Lord of Glory ch1

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Chapter 1 Fated night

Translator: AlisKamui

There is a striking story in Oloson’s Cassiri Bible. A powerful alchemist who studied about strength day and night, finally stepped into the realm of God. But, the devil tempted him and made him fall into depravity. He was greatly hurt by watching his lover die, despite being young and not dead. So he used God’s power, ignoring God’s warning, to rescue his lover. Together, they lived a wonderful life…

However, the great God was angry, for resurrecting the dead was a violation of God’s iron law. So, God’s punishment fell upon them and killed his lover. The alchemist fell into a state of grief, the demons who had always accompanied him were nowhere to be seen. Then, this mortal, guided by hatred, opposed God. In the end, he died under God’s hand…

He died, however, the method of climbing into God’s realm was recorded in his scrolls. Flowing through the long history of the river, by countless attempts to resist God’s peeping, that scroll, whose name was unknown, fell into the later generation’s hand…..They named it after the alchemist’s last name: Ripley scroll……

“Onix, how do you stabilize the boiling sulfur-white copper solution?”

 In the middle of a terraced classroom, with white stone pillars, walls and floors covered in marble, and ceilings carved with mysterious and long-standing frescoes, a beautiful woman with red hair and white robe was frowning and knocking on the alchemy table in front of her, looking angrily at a white-robed student who had just woken up ten meters away.

The student, named Onix, was flustered. His classmates, with their heads lowered, whispered among them. No one dared to tell him the answer.

“Well… that….. “

Onix’s voice was getting lower and lower. 

He had a night out with his classmates yesterday, early this morning, he fell straight on the table. He forgot that this morning’s class was taught by the Feng Lil Alchemy Mentor, someone who should never be offended !!!

At the same time, on the edge of the terraced classroom, behind a half-closed wooden door, a man with messy black hair, wearing worn-out black cloth, was watching carefully. Carrying sewage and broom in both hands, the clean-faced but dirty clothed twenty-year-old man unconsciously showed a disdainful and contemptuous smile on his face. 

His name is Paladin, meaning sacred and devout. But such a name, in this place, was extremely inappropriate. 

Paladin is well aware of his life. He has unworthy parents, who abandoned their newborn. Not even a letter or a little message was found on the baby. There was only a tattered bamboo basket and a cross on his chest. His parents not only tossed him, but they also put him in front of the continent’s powerful  Holy see’s most wanted and hunted organization: a Branch of the Free Stone Federation.

Yes, on the Oroson continent, the Free Stone Federation is a dangerous and yet harmless group. As a mysterious alchemist’s organization, it doesn’t have much aggression in itself and doesn’t have many members. The threat resides in their heresy to the Holy see’s true god Inos. Advocating the equality of all things in the world, advocating that the world is not created by God but by invisible laws of the universe. This undoubtedly and greatly threatened the rule and prestige of the Holy See, thus began the thousand-years-long pursuit and manhunt on both sides.

But Paladin didn’t care about this story, what he cared about was that his parents made him wore the symbol of the Holy See, the sworn enemy of the Free Stone Federation, before throwing him to the Federation’s door. Unsurprisingly, the federation’s people were angry.

But, instead of killing him in the assumption that it was an insult, the Federation people raised him, made him a slave of sweeping and chores, and even gave him a sarcastic name: Paladin. This really left Paladin speechless.

Leaning against the door and watching Onix squeak, Paladin whispered: “Stupid fool, use clover to reconstitute the  four-way sequence formula.”

Of course, Paladin wouldn’t be stupid enough to be heard by those who looked down at him. Nor did he want those who used him know that his alchemy level is comparable to their teacher’s. Furthermore, he wouldn’t dare, simply, because he wished to live longer.

After waiting for Onix’s answer with a frown, when the pendulum  shook violently, Feng Lil mentor sighed deeply as she waved her hand, her face full of disappointment, she announced: “All right, class is dismissed .”

As soon as the voice dropped, the students immediately picked up their textbooks, a burst of the sliding sound of tables and chairs was heard inside the classroom. Seeing the rush, the look of disdain on Paladin’s face immediately turned into a foolish one. He picked up the broom and started sweeping the floor in a pattern. 


A large group of handsome and beautiful students gushed out of the door, talking and laughing.

As soon as they saw the wooden-faced Paladin, one of them immediately smirked and touched Paladin’s head with a playful manner. 

