Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Ch68

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Chapter 68: Punching a monk to death

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The Observer Eyepiece was a piece of equipment that helped Gu Nan greatly but never played a pivotal role in any of his battles.

Throughout Gu Nan’s journey, most of his opponents were too weak. He didn’t need to specially look for openings in order to kill them, so the Observer Eyepiece never achieved the desired effect.

In fact, as part of the first wave of equipment purchased by Gu Nan, the Observer Eyepiece actually had a very high status in the game and could be considered a necessary equipment for beginners.

And the current situation confirmed Gu Nan’s foresight.

Without the Observer Eyepiece, he really wouldn’t be able to find a good method to defeat the other party in such a short amount of time.

After equipping the eyepiece, the passive skill “Insight” took effect immediately, and Jing Nan’s seemingly flawless “turtle shell” finally began to show some openings.

This feeling was akin to scanning the opponent and instantly finding several weak points in their defense.

“Here…” Gu Nan revealed a trace of a smile and rushed forward in a flash, throwing a punch at Jing Nan’s left shoulder.

Jing Nan, who had kept his eyes closed this entire time, finally opened them and leaned sideways slightly, forming his left hand into a palm strike to meet Gu Nan.

However, Gu Nan’s reaction was extremely fast. At almost the same time that Jing Nan moved, he had already turned his body. With nimble and flexible movements that resembled a dragon traveling up, Gu Nan’s fist changed its target to the top of Jing Nan’s head.

A serious expression appeared on Jing Nan’s face. His right hand was still controlling the disk, so he barely managed to raise his left hand to meet the punch.

Although his punch was blocked solidly by Jing Nan’s palm, a cold smile appeared on Gu Nan’s face.

Jing Nan felt a sudden chill when he saw Gu Nan’s smile. He suddenly noticed that some time during the fight, a humanoid shadow was already standing behind him. Now, it perfectly replicated Gu Nan’s earlier punch.

Its target—left shoulder!

It was impossible to dodge. After this punch landed, the sound of something shattering could be heard. Monk Jing Nan staggered back three steps, and even the golden light surrounding him dimmed a little.

Gu Nan stood still, seemingly resting, while the doppelganger created through Shadow Form transformed into a shadow and stood behind him.

“Shadow innate ability… and he can even create a clone!” Yue Chenxing sighed softly when he saw this scene. “As expected of the primordial innate ability that’s the flip side to the law of light.”

Monk Jing Nan’s expression turned grave. He looked a little bitter as his left hand twirled the prayer beads. “Amita—”

“Ta your mother! Die!” Gu Nan instantly powered up. His entire body turned into a shadow extremely hard to see with the naked eye, darting around Jing Nan at lightning speed and throwing dozens of punches every second.

He brought out his speed to the utmost and occasionally mixed in two real attacks among the countless illusory punches, which, combined with his coordination with his shadow double, beat Jing Nan until he was suffering unspeakable misery.

Tang Xuan, Ye Zhiyu, and Yue Chenxing had stopped attacking a long ago, because it was as if Jing Nan was surrounded by two dark shadows—they were unable to intervene in this kind of fight at all.

Ye Zhiyu suddenly had an indescribable feeling. Although she knew that Gu Nan was very strong, perhaps even a little stronger than herself, this… 

The Prodigious Realm was a realm that covered an extremely broad range of strength levels. The difference in power even between those in the same stage within Prodigious Realm might be as high as heaven and earth.

‘A master like Jing Nan is already at the peak of “Infinitesimal Stage,” and his innate ability can cover his entire body. Yet such a powerhouse, who could step into Domain Stage at any time, was beaten so thoroughly that he couldn’t even fight back!’

What they didn’t know was that Jing Nan’s current situation was even worse than they thought.

Gu Nan’s physical body was too strong and too fast, so once he found an opening, a barrage of attacks would be waiting for his opponent.

Jing Nan had to fend off these attacks while simultaneously controlling the disk, so how could his defense still be perfect?

After only a minute, the “turtle shell” around Jin Nan shattered loudly. He hurriedly forced back Gu Nan and the shadow double with a palm and jumped out of the encirclement. “Benefactor, please listen to this humble monk’s words…”

“Die!” Gu Nan pounced on him again.



Gu Nan and his shadow double were like two mad dogs, relying on their strong defense to rain a barrage of punches on Jing Nan’s head, not giving the other party a chance to speak at all.

Monk Jing Nan’s mouth twitched slightly. Without the golden light barrier, how could he possibly block Gu Nan’s attacks?

He fended off punches left and right for a long time, but several punches hit his face as a result. Half of his small face, which originally looked somewhat delicate and pretty, suddenly became swollen.

Jing Nan was unable to move quickly because he wanted to suppress the demonic disk. So when faced with this situation, he could only give a small sigh and throw the disk out with a wave of his hand.

Yue Chenxing jumped up and caught the disk with his hand while sighing with emotion, “You’re truly decisive… If you’d still refused to give up, then you might have died at… Hey Gu Nan, come back!”

While holding the treasure in his hand, Yue Chenxing’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

Gu Nan didn’t spare a glance towards his side. The shadow double slipped behind Jing Nan, once again surrounding him. Jing Nan, who had just breathed a sigh of relief, once again suffered a violent beating.

“Benefactor… don’t bully intolerably!” Although Jing Nan had the temperament of a Bodhisattva, even he was angered by this.

However, Gu Nan didn’t care. The enemy could talk as much as he wanted, but Gu Nan only cared about attacking.

This was a habit Gu Nan developed in the online gaming era. Dungeon bosses would always trash talk nonstop, so automatically filtering out boss dialogue was a necessary quality for a top player.

Jing Nan’s face was a little dark; even Yue Chenxing and the other two had dark expressions.

In their view, since they had already obtained the disk, why should they still fight Jing Nan? Making an enemy out of someone at his level for no reason certainly wasn’t worth it!

Of course they wouldn’t know that Jing Nan had long since turned into a pile of points and Evil Value in Gu Nan’s eyes.


Another punch hit the bridge of the monk’s nose, and two lines of blood dripped down from his face. Jing Nan finally couldn’t hold on anymore and started to flee.

But with Gu Nan’s speed, how could Jing Nan possibly escape? Voluntarily pulling away would only give Gu Nan the chance to kite him to death.

While the shadow double slowed Jing Nan down by fighting him in close combat, the original harassed him with a crossbow from the back. Jing Nan suddenly felt that this situation was even more despair-inducing than being surrounded…

Six whole hours later, the poor monk was finally worn down and killed. Even until his death, he wasn’t able to leave Luo City.

Gu Nan was satisfied as he accepted the 3 Evil Value, as well as a whopping 150 points—‘It really does seem like stronger bosses give more points.’

“Where’s the disk?” Gu Nan returned to the trio and asked impolitely.

Yue Chenxing quickly handed over the disk in his hand, and Gu Nan casually accepted it.

“Hold on!” Seeing Yue Chenxing hand it over just like that, Ye Zhiyu hastily interrupted, “This is the only loot. Why should you monopolize it?”

Yue Chenxing couldn’t help rolling his eyes. ‘The hell would we even use this thing for? We might as well give it to this guy.’

But before he could say anything, Ye Zhiyu continued, “No one who cooperates with my Radiant Tower can monopolize the spoils of war!”

This time she learned her lesson and directly brought out the entire Radiant Tower as backing. In her mind, no matter how powerful Gu Nan was, he still wouldn’t dare to oppose Radiant Tower.



Gu Nan casually sent her flying with a slap, then spat disdainfully, “You never learn

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