Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch142

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Chapter 142: A New Journey

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Qin Xuanji died.

Her death wasn’t much different from that of any other NPC. She was simply killed in a single strike, nothing more.

Gu Nan didn’t feel much about killing an NPC whom he met early on. He had seen too many instances of being sold out by NPCs or selling out NPCs, so he had long since stopped feeling any emotional fluctuations over something like this.

Qin Xuanji no longer had any value to Gu Nan. Keeping her alive would just make him the target of a certain powerful figure who could attack him at any time. Naturally, her only path was to die.

“Did you confirm that no one escaped?” Gu Nan stood outside the villa and asked flatly.

Lan Si, who was beside him, quickly replied, “Yes, my Lord… A small number of people who wanted to escape were killed by your clones.”

When she said this, Lan Si’s heart was also horrified.

It wasn’t like she’d never seen a clone skill before, but clones created using Gu Nan’s Shadow Form could split into even more clones so that towards the end, not even Lan Si could count the number of clones.

Although she could see that the clones grew weaker the more they multiplied, this skill was perfect for killing off weak enemies.

Of course Gu Nan knew what she was thinking, but he just nodded slightly without saying anything else.

As his power rises, his methods would become more varied, so it wasn’t surprising to be able to do something like this.

“Massacring the Bloodline Alliance division here is enough to temporarily cut off that powerful figure’s control over this place.” Gu Nan took one last look at the villa and dropped a torch.

Endless flames suddenly rose up. Ruins of buildings and mutilated remains all went up in flames.

“Let’s go. It’s time to go to the next map.”

“Ah? Where?”

“Sixth Region.”


In Immortal Demon World, war and battle were still the main themes there.

Gu Nian stood on the high city tower, overlooking the city that belonged entirely to the Gu family, and experienced a rare sense of satisfaction.

She didn’t when it started, but Gu Nian began to like this feeling of looking down at the whole city from above—probably because the Gu family put too much effort into this world, so even she couldn’t help being affected.

She had reincarnated to many different planes, but it was truly rare to see one with such rich resources and a complete power system.

Even if the Gu family hadn’t really conquered this plane yet, the recent harvest still gave the family a lot of benefits.

“I really have to thank that fellow…” Gu Nian’s lips curved into a mocking smile. Nobody knew whether she was mocking Gu Nan’s generosity or mocking the fickle nature of the world.

She remembered what the other party had said when he left and couldn’t help being a little resentful.

‘If he didn’t deliberately stir up trouble, then I wouldn’t have tried to lay my hands on Yan Xiaoxiao either… Who would’ve imagined that a native would be this formidable?’

That strange law was almost an even match for her own law. Even now, she still hadn’t found a good way to neutralize that law.

“But no matter how much you scheme, this place will ultimately be mine,” Gu Nian felt the mountain breeze blowing on her face and murmured lightly.

“Eldest Miss.” A figure emerged from behind her, bowing and reporting, “News came from Heavenly Enterprise Star—everyone in a villa area has been slaughtered, which is suspected to be a branch of the Bloodline Alliance.”

Gu Nian raised an eyebrow. “Bloodline Alliance? You suspect Gu Nan? Is there any evidence?”

Gu Nian’s questions came so quickly that the figure suddenly faltered. “This… we don’t have evidence. However, Yue Qianleng, the one who attacked Gu Nan earlier, is a powerful bloodline user.”

Gu Nian’s eyes narrowed thoughtfully upon hearing this, one hand gently knocking on the wall. Even though she was currently in Immortal Demon World, she still paid attention to Heavenly Enterprise Star. Or rather, to Gu Nan’s every move.

She always felt that Gu Nan’s behavior was strange. His actions always seemed to be driven by a clear purpose, but from a bystander’s perspective, there was no cause behind those goals, making his actions difficult to decipher.

This was true when he was in Ruby Fish Star, and it was still true even after he went to Heavenly Enterprise Star.

After thinking for a moment, she added, “Keep watching Heavenly Enterprise Star and simultaneously send people to the Sixth Region… I have a hunch that the White Mist organization will be out of luck soon.”

After saying this, she waved her hand again to dismiss the subordinate but gently drew the young girl beside her into her arms.

“If staying in White Mist becomes dangerous for you, then find a chance to hide here, got it?”

“Okay.” The girl blushed a little but gave a firm nod. She was Lin Yunyun.


“Ladies and gentlemen, the flight number X5698 starship to the Sixth Region will depart soon. Passengers who have not yet boarded the ship, please do so at your earliest convenience.”

The female announcer’s soft but urgent voice constantly echoed in the hall, urging passengers to board the ship as soon as possible.

Among the rushing travelers, a young girl turned around and shouted behind her, “Big Bro, hurry up! The boarding time is about to end!”

A young man in white slowly trailed behind her, yawning. His lackadaisical attitude made even the onlookers feel anxious for them.

The young girl was so anxious that she stomped her feet, but the youth just walked at his own pace, finally managing to catch up to her at the last minute. They barely made it onboard before the gates closed.

The girl rolled her eyes unhappily but didn’t have the time to say more right now, so she just pulled the youth along as they sped towards the starship.

These two were precisely Gu Nan and Lan Si.

Ever since killing everyone in the Bloodline Alliance branch, Gu Nan settled his business in Heavenly Enterprise Star and started to head towards the Sixth Region.

He didn’t forget that the White Mist organization stood him up, and San Wei even ran away with Lin Yunyun… Okay, fine. He just wanted to get the method used to directly receive world missions without any intermediaries.

If not for this, then he was too lazy to care about San Wei or Lin Yunyun. They could die in a ditch for all he cared. Anyhow, he had already gotten all the Evil Value out of them.

However, since he had to pay White Mist a visit anyways, then he naturally had to get back some face in passing. Being taken advantage of by NPCs wasn’t something top players did.

Gu Nan didn’t know how much information the powerful figure backing Qin Xuanji had about himself, so he didn’t use his original appearance and name. Instead, he disguised himself as Lan Si’s older brother.

On Lan Si’s side, after living with each other these days, she finally understood Gu Nan’s “true nature.”

‘When he’s not fighting, this b*****d is just a shut-in. How is there any resemblance to his ruthlessness and decisiveness when killing people?!’

‘He wants to sleep until noon everyday. Besides eating, his daily life consists of some light reading and binging dramas… Cultivating? Studying? Strict and self-disciplined living habits? They’re nonexistent.’

Gu Nan didn’t want the Lu family to know his recent situation, so all the preparation for this trip fell onto Lan Si.

This made Lan Si, who was used to being treated as a pampered eldest miss, equally mad, but she couldn’t disobey Gu Nan’s orders, so she could only try her best at these unfamiliar tasks, reluctantly becoming his assistant.

Actually, it can’t all be blamed on Gu Nan. After all, playing games didn’t require him to cultivate—this was the case even now.

Besides knowing how to kill people and being very good at killing people, he really was just a shut-in.

Just as the two walked through the passenger walkway and prepared to board the starship, a man and a woman were also staring at them from not far away.

“Hey! Cousin, that person seems to be Lan Si!” A young boy who looked only fifteen or sixteen years old said, pointing to this side.

“Oh… She dyed her hair black and seems more beautiful now,” his cousin looked at Lan Si and said earnestly while rubbing her chin.

“That’s not the point!” The teen couldn’t help rolling his eyes. “Sister, last time you were defeated by Lan Si. Don’t you want to take revenge?”

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