Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch150

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Chapter 150: White Mist

Translator: Ea

The sky above the planetary ring was always dusky—that was the color of the starry sky.

White Mist was located in a very special area. The particularity here wasn’t formed by nature; rather, it was entirely manmade.

White Mist was actually within the domains of eleven Dao Halls!

What did that mean? The total number of Dao Halls on Heaven and Earth Star—including the hidden ones—was probably less than two hundred, yet White Mist already had eleven of them.

Not all eleven of these Dao Lords belonged to White Mist. Some were merely cooperating with White Mist in a mutually beneficial relationship, but the organization’s strength could still be seen through this.

Gu Nan stood in mid-air, calmly gazing at the eleven Dao Halls in front of him.

He had nothing to fear.

Compared to his earlier state when slaughtering the Bloodline Alliance branch, his injuries had fully recovered, all skills and techniques had been unlocked, and his strength had truly reached the peak of Tier 3.

“White Mist, hm?” Gu Nan looked ahead with a smile. A thin layer of white mist obscured the center of the eleven Dao Halls. This was perhaps the origin of the name White Mist.

Gu Nan flipped his right hand over, a shadow sword appearing in his hand—with his current strength, there were fewer and fewer situations where he had to take out Blade of the Sanguine King.

“Lord, please wait,” a clear voice came from the side as a figure appeared beside Gu Nan.

This man was also dressed like a scholar. His clothes and temperament gave off the impression that he was imitating the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord. Even the folding fan in his hand had the same style.

The scholar cupped his hands. “Wu Ding of Heavenly Mystery Dao Hall has come to save your life on Master’s request.”

Wu Ding kept his head bowed when he said this, but there was a small smile on his face. Even if the other party’s strength was above his own, Wu Ding still had his own pride as a direct disciple of the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord.

Moreover, the goal of his current trip really was to “save the other party’s life.”

Wu Dinggong kept his hands cupped but didn’t hear Gu Nan’s reply for a long time. He couldn’t help glancing up in confusion—only to find Gu Nan long gone. He had already walked far away.

The distinguished disciple of the Heavenly Mystery Dao Lord subconsciously flushed with anger.

Nobody had dared to ignore him like this ever since he joined the Heavenly Mystery Dao Hall.

However, he couldn’t go against Master’s orders, so Wu Ding could only catch up to Gu Nan, saying loudly, “Does Lord still remember Fu Jing? A strong enemy is approaching. Doesn’t Lord want to know who’s coming?”

Gu Nan didn’t even glance at him; he just slapped him in the face in passing, and Wu Ding was sent flying, even losing several teeth.

Although Gu Nan never spoke throughout this exchange, his thoughts were clearly expressed— “Whatever.”


In another location on the planetary ring, Lin Tian had one arm around Fu Jing’s waist as he took her and landed in an old Dao Hall.

This Dao Hall was slightly run-down, and it seemed that no one had taken care of it for a long time.

Fu Jing couldn’t help wondering, “Lin Tian, this is…”

Lin Tian chuckled. “This is the former site of a Dao Hall that I accidentally discovered during my travels. Few people know of it. It’s the best place to take refuge… but it’s no longer necessary now.”

Fu Jing suddenly nodded in understanding. ‘No wonder Lin Tian could offend so many enemies, yet still escape the search of so many many forces. It turns out that he obtained a Dao Hall in advance.’

‘Isn’t his luck a little too good…’

“Now that I’m a Dao Lord, I am also qualified to have my own Dao Hall!” Looking at the starry sky, Lin Tian suddenly exclaimed with great pride, “Nine Dragons Body Tempering Art, activate!”

With Lin Tian’s loud bellow, nine illusory golden dragons came out of his body and began to circle him, expanding in size with each step.

This was Lin Tian’s unique Nine Dragons Domain. Using this as the foundation, he could quickly gather together the floating debris in the planetary ring and completely stabilize the surrounding space.