 “Stupid, my shoes are dirty, help me lick them”


Paladin’s face looked timid and frightened, he dodged the hand and avoided those who teased and insulted him.

There was a male student  holding a good-looking girl, seeing the afraid Paladin he was in high spirits as he teased: “Silly, you are so big, yet have never touched a woman.”

The student suddenly pushed the woman toward Paladin:

 “Here! It’s for you! “

The woman screamed, body pouncing on Paladin. It scared Paladin back, he retreated repeatedly but his hand unexpectedly touched the woman’s soft waist, sniffing the fragrance in the air, his face rapidly flushed.

 “Hahahaha! Look, this fool blushed! “

This male student was the one sleeping earlier, Onix. Seeing Paladin’s appearance, he was in a good mood and couldn’t stop laughing. Even more insulting, was that the female cadet who was thrown to Paladin, showed him a hateful and disdainful look, as if she was looking at a disgusting thing. She quickly patted her waist, and hurried back to Onix’s side, muttering discontentedly : “Honey, don’t do this kind of thing again! The thought of this thing touching me make me sick! ”

After she said so, Onix saw Paladin crouching on the ground, with his head buried in his arms. He was immediately pleased.

“Don’t be angry, we’ll go back to the dormitory, I’ll comfort you. “

He held the woman in his arm, and went with his group, laughing.

Grasping the situation, the students who came out of class all turned a blind eye. This Paladin is an unimportant existence shunned by the entire Free Stone Federation branch. He is labeled as a fool, he couldn’t do anything aside from rough work and daily life’s tasks. Coupled with that ironic name, some people choose to just ignore him. This is not even the main branch of the Federation, there is no need for a moment of benevolence that will ruin one’s future. Therefore, Paladin, in this large branch, is a person that no one wish to stand for.

At this point, the students whose age was the same as Paladin’s, walked far away from the class and disappeared, the frescoed corridor became empty. It was so quiet that even the sound of the leaves being blown by the wind outside was clear. Paladin stood up slowly. That trembling hand that showed fear, at this time, revealed a great composure. On the face that is covered by the dark hair’s shadow, wasn’t longer a wooden, timid, or afraid look.

If other people were to see him, they will think they’re hallucinating. The famous fool, idiot, cowardly person was nowhere to be seen. It’s completely a different appearance. It’s a vicious look! Open eyes and shrieked pupils, the corners of his mouth twitching, an expression showing great hatred,  he exudes a chilling sense of terror and destruction!! It’s not too much to say that this fool, right now, is a demon in human skin!

With an evil look and a gloomy aura, the corners of his mouth moved slightly, and a low and hoarse voice that gave out a feeling of destruction came out: “A bunch of garbage!!, waste!! I Paladin won’t stop here! One day, I will make you pay!! It will be a heavy price! “

After speaking, his face changed back to the wooden-like Paladin again, he picked up the broom and bucket and walked away slowly.

In front of a dark little attic, Paladin slowly pushed open the dilapidated wooden door. He skillfully fired the  oil lamp beside the door, the dim light immediately lit up the damp and smelly house. This is a small room of less than forty square meters. It was full of cleaning utensils. But strangely, piles of books were neatly lined up on the ground, It looked like a sea of books.  Among these is a dilapidated alchemy table, full of cracks, resulting from an explosion during a failed experiment. On the table, In addition to a few test tubes with unknown ore, there were several worn-out parchment sheets filled with beautiful runes and alchemy steps. Obviously, Paladin is not as what others think of him as: “a fool”, on the contrary, he studied alchemy day and night, his achievements and experiences in this field were enough to make any mentor sweat.

Just after putting down the tools in his hand, just when he wanted to relax his body and take a rest, Paladin suddenly remembered that the brush with which he was cleaning earlier was left in the terraced classroom! 

Hey, I’ve got to run again!!

Paladin sighed helplessly. After blowing out the cherished flame of the oil lamp, he carefully closed the door, and went to the classroom again. 

Outside, the endless forest and rolling mountains were vaguely visible through the windows. Shrouded in the chilling night, the original vibrant forest sea, exuded a strange and gloomy atmosphere, It’s unusual.

As if the night was nothing but the veil of God, hidden in the night, is the real terror! Even the moon in the sky, was somehow weird. Paladin would never have imagined that his life, from this mysterious and distant night, will have an incredible transformation.

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