Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch151

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Chapter 151: As You Wish

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Sword in hand, Gu Nan slowly walked out of the misty array enshrouded by fog.

His footsteps didn’t pause in the slightest as he passed through all the large Dao Halls directly, heading to White Mist’s headquarters. Anyone could see his goal.

Several teens rushed out from the front. The first one shouted, “Evil thief, how dare you! Today, this young miss will…”

A sword sliced by, and the children were directly severed at the waist.

A shrill scream came from the front, and a woman came running over with red eyes. “They were just children, how could you…”

Another slash.

Followed by a man’s angry roar, “To think that you would be so cruel to a powerless woman who lacks the strength to even truss a chicken. You…”

A slash.

There were clearly ordinary members in White Mist as well. One after another, they ran out while shouting all kinds of accusations at Gu Nan.

However, be they denouncements or curses; reasonable or unreasonable, Gu Nan’s response remained unchanged.

He just went there to kill people. Who was right and who was wrong, as well as who was just—those were all meaningless. Only the living had the right to decide that. The dead had nothing.

Corpse after corpse fell in front of Gu Nan. Blood mixed with the planetary ring and showed a kind of rare beauty.

Back inside the headquarters, Elder Qin was already torn with anxiety as he saw people continuously rush out to “bravely fight their enemy.” He could only keep issuing the order for all personnel to evacuate.

He finally understood. Gu Nan absolutely came here for revenge, killing everyone in sight and not giving others any chance to speak.

Ordinary martial artists weren’t his match at all. ‘We can only ask those people to handle this…’

There were many powerful people within White Mist. Although it was impossible for all the staff to be on standby in their headquarters, there were always a few powerhouses guarding headquarters at any time, afraid that someone would challenge their headquarters head-on.

Wei Donghai hung his longsword at his waist and slowly stepped out of his house with a cold expression.

“Dad, are you going to fight that Gu Nan to the death?” Wei Rou, who had appeared by his side at some point, asked with her face full of worry.

Wei Donghai just shook his head slightly but didn’t reply.

Wei Donghai wasn’t too certain whether he’d be able to defeat or even kill Gu Nan, but on the other hand, he also had considerable confidence in his sword.

Even if he couldn’t win, he could at least stall the other party for a while.

‘After all, the Grand Commander is in secluded cultivation inside this headquarters…’

“Wei Donghai?” An icy chuckle traveled over, startling Wei Donghai.

‘He got here already? !’

He suddenly turned around, and sure enough, he saw Gu Nan’s figure appear not far away. Gu Nan was still dressed in a white robe with gold patterns, holding a pitch-black sword in his right hand. He looked exactly the same as before.

It’s just that his presence didn’t seem to exist any longer. Apart from his sight, Wei Donghai couldn’t perceive Gu Nan through any other method.

The law of shadows that had reached arcana finally began to show its power as one of the supreme laws.

Light and shadow were two sides of the same coin. The tyrannical nature of light was enough to crush everything in its path, while the concealing nature of shadow could completely erase one’s presence from the world.

Wei Donghai’s heart sank slightly. He knew that Gu Nan’s strength had made another breakthrough. Based on cultivation realm alone, the current Gu Nan probably wasn’t any weaker than himself.

‘I can’t wait any longer… It’s better to strike first!’ Even Wei Donghai himself didn’t think that Gu Nan’s mere appearance would bring him such great pressure, forcing him to take the initiative to attack.

Unlike Gu Nan, who only thought of weapons as equipment, Wei Donghai was truly loyal to the sword.

From the instant he decided to draw his sword, his whole person’s vigor abruptly rose, becoming extremely sharp.

A trace of starlight fell on Gu Nan’s heart. Wei Donghai’s sword was too fast to dodge, and Gu Nan also didn’t intend to dodge.

Blood began to seep out, sliding down Gu Nan’s white robe without leaving any stains, just like a smooth metal surface unstained with any blood.

This was the first time Wei Donghai’s original body fought Gu Nan. An ominous feeling rose in his heart when his first strike hit its target so easily.

A nasty grin appeared on Gu Nan’s face as he grabbed Wei Donghai’s blade with his left hand while his right hand stabbed the shadow sword directly into the other party’s abdomen.

When had a distinguished swordmaster like Wei Donghai ever seen such a thug-like fighting style before?

All the swordsmanship he learned was based on the premise that the enemy wouldn’t dare to touch his sword, but when the sword was directly caught, swordsmanship became a joke.

He frantically moved the sword, and the blade sliced Gu Nan’s left hand apart, almost cutting through bone, but Gu Nan had no intention of letting go.

With the effects of the Resistance skill, his sense of pain had already been weakened to the extreme.

Wei Donghai couldn’t do such a thing as abandoning his sword, so he could only watch the shadow sword pierce his abdomen.

Gu Nan smiled as he lifted his foot and kicked Wei Donghai aside, while the injuries on his own body and hand began to recover quickly.

“Dad!” Wei Rou saw this scene from a distance and immediately rushed forth with red eyes as she supported a stumbling Wei Donghai, tears in her eyes.

Wei Donghai covered his chest, his face ashen pale. Blood poured out of his wound, and his heart felt extremely stifled.

When faced with enemies like Gu Nan, powerhouses like them who were strong in the traditional sense didn’t even know how to attack.

He couldn’t beat Gu Nan in a direct fight, he couldn’t win by exchanging injuries in a battle of attrition, and he couldn’t even exhaust the other party’s stamina without incurring any injuries…

This was also the significance behind Gu Nan’s original decision to go the agility route. It’s precisely because of his unparalleled speed that he can guarantee that no one will be able to kite him.

The wound on Gu Nan’s chest had already stopped bleeding, while the injuries on his hand healed even faster, regenerating new flesh at a speed visible to the naked eye, a sight that made people’s scalps go numb.

“Get out of the way!” Wei Donghai pushed his daughter away and held his sword in an attack stance, readying for another fight.

It’s just that Gu Nan’s strike clearly gave him quite a serious injury. At this time, even his steps were unsteady.

In contrast to his present situation, there was bitterness in his heart.

Wei Donghai’s innate ability, domain, and law were all created to serve his sword. He tried every possible method to make his sword hit the enemy, preferably killing them in one strike.

But what else can he do when there’s someone who doesn’t even fear his sword?

It’s just like a mage player who worked hard to prepare a pile of spells to penetrate the enemy’s defenses and shields but realized that the enemy had a ton of HP, so his spells might as well be scratching an itch for the enemy.

Gu Nan was still walking forward step by step. When Wei Rou saw this, she suddenly ran between the two and looked at Gu Nan coldly, her expression firm.

Wei Donghai immediately paled in fright and shouted angrily, “What are you doing?! Get out of the way now!”

“Dad, it’s my turn to protect you!” Wei Rou looked at Gu Nan resolutely. “Don’t hurt my dad. If you have any grudges, just come at me…”


The sword of shadow swung in an upward arc, and Wei Rou’s entire person was cut in half—the kind of halves where her right and left bodies became separated.

Blood mixed with pieces of flesh splashed on Wei Donghai’s face, reflecting his ashen face.

Then, he heard Gu Nan say in amusement, “As you wish.”

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