Lord of Glory ch8

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Chapter 8: Elements of Light

Translator: AlisKamui

Editor: Suriya

There was no hesitation, nor time for Paladin to hesitate. He immediately drew an overlapping decomposition and recombination array with blood on the palm of his right hand, then brought the magnifying glass on the open window.

After a short time, a beam of light converged on a point on the table. The wooden table immediately emitted a wisp of smoke along with a strong smell of burnt. Paladin gulped, forcing down the fear in his heart, he put the philosopher stone in the palm of his right hand and reached out to the dazzling column of light.


Paladin issued a dreadful cry! Once the light pointed on the philosopher’s stone, the array immediately lit up! Then, something unexpected  happened, the bright sunlight passed through the philosopher’s stone and drilled into the skin.

At this moment, Paladin thought that even if all the pain he felt in his life were gathered, it wouldn’t hurt like this. The scorching sunlight broke through his skin, and like countless bugs moved back and forth between his muscles, blood vessels and bones. The burning sensation that went into the bone marrow nearly tore his head apart!! His instincts kept telling him to pull his hands back…


Paladin’s eyes were red, and beads of sweat flowed on his face. He saw it clearly, it worked, it can really blend! Why should he pull back his hand and give up? 

No… he wants strength, he wants to get what he doesn’t have and what he desires!! How could he abandon because of pain, how could he always kneel and ask for mercy! Paladin gritted his teeth, blood was dripping from his eyes, his left hand held the pained right one fighting the urge to pull it back. For the first time, the body fought with the mind.

“Oh!…hahahaha! I’m not going to fall like this! Come on strength!!” 

Paladin’s blood-soaked face suddenly showed a mad smile as he roared at the shrinking philosopher’s stone. He wasn’t really venting out his pain, but rather taking out the grievances and longings he endured those twenty years!  When Paladin’s legs were weak and struggling to support him up, the philosopher’s stone in his hand finally melted away. Paladin immediately drew his arm back, knocking over the magnifying glass with his left hand. The young man lied on the ground like a fool. His eyelids were as heavy as mountains, so sleepy.. 

“No… I can’t sleep now, I mustn’t fall asleep… ”

Paladin was well aware of his situation, if he fell asleep at this time and were to be seen by the guard, he would be dead. Paladin forced down his slumber and sat up weakly. He subconsciously looked at the palm of his right hand, Paladin felt refreshed in an instant. On the right hand, from the center, the blood vessels connecting the palm to the wrist turned into a bright gold, it looked like a few gold crystals embedded in  flesh.

 “This… is light?”

Paladin looked at the palm of his hand full of doubts and anticipation. At this instant,  his eyes suddenly changed, Paladin stood up hastily and looked around in astonishment. 

 “This… What are these!” 

More than fifty golden bubbles floated around him, while in the distance some of them were khaki(brown/brownish yellow/brownish green/muddy yellow), red or white. Once these ones floated past him, they were immediately hit by the golden bubbles, then floated around again.  Paladin understood, these are the so called magic particles. The free magic particles floating in the air! Or the most basic unit of everything! If the khaki symbolizes the earth element, the red symbolizes the fire element, the blue symbolizes the water element and the white symbolizes the wind element, what are these golden ones twining around him?

The light of the sun! Yes, since I blended with sunlight, these must be light particles, the purest element, the light!

Paladin was filled with joy. But ignoring the golden color, these light particles were extremely aggressive and unstable, not in tune with the gentle divine magic of the Holy Church. 

So, simply put, Paladin has an element which has never been owned or mastered, one of the purest, yet most aggressive elements!! 

“Wait… I can see the element, I can see the magic particles!!”

Once Paladin calmed down, he was immediately frightened by this sudden fact. It is well known that magic particles were everywhere. Magicians are perceptive, but he has never heard of one being able to see the particles. To be able to see them, only means he is one too…

I.. fused with sunlight…I’ve become an element too? Am I still human? Or a monster? 

Paladin was in a difficult mood, he did not know if it was a good or a bad thing. There may be some bad consequences, but it’s certain that he gained the power he has always dreamed of…

Just then, the dilapidated door was suddenly kicked open, two armored guards holding hook spear entered and immediately roared at him: 

“Paladin! You lowly slave! The dean called all the personnel to assemble, didn’t you hear??”

Before the relatively tall guard finished speaking, the guard behind him pointed to the gloomy room, he was immediately terrorized by the sight. A complex array and a skeleton on the ground.

 “Ah… My Inos!” 

The guard had only time to show his surprise when Paladin burst into a frenzy, and full of killing intent and madness, his body rushed up to the guards!! 

The moment he ran, Paladin clearly felt the golden light around him becoming extremely excited and violent.

Paladin (+idiom: when the body is in a pinch, the mind becomes clear), opens his right hand, those particles immediately rush to the palm of the hand! A miracle happened! The five fingers on Paladin’s right hand immediately turned into five golden blades! A slight crackling sound could be heard. Paladin’s face adorned an ecstatic smile, his right hand rapidly stabbed the silly guard on the chest. The thick armor was as fragile as paper. In one breath, along with the armor, Paladin pierced through the skin, the intestines and the tailbone, the golden blades showing from the guard’s back! 

“May Inos bless!” 

The guard who was behind finally returned to his mind with the terrible scene before his eyes. In horror, he immediately raised the spear, and attacked Paladin…


Paladin’s face was full of smiles, he even gave a pleasant laugh. The right hand that pierced through the first guard immediately pulled out, the sharp blade didn’t receive any damage, on the contrary it left five deep holes on the steel armor!! Before it was too late, Paladin held the blade of the spear and pulled it hard toward his side.

The guard couldn’t maintain his posture, he unconsciously took a few steps forward, just into Paladin’s attack’s range!!


Paladin sneered, his right hand released the spear, and immediately scraped the guard’s head!! 


The head of the guard, who wore an iron helmet, was immediately blown away. The body knelt down to the ground.

“This is good, this is really nice!! Power, this is my power.”

Paladin who looked at his right hand laughing, at this time, did not notice that his face didn’t have half of the hesitation and pity he had a minute before, instead, it was filled with ego and boundless greed. Is this the original Paladin? Is this the real Paladin?

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