Lord of Glory ch7

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Chapter 7: Philosopher’s Stone

Translator: AlisKamui

Editor: Suriya

Paladin crawled out of the tunnel in a hurry. When he arrived at the library, his whole body collapsed. As soon as he came up, the entrance to the tunnel instantly turned into a flat ground. All that remained was the inscription on the floor, proving that everything which just happened was not a fantasy, but a real thing.

Paladin sighted in relief when he grabbed the scroll in his hand confirming that it had not been lost. As he prepared to escape this uneven place, a sound of rapid footsteps suddenly rang outside the door!  Paladin’s feet quickly moved, he tried to hide but it was too late.

An armored guard with a hook sickle spear immediately saw Paladin when he entered, he immediately picked up the tip of the spear and pointed it at Paladin.

“Who are you? The dean ordered all the students to go back to the dormitory, what are you doing here?”

Paladin unconsciously took a step back as he thought of a solution in his mind. In his heart, he was a little shocked: The dean ordered martial law? Does it concern the Ripley scroll? Does he know anything? It’s not good!

The guard suddenly caught sight of a piece of ice on the doorway, with meat and blood in the ice, there were even eyes and hair. The guard’s eyes immediately enlarged! At this moment, Paladin’s eyes flashed. Just stay there…don’t move.

Paladin took a step, he picked up a porcelain bottle on the table and struck it at the guard’s face! 


After a crackling sound, the unprepared guard directly fell on the ground. Paladin said nothing, he quickly took off the guard’s armor and clothes, then wore them himself. Looking left and right, there was no one else in the aisle, Paladin immediately loaded the guard inside a bag used to hold the book that he found under the table. He then  rushed to his own small attic.

“Look everywhere! As soon as you see a student or a mentor out of their room, Kill!! This is the dean’s order!!” 

After a hard run in the yard, Paladin heard the leader’s instructions and saw a hundred or so guards gathered below, listening to him. The former immediately agreed, holding either a long sword or a hook sickle spear, and began to scatter everywhere.

It’s time to hurry up! I have to get away from this place.

Paladin dressed in armor, made his mind, determined, he quickened his step and ran toward his room.

With a push, the worn-out door closed tightly. Paladin dropped the guard, and took the armor off without a word.  “Clang!”

After running for so long inside a twenty-catty* armor, Paladin’s clothes were drenched in sweat, fatigued, he fell on the ground as he tried to catch on his breath. But right now wasn’t the time to rest. Paladin decisively took out the Ripley Scroll and immediately spread it. Afterward, he took a knife and began to carve the spell array painted on the scroll on the floor.

Thanks to Paladin’s many years of self-study, carving an array was easy. Paladin carved the four-element position according to the scroll’s, he first took the water bottle on the table and poured a little on the icosahedron, then he lit up a small wooden stick and placed it on the tetrahedron. He sprinkled soil that he took from a flowerpot over the cube*², dragged the fainted guard to the center of the array and immediately jumped away. Lastly, he gently blew a sigh of relief at the octahedron. 

Silence… It was still quiet. Nothing happened! Paladin was alarmed, and he immediately looked at the scroll, his mouth muttering: “Why didn’t it start, why didn’t it??”

Looking closely at the Ripley scroll, verifying every inch of it, Paladin pupil shrunk  instantly when he saw the heart of the human-shaped drawing located at the center of the symbolism of God! 

“Ah yes, heart, there’s no blood to move the heart ah!”

“My blood, my philosopher stone! My blood stamp!! ”

 Paladin muttered as he thought of what the teacher he previously eavesdropped on said during his lecture: “To start a spell array, you must hold the key. What kind of key would you design for your own array?”

Paladin gulped, he immediately picked up the knife from the ground, and without scruple, he cut on his finger, he pointed it towards the guard’s chest, but stopped…

”A key….A stamp…The philosopher’s stone…A godly power…hahaha!”

Paladin’s face became twisted, and his hands quickly painted a bloody cross on the guard’s chest! “Buzz!”

The spell array on the floor immediately lit up in a dazzling red light accompanied by a buzzing sound! Paladin immediately jumped away and watched it all in frenzy.


The sound of the array woke the sleeping guard up. With a terrible headache, the guard barely managed to open his eyes, but what he saw was Paladin standing in front of him laughing happily, eyes filled with madness. This was the last thing he saw…

“Oh Aah!” 

The guard instantly felt as if his body was gnawed on by countless teeth, the pain ran through his narrow bone! Paladin watched as the blood on the guard’s chest melted at a fast rate, the next moment he turned into a skeleton, and the flesh and the blood turned into numerous particles which immediately condensed into a small, almost invisible pale red stone. With a crisp tick, it fell on the floor.

“Well, ha ha ha!” 

Paladin immediately stepped forward and took it in his hand. There seemed to be a restless soul’s scream vaguely coming from the philosopher’s stone. The excited Paladin suddenly calmed down, a new problem haunted his mind:  The philosopher’s stone was refined, but despite being one, it doesn’t have much power, at best, it can be used as a tool for free decomposition and reorganization….Wait a minute!! Fusion! If it can decompose and reorganize, then, can it be used for fusion??

Paladin’s eyes flashed! If the Philosopher’s stone can fuse anything without regard of the material, wouldn’t that mean that even the magical particles can be directly fused? 

“Hahahahahaha! Blending the magical particles! It’s really the power of God, the power of God! “

Paladin’s face was full of smiles, after thinking of this possibility, of course he has to try it!!

But then, it became a little awkward, he’s a poor man, don’t mention a magical core used to store magic power, he didn’t even have a magical scroll!! Where would he find magic to blend? Paladin was a bit anxious….

Outside the small room, time had been flowing unwittingly. Soon, the first ray of sunlight during early morning pierced the thick clouds, and poured in through the windows, landing on the table.

“Well?” Paladin suddenly smelled a faint burning odor,  he looked back and saw the magnifying glass on the table gathering the sunlight into a single point burning a small hole on the white paper. That burning smell came from here. 

“This… ” 

The corners of Paladin’s mouth gradually lifted up. He didn’t know if the sunlight could merge with other magical particles, hard to say… On the other hand, the holy magic of the Holy Church is similar to the nature of the sunlight…

TLN:    * 1catty=0.5kg (20→10)

             *²  cube=hexahedron

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