Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch131

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Chapter 131: San Wei’s Goal

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The smell of blood permeated the lab.

Without the Godstone fragment suppressing her bloodline, the internal energy in Lin Yunyun’s body began to steady itself and continued to transform her body. San Wei was standing by her side, helping to calm her rampaging internal energy.

And Gu Nan was just standing in front of Lan Si, looking down at her from above.

“Dream on!” Like a raging lioness, Lan Si glared viciously at Gu Nan and roared madly, “You wretched heretic, my Lord will send down divine punishment and make you fall into the abyss forever!”

The young girl kept cursing Gu Nan with the most vicious words she knew.

After all, she merely believed that the natives of Myriad Heavens Universe weren’t qualified to be recognized by the Godstone—this didn’t mean that her faith wasn’t strong.

As someone who grew up in the Luxuriant Blossoms Divine Kingdom, Lan Si was also a fanatical follower of the God of Luxuriant Blossoms.

“Fall into the abyss forever?” Gu Nan grinned. “Rolensia herself can only descend to the 50th layer of the abyss. Anything further down isn’t something your Mother Goddess can meddle in.”

Rolensia was precisely the name of the God of Luxuriant Blossoms. The fact that Gu Nan mentioned her name twice finally made Lan Si realize that something was wrong.

‘Why does this native know the name of the Mother Goddess?’

Gu Nan, however, didn’t give her the chance to ask questions. He pressed one hand onto her forehead and knocked her unconscious with the power of shadows.

It was impossible to convince this fanatic with words alone. He could only convince her through some special means, or by finding the weakness in her heart.

Fortunately, one of Lan Si’s weaknesses was right in front of Gu Nan.

“Watch her. Don’t let her kill herself.” Gu Nan casually threw the young girl to San Wei, then walked up to Lin Yunyun.

Technically speaking, the current Lin Yunyun was no longer that useful to Gu Nan. The latent Godstone fragment in her body had already been taken out, and there was no longer anything preventing her from evolving, but this also had nothing to do with Gu Nan’s mission from then on.

In game terms, the quest chain on the NPC Lin Yunyun had already been cleared by Gu Nan.

That Gu Nan would still pay attention to her right now was merely a force of habit.

Lin Yunyun’s advancement proceeded quickly after losing the Godstone fragment. Within a short time, all of her internal energy had been absorbed, which in turn accelerated the evolution of her soul.

A few moments later, she slowly opened her eyes, which no longer had a beastly daze and was instead clear.

“Uncle?” The first thing she saw was Gu Nan’s calm face.


Lin Yunyun felt like she just had a dream, a particularly long dream. The scenes in the dream were on the verge of becoming unrecognizable, but one image was exceptionally clear.

A blue light floated out from her own body and was about to approach another blue light and be completely swallowed by it.

She could clearly feel that the blue light was still controlling her body at that time, and if the blue light was swallowed up, then she would likely have to serve someone else for the rest of her life.

But at that very moment, the blue light was directly clutched by a hand, and the connection with herself was instantly cut off.

“Uncle, what in the world is this?” Lin Yunyun hugged her knees as she sat beside Gu Nan, watching him play with the blue fragment in his hand.

This fragment looked ordinary, just like the glass shards found everywhere on the street.

But it was precisely such a thing that put her through boundless pain for many years, and she couldn’t even break through because of this.

“Something that can be eaten.” Gu Nan casually explained, “There should be a total of three such fragments. One is in your possession, one is on Lan Si, and the last one… We’ll have to wait for it to appear on its own.”

Next to him, San Wei said with a somewhat strange expression, “My Lord, I think I’ve seen this thing before.”


San Wei had indeed seen something similar. Although the appearance was different, that extremely majestic and sublime aura was unique. She could never forget that aura after seeing it once.

“It’s actually in Qin Xuanji’s hands?” After hearing San Wei’s answer, Gu Nan instantly felt exasperated.

If he’d known this earlier, he would’ve directly snatched it from Qin Xuanji’s hands at the beginning. That way, there would be no need to deliberately let Feng Lun go in order to draw out the last fragment.

Seeing Gu Nan’s expression, San Wei said solemnly, “Lord, please don’t underestimate Qin Xuanji, as well as the Bloodline Alliance backing her. There are Void Cutter Realm experts in that organization.”

“And what is the Bloodline Alliance?” Gu Nan raised his eyebrows and asked. He wasn’t too afraid of the so-called Void Cutter cultivators, but he was more or less curious about these kinds of people that might correspond to the game’s Tier 4.

The power system in this world was essentially similar to the one in the game.

So based on the game’s pattern, Void Cutter experts should’ve already developed their core skills further and derived their own exclusive laws and skills.

That’s right. Unlike the purchase of skills at Tier 3, what the player had to do from Tier 4 onwards had already drifted away from the usual online game.

Tier 4 actually requires players to build their own skills!

You can choose to build the simplest skills to quickly break through to Tier 5, but this will inevitably limit your future growth potential.

You can also choose the most complex skill, but this will inevitably slow down your advancement speed. There were even some skills that a player simply couldn’t master, so picking those was akin to finding trouble for themselves.

The most important thing was how to strike a balance between the complexity of skills and the speed of advancement.

In contrast, the natives here actually had more of an advantage in this aspect. They could spend decades researching and developing their exclusive laws, but players didn’t have the luxury of time.

Gu Nan’s mind recalled general information about Tier 4, and San Wei also continued explaining the situation of the Bloodline Alliance.

“The Bloodline Alliance is a very large group. Our headquarters is in the Central Region, and the Sixth Region is the most important development area for the Bloodline Alliance in the past two hundred years…”

San Wei used the most concise language possible to explain exactly what kind of existence the Bloodline Alliance was.

Origin, background, area of influence… The simplest word to describe this organization was—behemoth.

The entire Bloodline Alliance had at least three Void Cutter Realm existences, and one of them was guaranteed to be sitting at their headquarters in the Central Region at any given time.

And in the Sixth Region, which they placed heavy focus on developing, the Bloodline Alliance’s power here was equally strong. There were close to ten people at Wei Donghai’s level alone.

The most surprising thing was that White Mist, the organization that San Wei originally received orders to monitor, was also a member of the Bloodline Alliance!

Only then did Gu Nan remember that Lu Zhanyu had indeed mentioned that the organization she helped him contact was a reincarnator organization made of primarily bloodline users.

“So, why exactly are you following me around?” Gu Nan finally asked this question. It was a question he didn’t particularly care about but also wanted to know the answer to.

San Wei smiled and bowed. “I need your help to join White Mist—I’ve had enough of those bastards from the Deep Sea bloodline!”

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