Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch128

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Chapter 128: Return of the Prodigal Son: Young Master Feng

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Gu Nan wrinkled his brows when he heard San Wei’s words.

Lin Yunyun’s condition was one of the critical matters he paid close attention to. After all, this was currently the only Godstone fragment in his hands. All his future actions would revolve around this.

Gu Nan asked about Lin Yunyun’s situation almost everyday. Based on previous reports, today should be the day when Lin Yunyun’s accumulated energy reached the peak of Innate, about to break through to Prodigious Realm at any moment.

‘How can that target come into contact with Lin Yunyun at such a critical time?’

When San Wei saw him sulking, she thought that she had offended Gu Nan and quickly said, “My Lord, about Lin Yunyun’s situation…”

“Let’s discuss it on the road.” Gu Nan stood up and waved his hand. “We’ll visit the lab.”


Gu Nan and San Wei sat in a hover car, speeding to the lab. On the way there, San Wei also began to quickly explain what happened.

It turned out that in the past few days, Lin Yunyun was allowed to move around in the courtyard per Gu Nan’s earlier instructions. This was indeed effective in soothing her irritable temperament.

But as a result, she accidentally came into contact with outside people.

“You’re saying that Feng Lun was the one targeted by the Lan siblings, and he also inadvertently came into contact with Lin Yunyun?” Gu Nan stroked his chin with a thoughtful look in his eyes.

“Yes.” San Wei’s expression was a bit odd. “We specifically investigated Feng Lun. He really has changed quite a bit over the past few days…”

Gu Nan raised his eyebrows, revealing a slightly interested look, and San Wei continued her story.

Listening to San Wei’s narrative, Gu Nan found that it was an interesting story about a prodigal son who returned and was worth even more than gold[1].

Feng Lun, the playboy young master, seemed to have suddenly become enlightened ever since Gu Nan smacked him. Not only did he begin cultivating in earnest, but several interesting things also happened to him.

On the first day, he was ridiculed because of the previous incident in the competition arena, but as a result, Young Master Feng suddenly burst into action, revealing his Innate Realm Third Stage power and forcibly defeating his opponent.

One should know that he used to be just a fellow who relied on genetic drugs to force his way into Innate Realm, and his combat power wasn’t even as good as that of an ordinary Innate Realm expert.

The next day, Feng Lun attended a drinking party and happened to meet a young lady from the Lu family, where he helped her throw off a few of her suitors that were swarming around like flies.

On the third day, Feng Zhuotang finally finished taking care of the business at hand and brought Feng Lun to meet some old friends and participate in a competition for the descendants of powerful cultivators.

So in front of a crowd of Prodigious cultivators, Feng Lun once again amazed the world with a brilliant feat. Not only did he defeat many of his peers, but he also showed off his amazing comprehension abilities, learning all of the Prodigious cultivators’ famed techniques!

Even Feng Zhuotang was impressed with him and planned to pass on his mantle to him instead of looking after him as a useless son with no future.

“On the fourth day, this is where he came into contact with Lin Yunyun?”

Gu Nan stood outside the lab’s compound, next to a hole in the wall. It happened to be a corner of the compound, and the damage on the wall wasn’t too serious, but it allowed the person inside to communicate with the outside world.

“When the lab’s people found it, Lin Yunyun was standing inside, whimpering towards this side,” San Wei stood beside Gu Nan and whispered.

Her voice was a little low. At the very least, Lin Yunyun was still one of her fellow clan members. Now that Lin Yunyun had lost all rationality and become like this, San Wei also felt some sympathy and hoped that she could return to normal as soon as possible.

“It’s the mutual attraction between the Godstone and the Godstone’s fragment,” Gu Nan said leisurely.

He knew that when Lin Yunyun’s bloodline was awakened a few days ago, the Godstone’s fragment in her body had also been awakened along with it, which stimulated the other fragments nearby and even caused the Godstone to become active.

Feng Lun probably had the Godstone’s main body on him. After it was activated by the fragments’ awakening a few days ago, he was subconsciously brought over here and tried to communicate with Lin Yunyun.

Unfortunately, Lin Yunyun was delirious at this time, so she couldn’t communicate with him at all.

‘But this Feng Lun… His recent experience is really interesting!’

“Lord?” San Wei just saw Gu Nan fall silent after saying a baffling sentence, so she couldn’t help asking.

Gu Nan smiled. “Let’s go. If nothing goes wrong, we can get Lin Yunyun to break through today.”


Bored, Feng Lun walked on the road, but his mind kept wandering back to the girl he met at that corner of the compound two days ago.

When he passed by that day, a strong throbbing came from the round stone on his chest, urging him to walk inside. This urge continued until that girl appeared.

Her features were delicate and pretty, but she looked very unkempt. Not only was her hair messy, but her clothes also looked like they hadn’t been changed in a long time.

She didn’t seem to be able to speak either and kept whimpering to herself in the corner.

Unfortunately, when he passed by there again, the round stone didn’t throb anymore, and the girl never appeared again.

After thinking about it, Feng Lun, who refused to let it just end like this, still decided to visit that corner again. ‘If the girl still isn’t there… should I sneak over the wall and break into the compound?’

Young Master Feng had always been daring, and he became even bolder after the round stone pendant awakened.

He was very different from his past self. Not only did his power improve greatly, but he also learned the secret technique passed down in his family, as well as the famed techniques of several other seniors.

Feng Lun concluded that with his current strength, even if he fought Innate Realm Fourth or Fifth Stage experts, he would still have a chance of winning.

Besides, ever since he returned as the prodigal son, his old man’s attitude toward him became much better and was much more willing to back him up whenever he got into trouble. Thus, Young Master Feng was very interested in jumping over the wall to have some fun.

However, just when he ran over with great enthusiasm, Feng Lun saw the last person he wanted to see.

Gu Nan!

When Feng Lun arrived, he happened to bump into Gu Nan standing at the corner of the wall, pondering over the hole in the wall, only to turn away a moment later and directly enter the compound’s main door.

This scene made Feng Lun’s heart sink.

If there was still someone that the current Feng Lun feared, Gu Nan was definitely it.

Not to mention the psychological shadows left behind during the earlier competition, the mere fact that Gu Nan defeated his old man in a single slash meant that the other party was levels above him in terms of power.

‘So it turns out… that girl is being imprisoned by him?’

Feng Lun felt as if something had gripped his heart.

‘Why did Gu Nan imprison her? And what was he doing by keeping her here?’

One after another, questions emerged from his heart, making Young Master Feng irritable for no reason.

Suddenly, an abrupt voice rang out from his side, almost scaring Young Master Feng. “Your Highness, it seems that you need our help.”

Feng Lun’s jaw dropped as he looked around him. A man and a woman had appeared beside him.

His current memory was very good, so he recognized the man at first glance.

This person was precisely the man he saw on the day of the competition when he first rushed over to the arena. He was the one who easily defeated his opponent in the previous match, before the round between Gu Nan and Feng Zhuotang.

‘This fellow’s name seems to be… Lan Ta?’

“Lan Ta and Lan Si greet Your Highness.” Lan Ta had a serious face and bowed meticulously.

Feng Lun didn’t have time to think much about the strange form of address and subconsciously asked, “Just now, you said that you can help me?”

“Yes.” Lan Ta barely managed to squeeze out a smile on his face. It’s just that it looked a little scary. “If Your Highness wants to break in, we can help you lure Mr. Gu Nan away.”

Notes: [1] A prodigal son who returned and was worth even more than gold: A prodigal son who lived a wasteful and extravagant life is now repentant and decides to turn over a new leaf

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