Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch130

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Chapter 130: The Most Efficient Method to Farm Apostle-Type Monsters

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Feng Lun saw the scene in front of him but didn’t have any intention of talking to Gu Nan. His entire attention was drawn to Lin Yunyun’s figure.

To be precise, his attention was drawn to Lin Yunyun’s forehead, where a blue dot was constantly emitting light. And in front of Feng Lun’s chest, the blue round stone also began to emit a faint light and slowly floated up.

“Godstone fragment!” Lan Ta was so pleasantly surprised that he couldn’t help blurting out.

He hurriedly turned to Feng Lun. “Your Highness, your Serene Water Godstone is still missing three fragments, and that girl is an innate fragment bearer and your natural servant.”

“My servant?” Feng Lun was puzzled.

“That’s right.” Lan Ta nodded forcefully. “Her power is bestowed by the Godstone, so she is naturally your most loyal servant.”

Feng Lun’s eyes instantly lit up. “Then… what should I do?”

“As long as you get close to her, you’ll be able to completely awaken the fragment in her body,” Lan Ta said while looking at Gu Nan. “As for this person, please leave him to me.”

He stood in front of Gu Nan with a stern face. As long as the latter made the slightest movement, he would immediately strike.

However, Gu Nan only showed a faint smile but seemed like he didn’t have any intention of attacking, which puzzled Lan Ta. As for the San Wei behind Gu Nan, Lan Ta completely ignored her.

When Feng Lun saw that Gu Nan really didn’t move, his heart grew slightly happy and he hurriedly walked towards Lin Yunyun.

Sure enough, every time he took a step forward, he saw the light on the girl’s forehead strengthen a little more, and the throbbing of the pendant on his chest became more and more pronounced.

The presence of the Godstone fragment gave him a natural feeling of familiarity for the young girl in front of him, and Lan Ta also told him that this girl will be his servant.

‘Servant… Tsk tsk.’

The once lecherous Young Master Feng couldn’t help having lustful thoughts again.

By the time he walked up to Lin Yunyun, the blue light on Lin Yunyun’s forehead had completely lit up and even looked like it was about to detach from her body.

Feng Lun subconsciously reached out to grab it, and the blue light also seemed to take the initiative to cooperate with him, fiercely jumping up from Lin Yunyun’s forehead, looking like it was about to leap into Feng Lun’s hands.

“That’s enough.”

Two cold words rang out in Feng Lun’s ears, and the familiar voice plunged him into an icy abyss.

A hand rushed out and grabbed that blue light before Feng Lun could do anything, while Feng Lun felt a familiar wind coming towards him, just like that day…


The giant hand of shadows emerged again, and history seemed to repeat itself. Young Master Feng didn’t even have time to grunt before he was slapped away for the second time.

Of course, he didn’t suffer serious injuries this time, because Lan Ta finally reacted and caught him steadily.

“Your Highness, are you all right?” Lan Ta’s dark expression was also a little red. Gu Nan’s speed was so fast that he couldn’t even move in time.

Feng Lun felt that he had reached the climax, yet someone had interrupted his excitement. He shouted furiously, “Didn’t you say you could stop him? Trash! You’re all trash!”

“What did you say?!” Lan Si was already dissatisfied with Feng Lun, and when she heard him cursing her older brother, she couldn’t help speaking up.

The embarrassment on Lan Ta’s face became even more obvious. He stopped his sister with his gaze and said in a deep voice, “It’s this servant’s fault… Your Highness, please give me a chance to redeem myself.”

“What do you mean I’m not giving you a chance? If you’re really so strong, then kill him!” Feng Lun was already going crazy with anger and said furiously.

“Okay.” Lan Ta nodded solemnly.

While the three were talking, Gu Nan was playing with the Godstone fragment in his hand with a look of interest on his face.

To be honest, he had killed many gods in his previous life and had dug out their Godheads with his own hands, but this was the first time he had seen this kind of naturally-formed Godhead that had broken into fragments.

