I Found Myself Pregnant After Becoming An Omega ch16

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Chapter 16

Translated by: MadSky

As soon as Ji Yu looked up, he met a kind smiling face. He was stunned, and said: “Reporting to the teacher, I wrote very quickly. But… the invigilator can’t disturb the students during the exam, right?”

The male teacher’s expression froze, and the smile on his face instantly disappeared.

When he straightened up his face, the corners of his lips were slightly lowered, and his eyes were hidden behind the lenses, making it hard to understand.

Ji Yu said again: “If you have any questions, you should wait until the exam is over.”

The male teacher reached for his glasses and said in a low voice: “You are right.”

After speaking, he straightened up, looked at Ji Yu with his eyebrows raised, and then at Ji Yu’s papers. Finally, he nodded pretentiously and returned to the podium.

Then he and the female teacher were talking about something together, and the two of them raised their eyes to look at Ji Yu from time to time.

Ji Yu thought the male teacher was a little weird, but he didn’t care too much.

Many teachers have been amazed by his speed in doing the questions. If it weren’t for the college entrance examination and school themselves not allowing people to hand in their tests early, he would be the first to leave the exam room.

When he put his pen down, there were still fifty minutes before the end of the exam, and some students hadn’t even started writing.

Upon seeing this, the two teachers walked to the corner and spoke quietly.

But this time they didn’t come down to look for Jiyu again, but continued to invigilate the exam after the discussion, until the exam bell rang and the papers were collected.  Then the male teacher among them came down to look for Jiyu for a conversation.

As soon as Ji Yu left, the quiet class suddenly became noisy.

“Hey, why was he called away by the teacher?”

“I heard the teacher say that he is quick to do the questions.”

“Ah? How could the last place in the class finish the test fastest? Did he know the answers in advance?”

“Isn’t it a copy of He Zhou’s test paper? I glanced at it when I just collected the paper, and he wrote it quite well.”

He Zhou twisted his eyebrows, slapped the pen on the table, and said coldly: “He didn’t copy my test paper.”

The sound of discussion paused.

The other candidates looked at each other. Although they were silent, their eyes still glowed with gossip, even brighter than before.

After all, what they were talking about was just Ji Yu cheating. Now He Zhou was speaking up for Ji Yu, and that reminded everyone of the pictures they saw on the forum that night, and the expression on his face suddenly became more colorful.

They packed their things quickly, thinking about the latest news before going out to gossip with people, but they didn’t expect Ji Yu to come back in before they went out.

Everyone’s hands stopped packing their things, and all eyes were cast on Ji Yu.

Ji Yu’s face was unchanged from when he left, and he returned to the place to pack things calmly.

He Zhou couldn’t help asking: “What’s the situation?”

The classroom quieted down instantly.

Everyone unanimously slowed down the speed of packing their things, and those who had already packed things stopped before leaving.

Ji Yu shook his head: “It’s nothing, I answered the question too fast, the teacher was surprised.”

Song Cheng leaned in and said, “It’s just that?”

Ji Yu said, “The teacher said he would talk to me when all the exams are over.”

After speaking, he picked up things, as if he couldn’t see the strange gazes of the people around him, turned his head to look at He Zhou, “Go to your place to get things?”

He Zhou nodded: “Okay.”

Ji Yu was the first to go out, and He Zhou followed behind him.

Not long after they left, the examination room was buzzing again, and then the gossip quickly spread to the students in the next examination room, abruptly dragging a bunch of students thinking about the gossip.

The two walked side by side on the road.

He Zhou looked down at Ji Yu’s expression: “You shouldn’t say that in the classroom, you say that will only make them think you really did something illegal.”

Ji Yu smiled: “It doesn’t matter.”

“They will spread it on the Internet.”

Ji Yu still laughed: “What I want is that they spread it indiscriminately.”

He Zhou twisted his eyebrows: “What are you thinking about?”

Ji Yu looked at the front with a relaxed expression: “I didn’t think about anything, everything is just going with the flow. Sooner or later, my grades will become the focus of discussion, but now it’s just a little bit ahead.”

As he licked his lips, he suddenly turned his head to look at He Zhou, his eyes brightened, “Didn’t you say that it’s better to compare? It’s always a little bit bright.”

He Zhou: “What prize do you want?”

Ji Yu blurted out: “If I get the first place, I want you to promise me one thing.”

After speaking, you feel that your words and eyes are too explicit, and don’t look forward at the beginning, “I haven’t figured out what the specifics are. But don’t worry, it won’t be too much, and it won’t affect you.”

He Zhou’s tone was determined: “You have already figured out what you want.”

“Yes.” Ji Yu did not conceal it, and directly responded, “Then I will ask you if you can?”

“Yes.” He Zhou should be happy.

“What about you? What do you want?”

“The same as you.”

Ji Yu was taken aback, always feeling that this sounded a little ambiguous.

He raised his head to look at He Zhou’s eyes, but he slammed into a thick blackness, his sight shifted, he noticed the corners of the other party’s raised lips and the masculine apple.

He still remembered the appearance of that Adam’s apple sliding up and down with sweat.

Very sexy and sultry.

… Ah, I really want to have the same Adam’s apple.

As soon as he coveted it in his heart, Ji Yu saw He Zhou’s strange gaze, and he quickly retracted his gaze: “Okay, then it’s a deal.”

