Lord of Glory ch10

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Chapter 10: Third party

Translated by Alis Kamui

While pretending to be silly, Paladin saw the original helpless face on Nasula suddenly shift into a serious one. His eyes were burning with killing intent.

Nasula moved away from Paladin, with a flick of his hand, a small wand came out of his sleeve and was firmly held in his hand. If one looked closely, they will find dense runes engraved on the black wand. It was actually a high-level magic wand with twenty sequence runes.

“Hibernal frost!”

Nasula whispered. A chill immediately came out from the point of the wand and rapidly swept the five guards!

A thick layer of sweats appeared on Paladin’s head as he watched on the side because he saw that the guards, who were frozen so that they could reflect light looked like they were still shouting for help. It really matched the saying: frozen to death in a flash! 

“Tsk… It’s a shame that I have to kill people who don’t understand magic with magic.”

Nasula put away his wand in disgust, with his still-cold eyes, he turned to Paladin. 

Paladin panicked, even if he obtained a new power, he was still far to be Nasula’s opponent, the most important thing now was survival. Therefore, at this time Paladin, with an ignorant look, crouched down, and revealed a puzzled face as he looked at the frozen guard, he curiously poked the ice sculpture and murmured:

“Uncle how did you do that? And it’s so cold!! ”

Despite these words, at this time, because of the tension, sweat was flowing down on Paladin’s forehead, had it not been covered by the thick black hair, Nasula would have noticed that something was not right.

Nasula watched the foolish Paladin and raised his hand which was holding the wand, the killing intent in his eyes getting stronger and stronger. Just when Paladin was about to escape the pressure coming from behind him, Nasula suddenly put down his hand, with a helpless face, he murmured: 

“I am a noble wizard, I won’t fall to the point of killing ordinary people … Good luck, fool. “

Whether Paladin heard him or not, Nasula put away his wand and looked toward the most imposing tower, and ran up at once.

 After confirming the wizard’s departure, Paladin was relieved enough to be on his knees. He kept wiping the sweat beads threatening to fall from his jaw. 

“I’m so tired… I’d like to get some sleep. ”

Paladin’s face was full of fatigue. Although he works all year round, this whole night into the morning experience was too much for his body and mind to handle. He really needed to catch on his sleep. But he knew it wasn’t time yet, it was more important to run for his life now. So, after clearing his mind, he immediately stood up, then carefully opened the side gate and went out.

At the same moment, the students and teachers gathered in the hall per the dean’s order were full of doubt. After the dean issued the gathering order, all the guards inside the division were mobilized, bringing all the students and professors to the hall. But after a long time, the dean still hasn’t showed up, one after another, everyone became to feel impatient. The habitualy quiet hall began to fill of low voices, when the professors saw this scene, they were  worried.  Among the large group of teachers, a woman was sitting in the corner, not very noticeable, engulfed in the shadow, playing with a carving knife. Her face was just average, anyone would agree that such a golden hair was a waste on her.

This teacher is called Adele, a regular professor who teaches the foundation of magic array, introverted to the point of blushing when seeing people, not many people are willing to get along with her. Such an introverted teacher was now squatting in the dark corner, playing with the carving knife.

The sharp knife was flexible in her hand as if it was born with it, rotating at the tip of her slender finger. Her ordinary face, at the moment, showed a kind of excitement that no one has ever seen on her before. Seemingly thinking of something, Adele’s excited expression instantly shifted to a worried one, then, she suggested shyly to the teachers next her: 

“I think… we should go up and see the dean…. Maybe…maybe he’s asleep? ”

Several mentors around her glanced at her and smiled. They never  imagined the introverted Adele could be so cute and respectful to the dean, there’s no way they could sit still after this. The male professor near her smiled at her and nodded slightly,

“Okay, let’s go and see what the dean is doing! Adele, you will come with us too.” 


So, led by several teachers, Adele left the hall and walked toward the highest tower, with the shadows perfectly concealing her thrilled face…

“It’s over… It’s all over……..”

At this point, the dean, who remained in his chamber, was paralyzed on a wooden chair, self-talking endlessly.

Suddenly, the bronze mirror placed behind the table flashed a gold light! The smooth surface began to deform, and finally, a face appeared, seeming as if it’ll come out the next moment. The face slowly turned to the dean then said

“Ryan, have you found it?” ”


The dean Ryan, who was slumping on his chair, frightened, jumped off from the chair in horror and fell to the ground. Unexpectedly, his face showed no surprise at all, instead, he had a desperate look as he crawled on the ground, looking up at the face in the mirror.

“No… No…. ”

Ryan answered as tears flowed down on his face…

“Ah! this ah! I can’t believe we couldn’t find it even after searching through the entire branch hundreds of times. The scroll, which we thought wasn’t here unexpectedly appeared…” 

“My lord, I… “

The face in the mirror looked at the desperate Ryan begging in front of him, and nodded softly.

“Don’t worry, as a member of the federation, you’re excellent. I’ll talk about it to the security department. Your wife, children, and illegitimate children in the duchy of Kasimi, will be taken care of. ”

As soon as this sentence came out, the desperate Ryan was immediately in high spirits. The tearful old dean nodded repeatedly: 

“Thank you… Thank you, my lord. Thank you…”

The face inside the mirror nodded silently, the mirror flashed a gold light a second time, and the bronze mirror returned to its original form. Apparently, the so-called lord was gone.

Ryan stood up slowly. There was a smile on his face, he was at the same time relieved and at ease. 

He took a piece of rope from the cupboard and shaped it into a circle after tying it to the beam. He slowly fastened it into his neck, the smile on his face growing brighter. He stared at his feet, then kicked the chair underneath, the whole person immediately shivered as his throat began to click hoarsely under the rope’s pressure. Not long after, everything became quiet.

TN:  In the raw, it changed from Capus to Kasimi…so, from now on, it will be translated as Kasimi (since I prefer this one ( ╹▽╹ ))

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