Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch149

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Chapter 149: Heavenly Mystery

Translator: Ea

As the only planet in the Sixth Region, Heaven and Earth Star had its own unique culture, environment, as well as distinctive social composition.

The existence of the planetary ring further promoted the status of the Dao Lords, and to put it even more bluntly—everyone lower than a Dao Lord is an ant.

If a Dao Lord is unhappy, he can simply take his family up to the planetary ring, while the people below can only watch. The Dao Lord can then return everyday to kill some key members of the opposition. Who would be able to endure this?

Therefore, on Heaven and Earth Star, Dao Lords had the same deterrence effect as nuclear weapons. There was a qualitative difference between an organization that had one and an organization that didn’t.

Gu Nan didn’t choose to fly with his own strength. Instead, he followed the staff of the Dao Hall and took a special small starship to enter the Dao Hall.

For players, exploring a new map’s various functions was also one of their pleasures.

“Mr. Gu, please follow me.” A girl in uniform led the way in front of Gu Nan.

Right now, Gu Nan was already inside the Heavenly Mystery Dao Hall.

Heaven and Earth Star’s planetary ring was made up of some floating substances. Without the support of a domain, ordinary people wouldn’t even be able to stand at all, so the starships all land directly at the Dao Halls.

Gu Nan nodded slightly and followed the girl into Heavenly Mystery Dao Hall, only to find that the space inside was far larger than its outside appearance.

Cultivators were walking inside and talking, but strangely enough, no sound traveled to Gu Nan. It was as if he was in a silent world.

“The space has been severed.” Gu Nan frowned slightly and immediately noticed the true nature of this strange phenomenon.

The space inside Heavenly Mystery Dao Hall had actually been cut into pieces, and he had walked into one of the pieces, while other people were in different spaces.

These pieces of space were forcibly pieced together so that light could still pass through, but sound couldn’t be transmitted.

The girl by his side had disappeared at some point, to be replaced by an illusion in front of him. This illusory figure was dressed like a scholar, holding a paper fan in his hand without unfolding it.

As soon as he appeared, he nodded lightly with a small smile. “Daoist Friend Gu, this one has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Gu Nan gave him a strange look. Just when the scholar thought he would ask, ‘Who are you?’ or ‘Why were you waiting for me?’, Gu Nan said, “I don’t cultivate the Dao, so I’m not a Daoist Friend.”

The scholar suddenly had to choke back the words he wanted to say. Fortunately, he was able to react. He just paused for a moment and corrected himself, “Mr. Gu.”

“You’re the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord?” Gu Nan’s eyelids lifted slightly as he studied the scholar, sizing him up.

It wasn’t too difficult to recognize the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord. Even in the Dao Hall, there weren’t many people who could use an illusory clone to exist in two places at once.

The Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord’s expression remained unchanged, the faint smile still on his face, but a grave expression appeared deep in his eyes.

In his view, both times Gu Nan spoke just now clearly indicated one attitude—an attitude of not deliberately making friends and intentional avoidance—of course, he didn’t know that Gu Nan treated every NPC like this.

This kind of attitude made the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord, who was used to scheming, have some doubts in his heart.

‘Did Gu Nan already sense something wrong?’

All kinds of thoughts emerged in the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord’s mind, but his expression was still calm. “This one’s Daoist name is Heavenly Mystery. With what inquiries has Mr. Gu come to my Heavenly Mystery Dao Hall this morning?”

People on Heaven and Earth Star spoke genteely. Gu Nan had often traveled to various planes with different civilizations, so he was used to it.

He nodded and answered bluntly, “I want the location of the White Mist organization.”

When communicating with NPCs, players generally expressed their meaning clearly and accurately—this was the easiest way to trigger missions.

“Okay.” Without saying another word, the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord pulled out a bamboo scroll directly from the void and handed it to Gu Nan.

Bamboo scrolls were also a specialty of Heaven and Earth Star. They needed to be scanned by one’s mind, so they could only be used by Prodigious experts and above. The people below must use tools to read it.

For a few seconds, Gu Nan didn’t react to the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord’s decisiveness. But since the bamboo scroll was already in front of him, he had no reason to refuse. Gu Nan took the scroll and started reading.

It had to be said that the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord was truly worthy of the words Heavenly Mysterly.

It is almost impossible for a third party to learn about the dealings between White Mist and Gu Nan, but the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord was able to give detailed information immediately. Clearly, he was already prepared.

This preparation might not have been in advance. It was more like the Heavenly Mystery Dao Hall already possessed this level of information and could pull it at any time.

There was a Dao Lord expert within White Mist, so their true headquarters was naturally in the planetary ring above the surface of the planet—the information given by the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord clearly pointed out the coordinates.

Seeing Gu Nan reading attentively, the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord couldn’t help smiling.

Giving the other party the requested information in advance, before any payments were made, was a spur-of-the-moment trick that the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord thought up to appear mystifying.

He believed that the more paranoid someone was, the more they liked to overthink. Since the information was obtained so easily, the other party must consider the authenticity of the information, as well as the price to be paid for said information.

And based on his understanding, the more talented a person was, the more they disliked owing people, so they would never take advantage of others for no reason.

However, he miscalculated again.

After reading the information, a smile finally appeared on Gu Nan’s face as he cupped his hands. “Many thanks.”

Then, under the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord’s startled eyes, Gu Nan turned and walked away. Even until Gu Nan’s figure disappeared, the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord didn’t even manage to say, ‘Please wait.’

The Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord’s mind was filled with many curses right now. He wanted to question Gu Nan loudly— ‘This is such expensive-looking information. Do you really feel no shame in taking it just like this? !’

It wasn’t until Gu Nan completely walked away that he put away his helplessness and said to the side, “Thirteen.”

A figure slowly wordlessly appeared beside the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord, with his head bowed.

“Secretly spread the news that Gu Nan is heading to White Mist,” The Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord instructed in a low voice. He thought for a moment and added, “Don’t point out Gu Nan’s identity.”

“In addition, when Gu Nan arrives at White Mist, arrange for someone to inform him about this matter…” The Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord opened his fan and gently shook it.

The figure bowed slightly and disappeared, making no sound from beginning to end.


Gu Nan was, of course, not ashamed at all about taking other people’s things for free.

In reality, for players, everything NPCs owned was freely available to them. The only difference was that some had to be obtained at a price, while others didn’t have a price.

It was like how some resources could be collected directly from the roadside, while others could only be dropped by killing monsters.

Although he didn’t quite understand why the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord gave him this information for free, that didn’t prevent him from taking it and leaving.

Players could accept the logic of “helping NPCs do missions in exchange for mission rewards”, but it was ridiculous for NPCs to give out the rewards first and then expect players to owe them a favor with no choice but to help.

Repaying a favor? That doesn’t exist.

After getting the specific location of White Mist’s headquarters, Gu Nan didn’t delay and hurried directly to the coordinates.

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