Lord of Glory ch2

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Chapter 2 Ripley Scroll

Translator: AlisKamui

Chapter 2: Ripley Scrolls

Moving his tired feet, Paladin returned to the classroom and took his brush back from the window sill, just as he was about to walk away, a long-suppressed moan stopped his steps. 


 “Professor don’t be so rough….”

Paladin narrowed his eyes. As long as it’s not an idiot, anyone could tell what’s going on. But Paladin wasn’t really excited about it. Not that he didn’t care, but he already has too many problem in his life, not enough food to fill him up, no clothes to keep him warm, not even some dignity, there’s just no more room to think about it.

This is a chance!

Paladin smirked as he carefully pushed the large classroom’s window’s frame, revealing a small gap.

Paladin knew that no students would come to the classroom once it’s dark. Those wastes, at this time, should be fooling around seeking pleasure. That’s why he dared to be so bold.

In the classroom were Professor Feng li and Professor Francis! 

Paladin’s eyes widened. It was actually the division’s most respected old professor Francis! With a body full of wrinkles, he was madly thrusting, shaking his fat belly, as he pressed the most popular and most beautiful female professor Feng Li on the alchemy table.

Paladin was feeling anxious, this is a dangerous secret, he should wisely turn around and forget completely what he saw to avoid any harm. 

When he was about to leave, he heard the old professor laughing.

“Baby, I’ll tell you a piece of good news. The scroll is inside the branch, and I know its location. Our good days are coming soon!” 

 Paladin’s footsteps stopped again. Intuition told him that something important was coming up.

Sure enough, Feng Li’s original charming eyes suddenly changed, looking at the old professor, she said in a surprised voice: “Really?” Ripley’s scroll was found? Where is it?”

“Ah?”   Paladin whispered in surprise, but he immediately covered his mouth, suppressing his shock and disbelief!  After confirming that Francis and Feng li didn’t hear him, he slowly calmed down. But it was still a shock! Ripley scroll! Mythical rebel!! God’s realm!!!

Paladin who secretly learned about ancient, modern culture, alchemy, history, and so on…… had a wide knowledge on mythology. Ripley scroll was only a small myth. Unlike other great legends, where the heroes defeated demons or saved the world, this myth tells the story of a man who defied God.

 Someone who could fight God?? Paladin didn’t believe it.

But hearing the old professor talking about it, even revealing that he knew where this legendary scroll was, Paladin’s disbelief started to fade away. So………the scroll really exists!? One can really climb into the realm of God!? All of this was too much stimulation for a young man who was oppressed and bullied everyday….

At that moment, Professor Francis drew himself out and put on his robe. 

“Well, that’s it, we’re going to take it today. If it weren’t for your alchemy level and my relationship with the dean, I don’t know how many more years we’d have to wait before finding it” 

The originally surprised  Feng li was now puzzled, she stood up and asked: “Right now? I’ve been looking for it for so many years, I’m not in a hurry. ”

 “No, it must be today! The place where the scroll is stored is very special, it’s a stable dimensional space. Its seal is unbreakable, even a dragon won’t be able to break it. But during an eclipse, the seal cracks a bit, we can walk through this gap for roughly an hour.” 

“And we’re lucky, today, this condition can be fulfilled.” 

After listening to Francis, Feng Li nodded and immediately put on her clothes as she whispered: “Let’s go! Those five years of investigating and sneaking around are finally bearing fruits.” “Who knows if the next opportunity will be in a hundred year.”

Fully clothed, they glanced at each other, then, with an excited Francis leading the way, they left the classroom. 

Paladin emerged from behind the door, reflected in his eyes was greed and madness. He kept muttering: “The power of God… The power of God…. If I get it… No, no, no…I have to obtain it…….I must get it! it’s a must!!” 

Paladin held the brush tightly, closed the window, and followed the professors.

The more Paladin walked, the more scared he became. They were heading toward the library located in the center of the college. After watching the professor entering, Paladin hid behind the huge door, he wondered how they would trick the remaining workers.

Inside, Francis took out his short cane without saying a word, and in an instant, a blue light flashed. The librarian who didn’t expect anything turned into ice, fell on the ground and broke into pieces. 

“Come on, it’s in this library.”

Feng li nodded. They walked past the body, and went further in.

“This… He died?” 

 Paladin came out of the door in horror. But staring at the frozen librarian, an inexplicable stream of excitement and joy flowed in his heart. This person always looked down on him, and now, he was dead……Paladin enjoyed this feeling, such a great revenge!! Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Paladin bypassed the scum’s body and followed Francis and Feng li carefully.

Francis halted before a stoned floor.

“It’s here”. 

There was something carved on the floor, but it was so light, anyone would miss it without looking closely. At this moment, the bright moonlight shone through the window, perfectly enveloping the inscription on the ground. 

Paladin watched carefully from behind the bookshelves, seeing the two of them standing silently as if waiting for something, he became curious.

Just as Paladin’s mind was running through different scenarios, the moonlight suddenly dimmed. Francis said excitedly, full of smiles:  “Here it comes!!!” 

When Paladin looked up, he saw the bright moon hanging high in the sky changing, as if it was being swallowed by another dark one, its shape went from a full circle to a crescent, before disappearing.

Rumble!!! At this instant, from the floor, circle after circle of mysterious runes emerged with a dazzling light.

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