Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch148

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Chapter 148: Six Great Dao Lords

Translator: Ea

Lin Tian suddenly broke into Fu Yong’s study. Fu Yong himself was already trembling with anger, while Fu Jing looked at the youth with a face of worship and eyes that even contained some shyness.

“You… You still call me Miss Fu…”

Lin Tian seemed to understand something. He took a deep breath and said, “Jing Er…”

The mushy conversation between the two made Fu Yong so furious that he almost vomited blood. “Lin Tian, how dare you!”

Fu Yong suddenly drew his sword, and a terrifying sword intent instantly enveloped the youth’s whole body. But Lin Tian just laughed and raised his hand in a fist.

His punch looked ordinary, but when he actually struck, dragons’ roars could faintly be heard.

By the time this punch reached Fu Yong’s sword, Lin Tian’s hand was already surrounded by nine black illusory dragons, which pushed the sword back.

After pushing Fu Yong back with a punch, Lin Tian didn’t pursue him any more. Instead, he smiled apologetically. “Father-in-law, I’ve troubled you much these days. Please forgive me. Your son-in-law will take his leave!”

After he finished, he grabbed Fu Jing’s waist with one hand and took her away.

Lin Tian, who had advanced to Dao Lord, moved so fast that Fu Yong couldn’t even respond. He could only look at the empty study and smash things in exasperation.

But he didn’t vent for long. When Lin Tian’s figure disappeared completely, he put his scowl away and pushed open a secret door behind him, hurriedly entering.

A strangely-styled pitch-black altar was behind him. Fu Yong fiddled with it for a while and entered a message.

Just a moment later, five holograms immediately appeared, each falling to one side.

“Old Fu, you found Lin Tian’s whereabouts?”

“Quick, where is Lin Tian? We must not let him run away again this time. If yet another test subject breaks away from our control, then I’m afraid this world won’t be ours to control anymore.”

“That’s right. Like that Ye Chen… I’m afraid that three of us will have to attack simultaneously to take him down.”

As soon as the five holograms appeared, several people spoke quickly, and they all looked anxious.

Fu Yong forcibly suppressed his anger and said coldly, “He’s already escaped… Lin Tian, that son of a b***h, has been hiding in my Dao Hall the whole time!”

“What did you say? !” This time, five people looked at him in astonishment at the same time. They couldn’t believe that Fu Yong would make such a low-level mistake.

Fu Yong had a sullen face as he briefly recounted what happened after Fu Jing’s return, then spoke again at the end, “It was my daughter who brought him in. After that, she most likely hid him in her room. That was the only way to fool me.”

After listening to Fu Yong’s narrative, everyone also had slightly odd expressions. The test subject jointly produced by the six of them ultimately hooked up with Fu Yong’s daughter. No one expected this.

“Heavenly Mystery, did you know this a long time ago?” Fu Yong suddenly looked at one of the holograms and said angrily.

This hologram was a young man in blue, holding a fan in his hand and dressed as a scholar.

Someone who could stand on equal ground with Fu Yong and was also known as Heavenly Mystery could naturally only be the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord. It’s just that very few had ever seen his true appearance, so very few knew that the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord, who was known to have lived for thousands of years, actually looked so young.

The Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord sat quietly and said nonchalantly, “Naturally, I know… It’s just that it was a long time ago when test subject No.96 became acquainted with your beloved daughter. At that time, he hadn’t been found by us yet.”

As he spoke, he handed Fu Yong a piece of paper. Although that was also a hologram, the information on it could be clearly seen.

Test subject No. 96, Lin Tian, met Fu Jing by chance seven years ago. Two months later, he was found by the Dragon Phoenix Dao Lord as a spare test subject and included in the experiment’s observation sequence.

After Fu Yong understood the ins and outs, he gave an angry wave of his hand that instantly shook the secret chamber.

Lin Tian met his daughter too early. So to speak, it was a complete coincidence. If Fu Yong didn’t mention this, the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord probably wouldn’t have noticed this trivial event.

They must’ve certainly had more contact after that, but unfortunately, Fu Yong didn’t pay enough attention to his own daughter and never noticed.

“Alright, let’s think about how to handle the aftermath,” another person spoke. His head was half dragon and half phoenix. It was very strange. He was precisely the Dragon Phoenix Dao Lord.

The Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord smiled slightly. “In fact, the present situation might not necessarily be a bad thing.”

Fu Yong glared at him and was about to speak when the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord waved his hand. “First Sword, don’t be angry. Listen to me first… According to you, Lin Tian should be heading for Gu Nan next. This is the best outcome.”

First Sword was Fu Yong’s title. He couldn’t help laughing. “Why? Don’t tell me that Gu Nan can deal with the current Lin Tian?”

“Precisely.” The Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord snapped his fan shut and said seriously, “My people have just found out that a powerful figure intervened in the Ninth Region, and his target was precisely Gu Nan.”

His words startled everyone.

Didn’t they spend decades laying all the pieces on the board, all so that they could take that last step? A Void Cutter Realm powerhouse—this was a realm they dreamed of stepping into…

To think that Gu Nan could still be alive and kicking even after being attacked by someone on that level. The meaning behind this was self-evident.

“So geniuses like that really exist in this world.” The Dragon Phoenix Dao Lord shook his head with a wry smile. “Compared with him, what good are those artificial children of destiny we made?”

“Let’s not talk about useless things,” the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord interrupted, his eyes a little feverish. “Let me tell you some good news.”

“Gu Nan just applied to enter my Dao Hall.”


In the courtyard of the Tang residence, Tang Xuan took an application notice and looked at Gu Nan curiously.

“They actually approved your application within one day. You’re lucky,” Tang Xuan said thus. What she had in her hand was precisely the certificate with Heavenly Mystery Dao Hall’s approval for an appointment.

Gu Nan never expected that news from Heavenly Mystery would come as soon as he settled in the Tang residence.

“What do you use as payment when you buy information at the Heavenly Mystery Dao Hall?” Gu Nan asked. Powerful masters like Dao Lords likely wouldn’t accept secular currency.

Sure enough, Tang Xuan replied, “All kinds of specific treasures and resources. Techniques are accepted too, and you can even use other information to exchange for information. Anything is accepted, as long as they approve.”

Gu Nan nodded. In short, anything of value worked, except money.

“Big Brother, can I go too?” Lan Si looked like a curious child, staring at him with big sparkling eyes.

“No. You stay here and cultivate properly,” Gu Nan said with a dark expression. He clearly felt that his Evil Value hadn’t been rising too fast in the past two days, so he decided to supervise Lan Si’s cultivation.

“Oh…” Lan Si immediately wilted, but she didn’t dare to refute Gu Nan’s words either. She ran away with her head down.

After saying goodbye to Tang Xuan, Gu Nan was ready to head to the Heavenly Mystery Dao Hall. It’s just that before he left, he always felt a strange premonition that something was going to happen.

“If you really don’t have any special resources right now, you can also help Heavenly Mystery Dao Hall complete some missions in exchange for information,” before Gu Nan left, Tang Xuan added.

Gu Nan just waved his hand. “No worries. If I don’t have it, I can take it from other people.”

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