Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch138

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Chapter 138: Holding a Grudge

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Gu Nan was pleasantly surprised when he saw the first message. ‘F**k, I forgot about this.’

But he was practically dumbfounded when he saw the second message.

‘Evil Events will only reward Evil Value value—that’s the game’s rule… Wait, this seems to be a special reward for clearing this event chain?’

Event chains were extremely rare kinds of missions. Not even Gu Nan had encountered many of these in his previous life. At most, those concluded after only 2-3 missions, and the rewards were also so-so.

At least, Gu Nan had never encountered an event chain that rewarded special rewards upon completion. In the past, he just thought of these as welfare events.

Unexpectedly, clearing these consecutive missions actually gave him 1,600 points.

This wasn’t actually a big number for Tier 3 players—Gu Nan didn’t even put in much effort during the Immortal Demon World mission, yet he still received 1,000 points upon completion. 1,600 points would be spent in no time.

But in any case, these points came just in time.

Gu Nan didn’t even bother to pay attention to Lan Si as his mind sank directly into the Evil God Temple and started a wave of upgrades and purchases.

He leveled his core skill Power of Shadows to Level 3, which cost 500 points; Resistance was also upgraded to Level 3, which cost 400 points, and it cost another 600 points to buy skills like Blink and Righteous Judgment.

After such a wave of purchases, Gu Nan’s original 1,700 points fell to 200 in an instant. Fortunately, the core skill arcana was activated automatically after hitting 300 Evil Value. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even have enough money to buy skills.

But these purchases were absolutely worth it.

The Power of Shadows that reached the level of arcana already possessed the same tyrannical attribute as the law of light, allowing it to sweep away everything in its path. And a Level 3 Resistance had a terrifying damage reduction of 80%!

If the current Gu Nan took another attack from the King of the Deep Sea, he certainly wouldn’t be in this sorry state again.

The other two skills, Blink and Righteous Judgment, were skills that Gu Nan decided on long ago.

「Blink: You can teleport behind any target in your line of sight to attack」

「Righteous Judgment: In the name of justice, cause true damage[1] to the target based on the amount of health you’ve already lost」

Blink was the final guarantee of an Evil God’s mobility and could be used to move through all obstacles. It was equivalent to a special teleportation ability. Unless the space was sealed, no one would be able to catch Gu Nan.

In contrast, Righteous Judgment belonged to the execute[2] category of skills. This name was in quite bad taste, and the skill didn’t match the concept of Evil Gods at all, but it was surprisingly effective.

An execute effect brought about by true damage meant that no matter how powerful the boss, once their HP dropped below a specific health threshold, then they could be killed by Gu Nan in one strike.

Although players roleplayed Evil Gods in the game, that had no connection with the light or darkness attributes. Quite a few equipment and skills belonged to the holy light series, such as Gu Nan’s Dawn Sage’s Robe.

This was also the case for Righteous Judgment, a skill players dubbed the “Big Sword.”

Or perhaps in the game developers’ view, the blasphemous effect of an Evil God shouting “Righteous Judgment” was as good as wanton slaughter.

When Gu Nan returned to reality, he could feel that his body had strengthened again, and his original injuries were also recovering rapidly. The suppression from the law belonging to the King of the Deep Sea had faded a great deal.

But from Lan Si’s point of view, Gu Nan merely blinked his eyes, and his entire aura changed after that.

Gu Nan, who already gave her a lot of pressure before, seemed to have become more unfathomable.

“My Lord…” Lan Si said softly. She still wasn’t used to treating Gu Nan as a Father God.

In reality, the relationship between an Evil God and their apostles was different from the normal relationship between gods and their apostles.

Gu Nan felt the strength in his body slowly rising and began to show a light smile. “Learn to control your power as soon as possible… But come with me first.”

“Ah? Where are we going?”

“To get some face back.”


A vast majority of players held grudges, especially when NPCs caused them to have an unhappy gaming experience. After players wrapped up their missions, it was normal for them to come back and hack the NPC’s entire family to death.

Not to mention that even among players, Gu Nan belonged to the category of players who held grudges to an abnormally high degree.

Although he couldn’t catch up to the people from White Mist for the time being, he knew the location of their headquarters, so they wouldn’t be able to run away. Thus, his first target was the Bloodline Alliance.

Ever since he reappeared in the public’s eyes, Yue Qianleng’s whereabouts was no longer a mystery. After all, a living person would always have to stay somewhere, unless he secluded himself from the entire world.

Yue Qianleng had already stayed on Heavenly Enterprise Star for a long time. Interestingly enough, he wasn’t actually in the Bloodline Alliance’s branch office, but in a college.

“Heavenly Enterprise Star Capital Region Celestial College” was the name of the college where Yue Qianleng was located.

This former genius of the Bloodline Alliance and a current powerhouse had actually been posing as an ordinary teacher in this college for a long time, teaching here. Surprisingly, nobody realized his identity all these years.

If he hadn’t helped Qin Xuanji at someone’s request, then he probably would have continued to live in anonymity.

It just happened to be the afternoon, when students were constantly walking out of the college after finishing their lessons.

“Hey, I heard that another person visited Teacher Yue during your class today?”

“Yeah! Many people have paid visits to Teacher Yue these past few days! They all look very powerful, but they’re all very polite to Teacher Yue…”

“My father said that your Teacher Yue is also a powerful person.”

These kinds of discussions frequently occurred between students, and Yue Qianleng’s identity was constantly spread around. Although the students didn’t have a clear understanding, the fact that he was a very powerful person had already been confirmed.

While listening to his colleagues’ discussion, Yue Qianleng indifferently opened the door to the teacher’s dormitory and slowly walked in while muttering, “How troublesome! Looks like I have to change identities again. I’ve used this identity for a few years now, so I’m actually quite reluctant to let it g… Huh?”

He suddenly stopped talking because he saw someone who absolutely shouldn’t have appeared in his room.

Gu Nan was sitting quietly in front of him with Lan Si, staring at him expressionlessly.

“You…” Yue Qianleng looked at the other party with stunned eyes, incomprehension written all over his face.

‘This person clearly took a blow from the King of the Deep Sea, so his injuries are no lighter than Qin Xuanji’s current injuries. How did he appear here? And how come I didn’t sense him entering my room?’

Yue Qianleng felt chills and turned around, trying to put some distance between them, but Gu Nan instantly reappeared beside him and threw a punch.


Yue Qianleng’s gaze turned a little cold. He knew that his strongest technique had no effect on Gu Nan, so he simply sent out a crescent moon slash with a wave of his hand.

‘His power is definitely weaker than mine, plus he’s even injured…’


The crescent slash was directly shattered by Gu Nan, and the power of shadows flickered out briefly, crushing the law of the moon. Soon afterwards, Gu Nan’s punch smashed into Yue Qianleng’s abdomen.

Yue Qianleng felt a sharp pain and was blown away, but what surprised him most was the enormous and terrifying aura coming from Gu Nan.

And the power of laws contained in his punch…

‘That power has already reached the arcana level!’ Yue Qianleng screamed madly in his heart. ‘Don’t tell me there really is someone who can actually explode with potential and experience a sudden leap in strength after taking a hit from a Void Cutter cultivator?’

But no matter whether Yue Qianleng believed that or not, Gu Nan had already grabbed him, looking down from above.

“Where is Qin Xuanji?”

Notes: [1] True damage: Damage that ignores defense

[2] Execute type skill: Deals defense-ignoring damage once the enemy’s health drops below a specific level, generally a certain death skill

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