Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch132

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Chapter 132: First Appearance of a Void Cutter Existence

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Within any large organization, there was bound to be factional struggles, endless internal conflicts, mutual dislike, and even hostility.

Similarly, there were also a variety of organizations within the Bloodline Alliance, but there was no animosity between these organizations. Rather, being part of the larger Bloodline Alliance allowed them to better exchange resources.

Instead, the conflict came from their bloodlines themselves, which directly divided the bloodline users into two camps.

This conflict was simple. It was the difference between those with pure bloodlines and those who acquired their bloodlines through other means.

In the case of San Wei and Lin Yunyun, they were already bloodline users from birth. It’s just that Lin Yunyun’s bloodline hadn’t manifested previously, so she looked the same as ordinary people.

And as long as their strength progressed to a certain level, or some catalyst triggered an awakening, they would be able to awaken their bloodline.

But there was also another kind of bloodline users who started out as ordinary human beings, but through some methods later in life, they inherited an ancient bloodline into their own bodies, thus becoming bloodline users.

Just like Qin Xuanji—she was originally just an ordinary person from Langya World, and only through a series of brutal battles did she snatch the bloodline inheritance from a group of competitors.

These two kinds of people viewed each other with contempt. The bloodline purists felt that the other side was full of bastards with impure bloodlines, while the people who acquired their bloodlines from inheritances felt that the other side was full of coddled sheep who wouldn’t be able to withstand brutal tests.

San Wei was an extreme bloodline purist advocate.

“Ever since the boss left, more and more bastards have entered the organization.” She gritted her teeth and said fiercely, “This time, they would rather give such an important mission to Qin Xuanji even though she was much farther away in the Sixth Region than give it to me…”

So the trigger was this. Gu Nan nodded. “So, White Mist is an organization of bloodline purists?”

“That’s right.” A touch of reverence surfaced on San Wei’s face. “The two commanders of White Mist are pureblooded bloodline users. And they’ve maintained the ancient tradition of only recruiting innate bloodline users and humans into their organization.”

Pureblooded bloodline users despised bastards but had little prejudice against humans. After all, there were many powerhouses among humans as well, and humans could even be said to be the true masters of the universe.

This was like how beasts extremely despised half-beasts but instead could treat the human race as equals.

Gu Nan didn’t say anything else after he understood San Wei’s goal. He just had San Wei help Lin Yunyun familiarize herself with her newfound power faster.

With Gu Nan’s current power and status, he really did need some people around him to handle matters. It wasn’t feasible for him to personally handle everything.


In a hidden cave, Qin Xuanji drew an arcane magic formation, then used a knife to cut open her arm. Blood immediately flowed down, continuously dripping onto the ground.

The blood flowed into the magic formation along the drawn lines, and the formation gradually emitted a faint light.

A few moments later, the color of the blood faded, and a human figure also began to appear on the magic formation. This figure was wrapped in armor and carried a giant flail in his right hand, looking extremely dreadful.

“Qin Xuanji, you also understand the cost of inter-region communication. I hope you’re bringing me good news,” the armored figure slowly spoke.

His voice was very bizarre, like it was masked inside the armor, yet it could directly be transmitted into one’s mind without any mistake.

This ability alone was equivalent to a continuous sound transmission technique. The power of this armored figure had already reached an appalling level.

Qin Xuanji knelt down on one knee, keeping a calm look on her face while revealing just the right amount of reverence.

“Yes, esteemed King of the Deep Sea.” She said in her usual low voice, “I’ve already discovered the whereabouts of the Water Realm Stone, but others also have their eyes on it as well.”

Feng Lun’s movements in the past few days couldn’t be concealed from those keeping an eye on him, and since he hadn’t thought of hiding the Godstone, it wasn’t difficult for Qin Xuanji to find out the cause behind his recent transformation.

A mere Feng Zhuotang wasn’t hard to deal with, but Qin Xuanji also saw Feng Lun’s recent experiences.

The Lan siblings started following Feng Lun, but after entering that laboratory, Feng Lun was the only one who wretchedly escaped from the scene, so Qin Xuanji wasn’t confident about dealing with whoever was in that lab.

She figured out the identity of the lab’s owner as soon as she checked…

It was Gu Nan again!

Qin Xuanji wasn’t certain she could deal with a freak like Gu Nan, so she simply bypassed her few superiors in the Deep Sea bloodline and went directly to His Majesty.

The King of the Deep Sea was one of the Void Cutter Realm existences among the bloodline users and the real master of the Deep Sea bloodline!

The armored man, the King of the Deep Sea, heard these words and laughed loudly. “Good! Immediately proceed to seize the Water Realm Stone. If anyone dares to interfere, you can kill them.”

As soon as his words fell, Qin Xuanji saw the other party’s shoulder shine, and a badge slowly fell into her hands. It was the King of the Deep Sea’s epaulet!

Qin Xuanji couldn’t help being pleasantly surprised. “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

She had an extraordinary understanding of the power of Void Cutter cultivators. Even though the other party was currently in the Central Region right now, it wouldn’t be hard at all for him to project his power over here.

Even the strongest of the Prodigious Realm experts like Wei Donghai had the ability to move their wills across regions, so of course Void Cutter existences could also do that.

The phrase “Void Cutter” originally meant that they had the ability to cut through space itself and could even go beyond Star Realm.


Feng Lun was in a bad mood these last two days. Even if the power of the round stone in front of his chest was getting stronger and stronger, bringing him more and more help, it still couldn’t relieve his anxiety.

Lan Ta was killed by Gu Nan almost in one shot, and the blue light on the girl, which was about to fall into his hands, was also blocked by Gu Nan.

Such an experience was really unpleasant.

‘Why! Why is it always that fellow!?’

Young Master Feng couldn’t stop roaring in his heart, but anger didn’t wash away his rationality. He knew he was in great danger right now.

‘Gu Nan even killed Lan Ta, yet he let me go. How can this not be a conspiracy?’

Although Young Master Feng was a little spoiled, he wasn’t stupid.

Feng Lun felt as if a huge net was slowly closing in on him, just waiting for all the prey to fall into place. Then it would close in one fell swoop and completely suffocate him.

“This can’t continue. I have to find dad, I must leave this hellhole immediately!” After hesitating for a long time, Young Master Feng finally made up his mind to escape from here as soon as possible.

He believed that returning to the Sixth Region was the only way to escape Gu Nan’s clutches.

“Young Master, the Lord has something to discuss and requests you to come over.”

The servant’s voice came from the door, and Feng Lun didn’t think much about it. He just happened to be looking for his dad as well, so he simply answered, “Wait a few minutes, I’m coming.”

However, the instant he opened the door, a chill suddenly flashed through his heart.

In his own home, the servants had always addressed his father as “Master.” Why did they change their form of address today?

While he was hesitating, he felt a sudden force in front of him, and two men in black were standing at the door, pushing it open.

“W-Who are you?” Feng Lun asked loudly as he panicked and took two steps back.

The two men in black didn’t even deign to answer him. One of them glanced at his chest and immediately said, “He has the treasure. Attack!”

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