Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch147

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Chapter 147: Era of Main Characters

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Tang Xuan could only give a puzzled look in response to Gu Nan’s strange judgment, but she began to give Lan Si an in-depth explanation of the child of destiny.

A child of destiny was an existence favored by the fortunes of heaven and earth. They would have fortuitous encounters and obtain supreme treasures based on their fortune, helping them grow.

Ye Chen, the King of the Northern Region, was a peerless genius who debuted fifty years ago and was now known as the mainland’s strongest Dao Lord. He was the most famous child of destiny.

Legend had it that he was born into a small family in the border area. He was gifted from childhood, but he suddenly lost all his talent at the age of six and was burdened with the title of “waste” for ten years.

It wasn’t until Ye Chen turned sixteen that he suddenly went against the heavens and rose abruptly. Not only did his cultivation soar, but he could even learn any martial arts technique just by seeing it once and master it soon after. His comprehension was surprisingly strong.

He was even the first one on Heaven and Earth Star to shout the famous phrase, “Don’t you dare bully me just because I’m poor now.” After that, it only took Ye Chen twenty years to go from an Acquired Realm martial artist to the realm of a Dao Lord, laying a huge foundation in the Northern Region.

“Fortunately, the preferential treatment a child of destiny receives isn’t endless.” Tang Xuan said with some relief, “Even Ye Chen had to stay in the Dao Lord level for thirty years. If it really was endless…”

She didn’t finish her thought, but Gu Nan understood what she wanted to say—if the children of destiny can improve indefinitely at insane speeds, then there really will be nothing for normal cultivators like them anymore.

Regarding the strange existence of the children of destiny, Gu Nan rubbed his chin and pondered.

Lan Si, on the other hand, was purely curious. She had never seen such strange things in the Kingdom of Luxuriant Blossoms before.

“If a child of destiny is so powerful, then how can those people dare to rob those treasures?” Lan Si asked curiously.

Tang Xuan shook her head slightly. “They’re not invincible. Quite a few of them have died in these years… the most profitable deal is to snatch their treasures before they rise up completely.”

Ye Chen’s birth was akin to opening the curtains on a grand drama. After that, children of destiny emerged in an endless stream, popping up everywhere.

Their fortune treasures were varied and bizarre. Some of them carried treasures from another world, some of them had eyes that could see through everything, and there were even some who had an old monster living in a ring.

With the discovery of more and more children of destiny, people gradually summarized the rules behind their existence, and some people even started hunting them for their treasures.

“An era that belongs to the main characters?” Gu Nan listened to Tang Xuan’s complaint, but his mouth curled into a sneer.

Shortly after he transmigrated, when he had just advanced to Tier 2, he also met someone who seemed like a main character. But as it turns out, that was just a scheme Gu Nian arranged.

This peculiar “era of main characters” had never been seen in Heaven and Earth Star for thousands of years, but it just happened to appear in the last fifty years… Gu Nan didn’t believe that this was a coincidence.

‘The strongest Dao Lord on the continent… If there’s a Tier 4 mastermind or the true strongest Dao Lord behind him, then they can naturally give him such a title.’

Since Gu Nan could think of this, he believed that other people on Heaven and Earth Star would definitely think of this as well, but… what did this have to do with him?

He only came to Heaven and Earth Star to look for White Mist’s trouble and to understand how to obtain reincarnation missions. It wasn’t like the masterminds causing wind and rain in Heaven and Earth Star were hindering him in any way.


On Heaven and Earth Star’s planetary ring, a doorway was filled with broken swords. The entire Dao Hall looked solemn and cold.

Accompanied by a swordsman, Fu Jing walked slowly into the gate of the Dao Hall and immediately thanked the swordsman, “Martial Brother Wang, I’ve troubled you again.”

Martial Brother Wang quickly waved his hand. “Eldest Miss, what are you talking about? Everyone is thankful that you can take the time to visit the Dao Hall; we’re all rushing to show you the way.”

Martial Brother Wang’s words were half-compliment, but they were also half-true.

Fu Jing was well-known throughout Star Realm, and her fans could be found everywhere in Heaven and Earth Star, her home base.

Even in the martial Dao Halls, it was the same. It’s just that…

“Since you’re back, come in,” a majestic but slightly cold voice came from inside the building, but it happened to reach Fu Jing’s ear.

Fu Jing couldn’t help pouting. She quickly said goodbye to Martial Brother Wang and walked into the Dao Hall.

A middle-aged man with black hair was waiting for her in a study room deep inside the building.

The middle-aged man had sword eyebrows. His long hair fell on his shoulders, the tips slightly white. He clearly held a unique charm when he was young. He was slowly cleaning the longsword in his hand.

Seeing Fu Jing push through the door, he slowly put away the sharpness in his gaze and asked flatly, “Did the journey to the Ninth Region go smoothly?”

“It was good when I went there, but it didn’t go well during the return trip!” Fu Jing immediately rushed to the middle-aged man’s side and tugged on his arm. “Daddy, someone bullied me, so you have to give me justice!”

This seemingly ordinary middle-aged man turned out to be Fu Jing’s father, Fu Yong, known as the strongest swordmaster Dao Lord.

Fu Yong placed his longsword on the desk in front of him and chuckled. “Is it someone named Gu Nan?”

“Ah? Daddy, do you know him?” This time, Fu Jing was the surprised one. She didn’t expect for her father to have even heard about a small conflict on the starship.

However, contrary to her expectations, Fu Yong didn’t tell her about how he had already taught the other party a lesson. Instead, he said seriously, “Don’t act on this matter for now, and furthermore, do not provoke this person. Everything will be handled by your father.”

Father’s words made Fu Jing freeze completely, and her mood was even more intense than before, when she was urged by Lu Li.

“Why? !” Fu Jing couldn’t help blurting out.

She couldn’t figure it out. Lu Li was one thing, but how could her invincible father also tell her not to provoke the other party?

Fu Yong gave her a helpless look and shook his head. “I told you to practice martial arts well instead of holding concerts and making records all day. Some true geniuses…”

“True genius? Can he compare to Lin Tian?” Fu Jing didn’t wait for her father to finish. Like a furious lion cub, she interrupted angrily.

“I’ve already found the boundless water on this trip. As long as Lin Tian can dissolve the flame poison in his body, I’m sure he can step into the Dao Lord realm in one fell swoop. I’ll ask him to avenge me then!”

Fu Jing’s words were uttered like a torrent. Fu Yong was stunned, then flew into a rage.

“How many times have I told you that you are not allowed to contact a child of destiny!” Fu Yong slapped the desk, directly splitting his beloved desk in half.

Fu Jing was startled by him, and she felt even more wronged. She bit her lip and said, “It’s too late! I already gave the boundless water to Lin Tian…”

“Lin Tian? Where is he?” Fu Yong asked with wide eyes, looking nothing like a peerless swordsman.

Fu Jing faltered and didn’t dare to speak, but there was a burst of laughter from outside.

“Hahahaha! My Nine Dragons Body Tempering Art has reached major attainment. From now on, I am the ruler of all the Dao Lords under heaven!” A young man suddenly broke into the study. “I will never forget Miss Fu’s graciousness. If you have an enemy, you can leave him to me!”

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