Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch135

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Chapter 135: Injuries

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Yue Qianleng looked at the sunken-in ground in surprise when he heard Qin Xuanji’s voice. He couldn’t sense any signs of life inside the deep pit. How could anyone still be alive?

But he soon understood the meaning behind Qin Xuanji’s words—Gu Nan’s shadow had actually disappeared from the area struck by the King of the Deep Sea’s attack!

‘Did he escape after being hit by that palm, or did he not get hit at all?’ Such thoughts crossed the two’s minds.

Yue Qianleng was slightly better off. He didn’t want to fight Gu Nan to the death, but that didn’t mean he feared Gu Nan. Qin Xuanji, on the other hand, felt a severe sense of crisis and immediately turned to leave.

The badge bestowed by the King of the Deep Sea had already dissipated completely after a single use. She didn’t want to be killed by Gu Nan in a moment of carelessness.

In the next moment, a cold aura pierced the night sky. Qin Xuanji stopped in her tracks, feeling a sharp stabbing pain in her abdomen.

She subconsciously lowered her head, only to find that her abdomen had been completely stabbed through—this was where her vital core was located. Her strength began to wane, and unutterable fear emerged in her mind.

Yue Qianleng immediately appeared beside her, and the silvery moonlight instantly covered the surroundings, but he couldn’t find a trace of Gu Nan.


At night, in an ordinary residential area.

Pedestrians had long since disappeared off the streets. Occasionally, a hover car flew by, causing several barking dogs.

A pair of father and daughter walked into the neighborhood and took the elevator to the 22nd floor—for high-rise condos that generally had 50 to 60 floors, the 22nd floor was quite expensive already.

“Dad, I’m so hungry! I want to eat dumplings!” The little girl was already chanting about dinner as they stood in front of their house door.

“Alright, Dad will boil dumplings for you later.” The father rubbed her head dotingly and took out the key to open the door.

He entered the door as usual and turned on the light, failing to notice anything wrong. It wasn’t until the lights came on that he suddenly realized that a person covered in blood was currently sitting on his sofa.

This person’s head was drooped, and his spine seemed to have suffered some kind of blow—a portion of it was clearly caved inward. The person’s back was covered with blood, dyeing the white robe bright red. The bloodstains were even spreading to the front.

An arm had been completely broken. The elbow joint was shattered, and the forearm was folded to the front at an unnatural angle. The sight made people’s hair stand on end.

But the strangest thing was that this person’s gaze was incomparably calm, as if he wasn’t the one who had sustained such heavy injuries.

His appearance was truly too horrifying. Not only did the little girl scream with fear, but even her father took two steps back, hurriedly protecting his daughter behind her.

“W-Who are you?” He choked back his fear and asked.

That strange person didn’t speak, instead staring straight ahead with unfocused eyes—he didn’t even seem to be breathing. Only the sound of dripping blood proved that everything happening in front of the father wasn’t an illusion.

‘Don’t tell me he’s already dead?’ The father couldn’t help thinking this.

On the contrary, the little girl suddenly became excited. “Dad, he must be a peerless master fleeing his pursuers, just like what’s written in the novels!”

As she spoke, she even tried to run up to the stranger, but her father hurriedly stopped her.

The strange person still didn’t respond; he didn’t even blink.

Seeing that this person seemed unable to move or might even be dead, the father boldly said, “Hey, if you’re still alive, just make a noise.”

What answered him was still silence. Just when the father was getting impatient, an eerie phenomenon happened.

In the spot where half of his neck was broken, the person’s spine was gradually recovering. Even the originally damaged muscle tissues and skin were slowly regenerating.

The father suddenly felt chills crawl up his spine—not only was this person alive, but his injuries were even healing automatically!

“Let’s go now! Leave with Dad right now!” He picked up his daughter and quickly ran to the door, resolved to call the police immediately after getting out.

‘Let’s leave this terrifying fellow to the police.’

The next second, a shadow from the ground swiped across the air, and the father’s body was bisected horizontally. His upper body slowly slipped down.

The little girl screamed again, but this time she was sobbing as well, and her voice was also full of terror.

Another shadow flashed past, and the little girl joined her father.

The caved-in neck of the person on the sofa gradually returned to normal. He then stood up and moved his hands and feet—one of his forearms was still broken, dangling loosely from the elbow joint like an artificial limb.

This person was naturally Gu Nan.

“These injuries really are serious…” he muttered somewhat speechlessly. “It’s also just bad luck that I just happened to meet a Tier 4 physical strength type enemy.”

His Evil God physique didn’t fear attacks from most laws, but in the face of brute force, he could only tank it head-on.

The blow from the King of the Deep Sea’s illusory palm almost destroyed all of Gu Nan’s vitality. Fortunately, his Resistance skill halved the damage, which gave him a chance to escape.

But even in that state, he still countered and gave Qin Xuanji a fatal blow.

“Bloodline users. So that’s what they are.” Gu Nan couldn’t help smiling coldly when he recalled the scene after Qin Xuanji was stabbed through the abdomen.

Earlier, he was indeed a little surprised by Qin Xuanji’s frightening vitality. That kind of physique was almost as good as his Evil God physique.

But with the Observer Eyepiece, he still found some weak points.

Different from his Evil God physique, which strengthened every part of his body, there existed a core in every bloodline user. All their vitality came from that core.

Once this core was destroyed, bloodline users would lose their source of strength, which was the foundation of their bloodline power.

Piercing Qin Xuanji’s bloodline core was enough to render her incapable of fighting for a long time, so naturally she wouldn’t be able to organize pursuers to hunt him down.

“Sure enough, it’s a Tier 4 power. Even the effect of Praise of Dawn has been suppressed.”

Gu Nan looked at his slowly recovering injury and couldn’t help frowning.

Not only did the blow from the King of the Deep Sea cause him a terrible injury, but the residual power of the enemy’s laws even suppressed Gu Nan’s regenerative abilities.

The injury that could’ve been cured in just a few days will now take at least a month or more, depending on how fast he’s able to dissipate these Tier 4 laws.

“But if I can absorb the Godstone’s power and increase my Evil Value to above 300, the suppression effect of the Tier 4 law will be greatly weakened.”

Gu Nan had a thorough understanding of the rules of the game. Level suppression did exist in the Evil God game, which was reflected in the fights between those of different tiers.

As long as his core skill reaches the level of “arcana”, the level suppression won’t be so serious anymore.

‘Wait another two days, then find Lan Si as soon as my power is restored back to Tier 3.’ Gu Nan clenched his fist softly, felt the strength of his body, and made a decision in his heart.

With his current strength, he probably wouldn’t even be able to defeat an ordinary Tier 3 cultivator. If Lan Si vigorously resisted, then it was hard to say who the winner would be.

Besides, it was also uncertain whether San Wei would still remain loyal if he appeared in front of her in such a state.

From the very beginning, Gu Nan never trusted any of these NPCs.

“Bloodline users…” A trace of a sneer appeared on the corners of Gu Nan’s mouth.

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