Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch139

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Chapter 139: Bloodline Alliance Branch Office

Translator: Ea

Inside the teacher’s dormitory, Gu Nan held Yue Qianleng by the hair and stared at him with cold eyes.

The next moment, silvery moonlight so dense that they stung the eyes exploded from Yue Qianleng, who turned into a crescent moon and escaped from Gu Nan’s grasp. He stood to the side, looking at Gu Nan with a sneer.

“Junior, do you really think…”


Gu Nan suddenly appeared behind him, ferociously punching the back of his head.

Yue Qianleng stumbled, the terrifying force making his vision darken slightly, while Gu Nan’s following punches made him suffer unspeakable misery.

A distinguished expert whose innate ability had already reached the arcana level was now being punched and kicked like a sandbag.

After taking a few punches to the face, Yue Qianleng was finally infuriated by the humiliation. With a wild roar, he turned into a silvery-white moon fox.

Almost all bloodline users had such a transformation ability. Their power would soar after transforming into their bloodline’s true form.

At the very least, Gu Nan could sense the law of the silver moon around him strengthen after Yue Qianleng’s transformation.

Yue Qianleng extended the power of the moon around him, progressively filling up the entire dormitory. Lan Si, who was beside the two, struggled to even take a single step.

Yue Qianleng’s move was clever. He could see that Gu Nan relied on physical strength, so by using his power to slow down the enemy, Gu Nan would no longer be able to quickly approach him.

And if Gu Nan used the power of his own law, then Yue Qianleng’s technique of reflecting the enemy’s laws would come in handy.

As expected of a genius who amazed the world twenty years ago. Purely from a tactical point of view, he hardly made any mistakes.

But unfortunately for him… Gu Nan just got two new skills!


Gu Nan’s figure cut through the void. The moonlight covering the ground couldn’t even stop him at all. Gu Nan reappeared behind Yue Qianleng… and threw another punch!

Gu Nan truly used all his strength in this punch, even activating the Dragon Heart Pendant that he hadn’t used for a long time, all to beat the enemy painfully.


Most of Yue Qianleng’s power was scattered throughout the room, so he couldn’t respond in time. His spine took a direct hit from Gu Nan’s fist. The crisp sound of his spine breaking sounded, and the moon fox howled in pain as it fell to the ground.

“Gu Nan!” Yue Qianleng knew that he had been completely defeated, so he immediately shouted, “If you want to find Qin Xuanji, I’ll take you there. If you kill me, you’ll be making an enemy of the entire Bloodline Alliance!”

Gu Nan’s movements slowed, and he smiled slightly. “You know where she is?”

“Of course…” Before Yue Qianleng finished speaking, Gu Nan smashed a fist down and knocked him unconscious.

The noise in the teacher’s dormitory was like a beacon in the night in a place like the college, catching everyone’s attention.

“Who’s inside?!” Several teachers who just happened to pass by the dormitory door immediately noticed something wrong and shouted at the people inside.

Lan Si’s figure appeared at the door, saying icily, “Mind your own business. Get lost!”

Those people’s faces suddenly darkened, and one of them became even more furious. “Who are you? Who gave you the guts to make trouble at Celestial College?”

Lan Si glared with wide eyes and wanted to retort, but she saw Gu Nan walk out while gripping an unconscious moon fox in his hand, its limp body hanging from his grip.

He didn’t even look at their side and simply shot out three shadow swords with a wave of his hand, piercing the three teachers’ throats.

“Let’s go.” Even when the three corpses hit the ground, Gu Nan’s expression didn’t change at all. He just gripped Yue Qianleng’s original form and casually told Lan Si.

Lan Si stared dumbfoundedly at the scene in front of her, unable to get used to Gu Nan’s style for a moment. After a while, she hurriedly ran to catch up.


Half an hour later, a figure walked up to a hidden villa area of Heavenly Enterprise Star. Several patrolling guards immediately stepped up.

“Who goes… Eh? So it’s Lord Yue.” One of them was about to shout and interrogate but suddenly recognized the other party. The guard immediately had an odd look on his face.

Because right now, a large portion of Yue Qianleng’s face had swelled up, and that half-mask could barely cover his face anymore. He didn’t look like himself at all.

Yue Qianleng asked with a stormy expression, “Where is Wang Chen?”

The several patrolmen exchanged glances. The Wang Chen that Yue Qianleng mentioned was a Dao Lord level powerhouse who frequently stayed in this Bloodline Alliance branch office.

How could they know his specific whereabouts?

Yue Qianleng also seemed to understand that he was asking in vain, so he simply ignored them and quickly disappeared.

Moments later, in a house deep in the villa area, a bald middle-aged man had two young girls in his arms as he gave a hearty laugh.

He was in the middle of flirting with his two concubines when his expression suddenly changed and he quickly dodged to the side.

A slice of moonlight landed soon after, cutting the sofa he was sitting on a few seconds ago in half.

The two girls couldn’t smile anymore. If the bald man had been just a little slower, they would’ve ended up like that sofa.

“My Lord, this… please give us justice!” One of them said tearfully.

“Get lost!” However, the bald man unexpectedly cursed with a dark expression and pushed her away. His eyes were fixed in one direction. “Yue Qianleng, what’s the meaning of this?”

“You still dare to ask me what’s the meaning of this?” Yue Qianleng also had a cold expression as he walked in through the window.

The bald man was precisely Wang Chen. His lips couldn’t help twitching when he saw Yue Qianleng’s appearance. He couldn’t think of anyone who could beat Yue Qianleng up to this degree…

…Even he himself was at best equal to Yue Qianleng in strength!

“Your face…”

“Gu Nan,” Yue Qianleng practically spat out that name. “He’s not the youngest Domain Stage in the universe—he’s the youngest Dao Lord in all of Star Realm! He’s currently in front of the branch office’s main gates. Good luck with that.”

It took Wang Chen a long time to digest the meaning behind Yue Qianleng’s words, and he couldn’t help gasping in shock when he did.

He bowed his head in thought for a moment, then immediately waved his two concubines away and led Yue Qianleng to a seat with a flattering smile. “Old Yue, I really lost my mind this time and believed Qin Xuanji’s words… Tell me, what exactly is going on?”


Outside the villa area, Gu Nan was sitting leisurely by a lake, looking at the lake and mountain scenery.

Standing behind him, Lan Si asked hesitantly, “My Lord, if you just let Yue Qianleng go like that, won’t we be inviting future trouble for ourselves?”

Gu Nan waved his hand. “It’s just a nobody. When you can control a little more divine power, you’ll be able to handle him easily as well.”

While he said this, Gu Nan was looking at his Evil Value, which had stopped rising after breaking through to 302 from the event chain rewards. It was clear that Lan Si didn’t improve her own power during this period.

Lan Si nodded hard at his words, but Gu Nan seemed to suddenly think of something and asked, “I forgot to ask you something…”

“Where exactly is Rolensia’s Divine Kingdom? How is it connected to this world?”

Faced with this question, Lan Si didn’t hesitate much and told him everything she knew. She only explained what little she knew, but even that much was setting off great waves in Gu Nan’s heart.

After listening to Lan Si’s narrative, he couldn’t help murmuring to himself, “So that’s it.”

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