Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch57

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Chapter 57: Hook Up

Translator: Ea

The target Gu Nan chose was the farthest away, and his speed wasn’t fast, so when the three looked towards him, he was just about to make contact with the demon.

Just when the three were waiting to see how he’d deal with the demon, Gu Nan unexpectedly disappeared from right under their eyes!

There was no prior sign, nor was there any internal energy fluctuation. Like a magic trick, he simply disappeared.

Lu Zhanyu, who had been paying the most attention to Gu Nan, froze and was almost caught by a demon.

Half a second later, Gu Nan’s figure appeared out of thin air again. He had actually circled around the demon leader and was now behind it, hitting it with a hard punch.

The demon leader didn’t even have a chance to react. Its brain burst directly from this punch, and the red and white liquid splashed all over the ground, silencing the surrounding demons.

“Roar!” Then louder roars sounded, but Gu Nan was already long gone by then.

The entire process didn’t exceed half a minute. The three onlookers were dumbstruck until Gu Nan called out, “What are you looking at? Kill your target quickly!”



Night fell slowly. The first attack was nearing the end, and three different waves of demon leaders had already appeared. Although they were stronger than the earlier ones, the four reincarnators could still deal with them easily.

Especially Gu Nan… No demon could withstand a single punch of his. That scene made Luo Sheng secretly wonder whether his giant sword could withstand a blow from Gu Nan.

“Is the Flying Devil you mentioned about to appear?” Lu Zhanyu couldn’t help asking Gu Nan curiously as the four stood inside the town walls.

They no longer doubted Gu Nan’s words right now, but they still didn’t have any idea of what Flying Devils were.

“How would I know? That beggar didn’t say,” Gu Nan rolled his eyes and casually replied.

Of course, he knew very well that the Flying Devil would appear when the demon wave only had 1% of troops remaining… ‘Here it is!’

A burst of high-pitched laughter rang out.

Gu Nan immediately became focused and hurriedly called out to the others, “Take out the Green Feather Dog’s neck fur!”

Before long, balls of green fur were placed in front of Gu Nan.

According to the principle in the game, the Green Feather Dog’s neck fur has its own energy absorption effect. Before it loses all vitality, it can spontaneously gather up energy, which is a fatal temptation to the Flying Devil.

A dark shadow rose and fell in the distant sky, then quickly flew in front of the four reincarnators. An astonishing aura filled the air.

“Prodigious Realm!” Luo Sheng immediately exclaimed.

“No, it’s pseudo-Prodigious Realm.” The nearby Lu Zhanyu said in a low voice, “It can only use rudimentary innate ability. Its actual realm hasn’t truly reached that step…”

The so-called pseudo-Prodigious Realm referred to someone who already had a basic innate ability, but whose cultivation realm was still lacking. In fact, Gu Nan was also currently at this stage.

However, even if it wasn’t a true Prodigious Realm creature, Lu Zhanyu’s expression still looked very ugly.

‘Firstly, pseudo-Prodigious Realms are still hard to deal with. Secondly… This is only the first day! To think that a pseudo-Prodigious Realm had already appeared. How will we deal with the next four days then?’

Luo Sheng had a grave expression, while Danny clenched her teeth and seemed to be considering how to deal with the situation. Only Gu Nan’s expression remained unchanged.

Most of the neck fur on the table was snatched away by the Flying Devil. The rest was picked up by Gu Nan.

The Flying Devil finally stopped and showed its figure—its skin was greenish, with a big bald head and ferocious-looking face. Two tusks protruded from its mouth. It was very in line with the image of devils in people’s impressions.

It stuffed the fur into its mouth and swallowed. Then it looked at Gu Nan and roared fiercely as a claw swiped at him.

“Be careful!” Lu Zhanyu and the others exclaimed at the same time. This devil clearly had an agility-type innate ability, and its raw strength couldn’t be underestimated either.

However, Gu Nan smiled nastily. The Dragon Heart Pendant on his neck suddenly lit up. His right hand reached out and graded the devil’s arm in an instant.

The Flying Devil was stunned. It couldn’t follow the other party’s movements at all and suddenly had a bad feeling in its heart.

Gu Nan grabbed its arm and directly lifted its entire body. He then slammed it heavily onto the ground behind him. A terrifying noise traveled out, and the smash cracked the ground.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom…

Gu Nan didn’t have any intention of stopping. The Flying Devil was flung back and forth like a ball. Gu Nan didn’t let go until five seconds had passed.

The Flying Devil could only lie on the ground, foaming at the mouth. It couldn’t even make a sound.

Gu Nan breathed out lightly, after which he lifted the Dragon Heart Pendant and grinned at the three onlookers. “Unconventional means… Get a good rest tonight. Tomorrow’s attack will be fiercer.”



Night had completely fallen. Gu Nan remained alone inside the temporary tent with his eyes closed, resting.

He dealt with the first day’s attack almost entirely by himself. Of course this wasn’t because Gu Nan was willing to help others; instead, he didn’t think it was necessary to use up the limited assistance items[1] on the first day.

Although it was a low level dungeon, the difficulty level of the dungeon named “Protect the White Dew Goddess” wasn’t low. His goal was to face the last two days with a party in good condition.

When carrying lower level players, a true top player would never only care about looking cool. Instead, he should try to reduce the mission difficulty as much as possible—of course, it would be even better if he could look cool along the way.

“Gu Nan?” A soft call came from outside the temporary tent.

Gu Nan couldn’t help revealing a trace of a smile. “Come in.”

Lu Zhanyu’s figure appeared. She seemed to be both complaining and asking, “Why did you choose to live here? Anyhow, the demons will only come tomorrow. You should get a good rest and nourish your spirit.”

They drove away the demons today, so they were already the heroes of the town. Of course they had a comfortable residence waiting for them.

“I’m just making it convenient for you to visit.” Gu Nan said with a small smile, “If I live over there, there will be many watchful eyes on me.”

This was actually just an excuse, because Gu Nan knew that a wave of demons would attack at night in the future. Thus, living in the temporary tent in advance was the only way where he could counterattack without the others suspecting that his response speed was too fast.

Naturally, Lu Zhanyu didn’t know about these things. When she heard Gu Nan’s words, an unspeakable emotion flashed through her eyes, but the corners of her mouth lifted into a smile. “Wanna hook up?”

Hooking up during reincarnation was very common. On one hand, missions were stressful. On the other hand, it wasn’t their own bodies anyways, so they wouldn’t lose anything.

“Okay, then take off your clothes.” Gu Nan’s gaze was flat, with an indifferent smile on his face.

The corners of Lu Zhanyu’s lips twitched, but she made no movement in the end. The two just stared at each other silently for three seconds.

Finally, Miss Lu couldn’t stand it anymore. She said in a low voice, “I want to tell you today that this mission isn’t as simple as you think.”

“Oh?” Curiosity finally appeared on Gu Nan’s face. He really wanted to know: ‘What else in this dungeon do I possibly not know?’

Lu Zhanyu hesitated. “It’s inconvenient for me to elaborate on the details. I hope that I’m just overthinking this… In short, be careful of Danny.”

Be careful of Danny?

This person’s series of behaviors flashed through Gu Nan’s mind, but he didn’t seem to see anything wrong.

After leaving these words, Lu Zhanyu turned and left. However, just when she was about to leave the tent, Gu Nan’s question made her stumble.

“Hey, you’re really not going to hook up?”

Notes: [1] limited assistance items: To clarify, he meant his teammates, not the consumable items, although it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a difference to him

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