Naturally formed Godheads were too rare. The conditions necessary to create them were incomparably harsh. Trying to artificially cultivate them was even more troublesome than directly slaughtering gods, so no player in his previous life ever attempted to do something like this, where the loss far outweighed the gains.

Lan Ta suddenly became angry when he saw Gu Nan’s action. “Villain, put the Godstone fragment down right now, or else my Lord’s wrath will definitely…”


His voice reminded Gu Nan, so the latter raised his hand and slashed out with his weapon.

The words Lan Ta wanted to say choked his throat. He felt so suffocated that his face turned red, but he was forced to raise his hand to conjure up a blue shield of light.

The strike fell and was actually completely blocked by the shield, not even creating a splash. Ever since Gu Nan started using Blade of the Sanguine King, this was the first time his attack had been completely blocked.

A cold smile appeared in Lan Ta’s eyes. “This is a divine art bestowed by my Lord. How can a mortal like you break through it?”

Gu Nan’s mouth curled up with a trace of mockery, but his movements didn’t slow down as he added nine consecutive slashes to his original attack. It was worth mentioning that the direction of each of his nine slashes was different and seemed to be deliberate.

At the beginning, the nine slashes were as ineffective as the first one, but the second slash started to make the shield tremble slightly.

Each subsequent slash made the shield tremble a little stronger, until finally…

The shield shattered with a Boom.

Lan Ta watched all this with dumbfounded eyes. He clearly saw Gu Nan’s every slash just happen to land on the divine nodes in his technique.

And because a divine art was bestowed by the gods and wasn’t his own power, he actually had no way to adjust the flow of divine power…

Lan Ta’s divine power was instantly crushed, frantically dispersing throughout his body. As a result, he was unable to gather his power and attack again.

“T-This is impossible…” Lan Ta said with difficulty as he sensed the dispersed divine power within his body.

In the next instant, Gu Nan’s blade had already stabbed into his abdomen. Gu Nan grinned. “There’s nothing impossible about it. I’m more familiar with Rolensia’s divine arts than you are.”


His younger sister’s heart-wrenching scream rang in his ears, but Lan Ta’s vision was fading.

He never once imagined that this would happen—he still had countless techniques he wanted to use, but because of a simple divine art, the divine power in his body was dispersed, and now he was killed with a slash.

‘I still have over ten kinds of powerful divine arts. I still have the divine grace given by the Mother Goddess. I still have several divine art items that can save my life…’

Unfortunately, without divine power, apostles were just a bunch of trash.

After stabbing Lan Ta to death, Gu Nan just flattened his mouth, his expression bland.

In his previous life’s game, apostle-type monsters were also a very unique kind of monster.

On one hand, they were powerful, with all kinds of divine arts at their disposal. On the other hand, their skills were very inflexible, giving them far less room to manipulate their skills compared to normal Tier 3 or Tier 4 skills.

So players found that the most efficient method to farm apostle-type monsters was to trick them into casting a defensive divine art, then target their divine nodes and disperse their divine power.

When fighting enemies, players always tried to find a way to kill the enemy in one blow. Those who insisted on waiting for the enemies to launch their ultimate attacks and then engaging in a bitter and drawn-out battle were idiots.

Gu Nan slowly moved his gaze back, landing on Lan Si and Feng Lun.

Tears were trailing down Lan Si’s face. She roared wildly and rushed up, but Gu Nan casually caught her by the neck and pressed her to the ground.

As for Feng Lun, after floundering for three seconds, he let out a fierce scream and desperately rushed outside.

Gu Nan didn’t go after him. Feng Lun still had his uses. This Young Master Feng was the best target for drawing out the other fragments. In contrast, if the Godstone was in Gu Nan’s hands, then fewer people would dare to take action.

Gu Nan waited until Feng Lun’s figure disappeared, then slowly bent down and grabbed Lan Si’s hair as a strange smile appeared on his face.

“So… Miss Lan Si, are you interested in becoming an Evil God’s apostle?”

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