Lord of Glory ch5

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Chapter 5: Conscience and Desire

Translator: AlisKamui

Editor: Suriya

Feng Li’s face was full of pride. Holding a dagger she got from who knows where, she was all smiles, looking at the weird-shaped Francis on the ground.

 “It’s my victory Francis!!! The scroll is mine!!! ”

Hiding behind the mushrooms, Paladin was shocked. He looked incredibly at the decaying Francis speak, his remaining eye glaring at Feng Li.

 “Feng Li!! You really think the scroll will be yours once you kill me?? Do you think the Organization will just stay idle, watching you take the scroll??” 

For a moment, a hint of fear flashed through Feng Li’s eyes. But then, a waves of anger filled her:

 “The Organization simply treats us as abandoned children!!! Although the Organization spent countless years searching for the scroll, there was no sign of harvest! Throughout the years, the Organization has placed spies in the Free Stone Federation, but no one has yet been able to reach the top!”

“Even though we are both professors, in this branch, there is a dean who can suppress us. Some secrets are simply tight-lipped, Not to  mention, that old man’s stubbornness!! He won’t accept any benefit! We are treated as abandoned children, like garbage thrown in this branch!!! Do you understand Francis!!?? ”

The decaying Francis trembled, his remaining eye unwittingly looking away. In his heart, he knew that Feng Lil was right, the organization ignored them for three years without a single contact, the organization obviously abandoned them. These d**n lunatics!! An alliance of direful tyrants!!

When she noticed that Francis silent, Feng Li shook the dagger in her hand and laughed mockingly:

 “It’s all over, Francis…..For the sake of those years of good feeling, I’ll give you a quick shoot. Decaying to death is too ugly. “

Feng Li walked step by step towards Francis, as she raised the dagger in her hand. 

“You b***h!!! If I can’t get it, then you won’t have it either !!! You’ll sleep here with me!!”

Francis yelled with hatred,  the hand that was about to rot completely suddenly lifted up and pointed at Feng Li.


Unexpectedly, a stone flew towards Feng Li, she didn’t even have time to react, her body was thrown up, knocking several mushrooms over. The place where she stood instantly transformed into a deep hole. The ejected Feng Li issued a miserable scream, after crashing on a series of mushrooms, her body powerlessly fell on the ground.

Paladin stood up in astonishment, and saw that Feng Li’s legs were cut off, lying on top of  mushrooms!!

 “Aa!! ah!!! Aaaahh!!” 

Feng Li covered her bleeding  limbs with a bitter face, she could clearly feel her power quitting her body rapidly. The struggling Feng Li grumbled: 

“Francis! How dare you? How dare you!!! “

She looked at the motionless Francis on the ground, his eyes were devoid of life. That blow surely drained him of his last strength.

“You old goat!! not letting me go even in death!!”

Feng Li’s eyes were full of despair, now that her legs disappeared, she couldn’t get the scroll, she couldn’t even leave, she could only wait for time to pass, wait for the seal to close, and die in this ghostly place…

Click, click!

Just when Feng Li had the impulse to kill herself, a sound of footsteps was heard, coming from behind, like the dawn of hope. 

How could anyone be here!

 With such ideas in mind, Feng Li struggled to look back, what she saw was a young man with black hair, in worn-out clothes, and a greedy face staring straight at the stone statue and the scroll.

At the sight of this man, Feng Li’s pupils contracted instantly. She couldn’t help asking :

“The messy Paladin? How did you—”

But surprisingly, Paladin ignored Feng Li, his eyes were locked on the scroll located not far away, treating Feng Li completely as air…

Feng Li’s hair stood up instantly when she saw Paladin’s eyes. The plain, lowly slave, with no freedom, at this moment has a blazing flame in his eyes!! Chaos and desire, destruction and greed….they were all reflected vividly. Feng Lil was frightened, she shut her mouth, and silently looked at Paladin walking to the Ripley scroll.

“Ah… this is it….” Paladin approached the stone statue, his hands trembling, he picked up the scroll inside the iron box and opened it carefully…..

To Paladin’s expectation, the scroll was covered by a complex pattern.

On the scroll, naked male and female humanoid creatures were painted, they were kneeling with a face full of grievance, forming a perfect circle. In the middle of the circle, a complex array is depicted.At a glance, Paladin, who studied alchemy in depth, knew this is the basis of magic and alchemy: the ‘four-element theory’.The array has the tetrahedron of fire, the icosahedron of water, the cube of earth, and the octahedron of air, they are the composition of everything that exists, the four elements!!! 

Added to these, a huge human form without a face could be seen, with  cloud as its head, land as its feet, it was chestless, its lower body is a straightway, which represents asexuality or bisexuality. This symbolizes the god.

On that blank chest, a heart was carefully drawn, emitting a ray of light towards the center of the whole circle, enveloping a text, written in the most ancient language: the demonic language. Not many people knew it, but for  the self taught Paladin, decoding the demonic language wasn’t impossible.

The text meant: philosopher’s stone. The legendary fifth element, the greatest alchemical achievement, the universal medicine: the elixir!

Paladin was astonished, his face was dripping out cold sweats. This legendary Ripley scroll is not difficult to understand, it’s actually surprisingly simple. Paladin, who had seen many alchemist’s scroll and resolved a large number of  riddles, understood at a glance how the philosopher’s stone was made, and what it really was. And this is exactly why he was shocked…

How could this philosopher’s stone be able to ignore mass, arbitrarily decompose, and reorganize the material?! This… really is the realm of God! But he’s going to make material refineries with countless lives. The countless living people

“How is that possible… This philosopher’s stone, can arbitrarily decompose and recombine any substances?? without taking into account its size?? This….. this is really the realm of God….”

“ But.. it needs countless lives as materials for refining….Countless living people… ”

At this point, Paladin’s morals and conscience were awakened and began to attack his sanity. Paladin couldn’t help but take a few steps back, and the scroll in his hand unknowingly fell to the ground.

 In his mind rolled over and over heinous waves of thought….

“People……lives… Do I have to sacrifice the lives of others if I want to gain strength? ? Do I have the right to take their life away?? Isn’t that wrong??”

“But this power…is really attractive…”

“No!!! I’m a human!! A living being as well!! If I do this, what’s the difference with a beast!!! ”

AN: Don’t be fooled by the end of this chapter.

TN: Philosopher’s stone = elixir = 5th element = ether(aether)   for now ( ╹▽╹ ) 

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