With the continuous expansion of the Nine Dragons Domain, not only was the whole Dao Hall glittering, but the huge noise also attracted the attention of those within the Dao Hall, and a young girl rushed out first.

“Big Brother Lin Tian!” The young girl threw herself into Lin Tian’s arms.

“Ling’er, good girl. Truly, you’re the one who misses me the most!” Lin Tian smiled as he rubbed the girl’s head and said to Fu Jing beside him, “This is Ling’er, who grew up with me since childhood. She’s like a younger sister to me.”

Fu Jing, who was originally glaring, finally sighed in relief when she heard this. She was about to speak when another person walked out of the Dao Hall.

It wasn’t a person this time. Rather, over a dozen women filed out one after another. Their appearances and temperaments were different, but all of them were devastatingly beautiful, capable of causing the downfall of a state.

“Lin Tian, you devil. You still remembered to come back?”

“Brother Tian, what took you so long this time…”

“Elder Brother Lin…”

Fu Jing’s face became a little stiff.


Back at White Mist’s headquarters, Gu Nan rushed straight into the eleven domains alone with a sword.

“Who dares to trespass upon…”

The sword flashed by; this disciple didn’t even have a chance to name their Dao Hall before he became another victim of Gu Nan’s sword. And Gu Nan’s footsteps didn’t stop in the slightest as he walked forward.

Unlike the previous time when he was trying to kill Qin Xuanji, Gu Nan came for White Mist’s foundation this time—the translation method for world missions—so he didn’t care about inadvertently alerting the enemy.

After all, White Mist’s two commanders would never retreat without a fight, or else White Mist would immediately become an organization that exists in name only.

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

“Checking the target’s danger level…”

“Target danger level: Dao Lord level. Requesting the activation of the annihilation array!”

Shrill sounds rang out one after another as eleven Dao Halls simultaneously prepared for battle. A series of orders were issued, displaying their battle experience.

In the next moment, the planetary ring under Gu Nan’s foot suddenly thinned, and a rich white mist began to surround it.

This mist was a kind of extremely corrosive gas that ordinary Prodigious cultivators would have to resist with all their might, but it was completely meaningless to Gu Nan.

So he walked out of the mist step by step, Blade of the Sanguine King already in his hand. With a light slash, the entire grand array collapsed.

The original purpose of Blade of the Sanguine King was to attack non-living units in order to avoid the Curse of Blood.

“The grand array has collapsed! Notify headquarters immediately. The grand array…”

White Mist’s command headquarters kept receiving urgent messages from the various Dao Halls, which suddenly turned silent, as if all signals had been forcibly cut off.

But the meaning behind the last message was clearly expressed.

“How is that possible?!”

“It hasn’t even been a minute since the enemy attack started. The enemy broke through the annihilation array, just like this?”

“Our contact with each Dao Hall is through the grand array itself. Now that all messages have been cut off, maybe the array really did collapse…”

The command center immediately became a mess. For a while, leaders of all positions didn’t know how to handle this, so they could only send someone to inform the top-level officials.

The top officials arrived faster than expected. An old man with white hair and beard came quickly. It was precisely the Elder Qin who had gone to the Ninth Region before.

“What are you all panicking for?” As soon as Elder Qin appeared, he shouted loudly, “The enemy made preparations long in advance. Is it so surprising that they could break through the grand array instantly? Pull the video feed from headquarters right now!”

Elder Qin’s fierce expression made them find a backbone and settle down immediately. Only then did they remember to check the identity of the enemy,

However, when a figure dressed in white wielding a black sword slowly appeared on the screen, it was Elder Qin’s turn to be dumbfounded.

His face quickly paled, and he almost couldn’t stand still anymore. A few people behind him hurriedly supported him.

“Elder, are you all right?” A man supported Elder Qin with his hands and asked with concern.

“Hurry…” Elder Qin finally managed to speak with much difficulty, his voice full of terror, “Immediately inform the two commanders. Just say that person from Heavenly Enterprise Star is here!”

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