experts aren’t easy to hire, let alone when you’re asking them to do this kind of job…”

“You can pick two at random.” Gu Nan waved his hand. “Kill their whole family if they refuse to help. Just tell them I said that.”

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