He Zhou saw the other party’s reddish ears, he smiled silently, and then he spoke with a hint of teasing: “Well, then it’s settled.”

Under the watch of countless people with their jaws dropped, the two came to the Alpha dormitory side by side.

Ji Yu stood at the door, and He Zhou went in to communicate with Uncle Sheguan. After a while, He Zhou walked out again.

He asked in a low voice, “Do you want to go in?”

Ji Yu asked in confusion, “Am I allowed to go in?”

He Zhou said: “Of course you can.”

After that, he directly took Ji Yu’s arm, led him to the elevator, and then reached out and pressed the call-button.

At this time, the exam was just over, and it happened to be dinner time, so the dormitory was empty and there were not many people.

While waiting for the elevator, Ji Yu looked around casually, then glanced at the guard room. He didn’t expect that the uncle who was inside was also looking at him, and smiled ambiguously at him when he met Ji Yu’s eyes.

Ji Yu: “…”

He was stunned, then suddenly realized something.

——He is an Omega now.

Although he is a male, he is also an Omega. In this world, he belongs to the Omega who is under the pressure of Alpha and Beta, who wants to marry, can give birth, and is responsible for the role of mother.

An Omega enters an Alpha’s dormitory. This move is equivalent to a girl entering a boy’s dormitory in the world he used to.

This behavior is no longer just ambiguous, it can be regarded as a complete publicity of the relationship between the two.

Ji Yu was silent.

He suddenly felt that he was out of place, but it was still too short of time, and he hadn’t been able to fully assume the role of this world.

The elevator doors opened in front of of him.

He Zhou walked in and saw Ji Yu still standing in place, he said, “Why don’t you come in?”

Jiyu: “…”

He suddenly wondered what He Zhou thought, whether he also felt that he had something to do with him. After all, although the dormitory is not as good as the bedroom at home, it is also a very private and private place.

Ji Yu took a deep breath, and finally stepped in.

Anyway, everyone is male. From the outside, the difference between taller and shorter, bigger and smaller, shouldn’t matter… right.

The important thing is to leave as soon as he gets what he needs.

Thinking this way, Ji Yu finally didn’t feel so embarrassed.

He lowered his eyes, quietly and obediently followed He Zhou into room 607.

As soon as the door opened, a familiar pheromone smell filled his nose.

Ji Yu rubbed his nose and was still not used to it.

In front of him is a double room, divided into two sides, where both sides were complete by themselves and coexisted without disturbing each other.

It’s just that one bed is messy, with a sock on the messy quilt, while the other bed is much neater, the quilt is folded like tofu.

Ji Yu only glanced roughly, his eyes unconsciously attracted by the laundry basket on the ground.

He had seen the clothes inside. It was a basketball uniform worn by He Zhou. Just thinking about it, he knew how rich the pheromone was.

That’s it!

Ji Yu raised his head and met He Zhou’s smirking eyes.

He blinked, unusually a little dazed.


Ji Yu swallowed, not knowing how to ask for clothes.

“What are you thinking?”

He Zhou walked to the table, took out something from the drawer, and stuffed it into Ji Yu’s hand, “Here, the perfume you want.”

Ji Yu took it subconsciously, only feeling that the bottle was slightly larger and his fingers were cold.

He looked down, and Hao Ran wrote a few large characters on the bottle of floral mosquito spray.

Ji Yu: “…”

He Zhou looked at Ji Yu, held back a smile, and said, “Do you like it?”

Ji Yu: “…”

Like Hell I do!

If he wasn’t here to ask for something, he would definitely have just hit He Zhou for that.

However, he didn’t come here for perfume or bug spray. The main thing was to take He Zhou’s clothes. Whether he was the biological father of the baby or not, as long as the baby recognized his pheromones.

Ji Yu took a deep breath before saying: “Thank you, I like it very much.”

He Zhou was taken aback. He couldn’t hold back this time, and he grinned and laughed.

Ji Yu took another deep breath, and managed to maintain the smile on his face.

After a long while, He Zhou stopped laughing. He looked at Ji Yu and said, “You are not here just for perfume, right?”

Ji Yu was taken aback: “You knew?”

He was still thinking about how to naturally ask for clothes from He Zhou. After all, he tried to put himself in the position of He Zhou and think about it. The situation with the baby was ugly. It looked like he was born after the original owner cuckolded He Zhou, and he would definitely not want to see the baby under those circumstances.

Ji Yu wanted him to help, but he didn’t want to mention the baby, for fear it would upset He Zhou.  Ji Yu didn’t expect He Zhou to have guessed the situation, his expression did not seem to be repulsive and he was even quite willing to help.

This couldn’t be better!

“Yeah, I know.” He Zhou looked at him with a smile.

Ji Yu raised his eyebrows with joy: “That…”

He cast his gaze on the basketball uniforms in the laundry basket on the ground, reaching out to point at them, but before he reached out his index finger, his hand was suddenly pulled.

He staggered under his feet and fell forward.

He didn’t fall to the ground as expected but ran into a somewhat hard but very generous and warm embrace.

Ji Yu had just gotten sick and had a weak physique. His forehead just hit He Zhou’s chest muscles. He was dizzy. He heard a low laugh from He Zhou.

“I know, you like me.”

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