Lord of Glory ch4

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Chapter 4: Slumberland

Translator: AlisKamui

In the underground, a loud noise could be heard…

The carved stone in Francis’s hands, at this time, turned into a dazzling mass of light, and whistled into the cracks. The characters floating on the stele became instantly motionless. At this moment, Francis immediately took a crystal ball from his sleeve and gripped it tightly in his hand.

Paladin’s pupils shrunken, even at this distance,  he  still could feel the tremendous energy swinging back and forth from the runes, like a sharp knife brushing his cheek!

Francis, in front of the stele, was still yelling, his voice never decreasing. Then, starting from the last rune, the countless characters flowed like a smoke, in an instant merging into a wave, fiercely pounding on Francis and the nervous Feng Li in distance behind him.

Paladin’s hands clenched, beads of sweat covered his forehead. He knew that the waves were not really destructive, but this was a seal done by hundreds of the strongest alchemists on the continent, a total of forty thousand sequences! You know, even with a good scepter, it’s already amazing to obtain twenty sequence, here, forty thousand of sequential runes unleashed into a single wave, no one will reckon there’s no danger.

With a buzzing sound, the waves of smoke flowed towards Francis, the crystal ball he held in his hand  emitted a white light that transformed into a sort of hood, covering him up. The waves, as expected came  on him. There was no sound of collision, nor a sound of tearing……

Silence……  The smokes disappeared the moment Paladin opened his eyes, he even wondered if he saw wrong.

On both sides, the whole stone wall clattered, and large amount of stone powder fell down, immediately covering the floor in gray.

Feng li, who watched everything in shock, stood up, her  sweet voice trembled when she saw Francis motionless: “Professor… professor! Francis! “

There was some fear in her heart, although she herself was an alchemy tutor, she was far less experienced than Francis especially regarding the Ripley scroll. If Francis die, it’d be hard to successfully break seal.

But then, Francis suddenly moved. 

“Ah, yes… It’s killing me…” Francis struggled to stand up, you could clearly see there was scratch on his arm. The crystal ball in his palm has lost its dazzling luster, and fell to the ground after turning into powder.

“My great Inos!” Professor, you scared me to death! ” When Feng li saw Francis standing, with just a skin trauma, a winner’s smile on his face, she couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. 

Who expected Francis to turn back grimly: ” Feng li, pay attention your speech!! We are alchemists in pursuit of truth, the free stone federation!!! how can we put the god of light, Inos, on our lips!!?… Tut tut, it hurts, but this Bamir guardian crystal…. ”

Feng Li automatically ignored Francis’s scolding, looking at the crystal powder on the ground in amazement, she unabashedly exclaimed: “Bamir guardian crystal!!? This sky-high magic prop, professor where did you get it? “

“You just take care of me! Come on, the seal is completely unobstructed… There’s little time left. ”

Francis apparently didn’t want to mention the origin of the magic prop as he immediately pulled Feng Li to the stele. Hiding in the distance, Paladin had just confirmed that he wasn’t hurt when saw Francis walking into the seal and disappear in.

Paladin moistened his lips. He didn’t follow them right away, he decided to wait for some time, because in his opinion, Francis and Feng Li’s relationship is not as good as it seems. Even when he faced the so called power of God on his own, word is not enough to describe his greed. If he were one of the two professor, he would find a time to get rid of the other, after all, the temptation is too big.

Under the temptation of God’s power, anyone will lose their self-control. Think about it! Once this power is obtained, discipline and morality are just ridiculous toy! Because  Gods are above morality!!

“It’s time!” 

Paladin’s eyes was brimming with hope. It had been ten minutes, ten minutes is the biggest waste when time is precious. Paladin did not hesitate, he stood up and rushed into the seal, soon, the whole person got in…

For a moment, Paladin felt like falling from a very high altitude, with a sense of weightlessness. When his foot touched the ground, Paladin who had reached his limit  immediately knelt down and threw up in panic. Once his mind cleared up, Paladin was instantly shocked by the sight in front of him. A huge cave which edge was almost invisible. The ground and the walls were covered by huge mushrooms, which emit a soft blue glow, turning this dark cave into a fairyland. Incredible….. Paladin looked up at the giant mushrooms which were a head taller than himself, and discovered that the translucent roots and the mushroom’s head produced blue particles. These particles are the one emitting the azure light.

Paladin observed the hundred-meter-high stone wall around him, it was so beautiful and mysterious.

And just as Paladin was silent over this beauty, a clamor of laughter brought him back to reality.

“Francis, you didn’t expect me to drop the bag, did you!!?? You’ve spent a huge amount of gold to buy this corrosion scroll, but it fell on you! Hahaha! Old goat, how does it feel to receive your own spell?? Haha!!” 

Paladin was shocked, he immediately lowered his body and moved quickly and quietly toward the sound. Hiding behind a bunch of mushrooms, he saw  Feng Li whose shoulder was bleeding, standing with pride. In front of her was a bitter faced Francis, lying on the ground, his skin green and gradually festering. 

Paladin’s face unconsciously showed a smile.

He was extremely intrigued by what happened between two people. They were on a very small altar. Four human statues knelt on the floor such as servants, their hands raised above their heads holding safely a shabby iron box. Inside is an old parchment, indicating itself as the Ripley scroll.

Paladin’s eyes were instantly ecstatic and greedy! Staring fixedly at the scroll inside the iron box, he almost couldn’t stop himself to rush on and take it away. But he knew it wasn’t the right time, he has to be patient. He wouldn’t be able to fight against Francis or Feng Li, so he has to endure, like a poisonous snake waiting for the best opportunity to give a fatal blow! A relentless and deadly blow!!

“Ripley scroll…. Wait….wait a moment, I’ll hug you in a while!” Paladin muttered as he lowered his body.

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