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Chapter 9: Escape

Translator: AlisKamui

Editor: Suriya

Paladin rummaged inside the room, and quickly packed up a light luggage, he stuffed the knife and the dried food in, then decisively took the gloves from the cabinet and put them on, to cover up the gold light emitted by his right hand… When he was about to grab the door handle, his footsteps suddenly stopped.

He caught sight of a small silver-plated cross necklace casually placed on the table. This cross is the most valuable thing Paladin has. It accompanied him through the years inside the Free Stone Federation, it also gave him a very humiliating and sarcastic name. It was likely the unseen parent’s letter.

Paladin expressionlessly took the cross and put it in the bag. He next took the Ripley scroll, firmly engraved the content in his mind, then resolutely burnt it.

If this scene was seen by other alchemists, they will surely bite Paladin down to flesh! This is the highest masterpiece of alchemy, a legendary scroll ah! Even if you don’t need it, you don’t have to burn it!!

But Paladin just looked silently at the ashes, turned around, and left. In his opinion, this legendary scroll is meant to give people an immense power, he naturally didn’t want that one day, if by accident this scroll was lost, someone else will come out with a greater philosopher’s stone.

“This power, it’s enough that only I have it…”

Paladin silently said this sentence, made the array on the ground unrecognizable and immediately left.

Along the way, Paladin cleverly avoided the guards searching back and forth around the dormitory area, when he approached the Federation branch’s side gate, two figures emerged from the dormitory, snuggling.

“Onix~ Where did everybody go? Why don’t I see anyone? ”

As soon as Paladin heard the sound, an evil smile bloomed on his face. He quickly hide behind the wall and removed the gloves on his right hand. Five light blades immediately replaced the five fingers. Those two were no other than yesterday afternoon’s bully, Onix, and his charming lover.

The smile on Paladin’s face grew wider, he was worried about how he could get out since the castle was crowded with the guard, but now, these two idiots offered themselves, It’s indeed much easier to pass the gate disguised as a student.

At this instant, Onix and his lover reached the end of the corridor. Onix, who was about to respond, saw the lowly slave Paladin crouching in a corner, he immediately sarcastically laughed: 

“You idiot, here… ”

Before the words came to an end, Paladin’s body rushed up! He smirked as his light-bladed right hand clawed the woman who was about to sneer! With a hateful blow, the woman’s entire left chest was scraped off. Blood and flesh spilled all over the place.

“Well… “

When Onix saw the accident, and he retreated in shock unable to react. But how could Paladin let him coke back to his sense? In one movement, his whole body pounced on Onix, knocking him down. The light blades of his hand dissipated immediately, he covered Onix’s mouth and nose with his right hand as the left one immediately clenched his throat.

“Hmmmph! Hmm!” 

Onix gave a series of panicked whimpers, his hands wildly swung around, but because he didn’t have any fighting experience, his struggle was quite weak. Paladin sat on Onix, face radiant with a smile, feeling the joy of revenge, as he increased the intensity of his grasp.

Crack! With a strong grip, Paladin’s hand crushed Onix’s throat. Looking at the panic-stricken face, full of tears and snot, the radiant arc on Paladin’s face began to fade away, and he gave a low laugh:

“You’re lucky I let you die, but don’t get my clothes dirty!”

“ Hahaha! ”

He decisively took off the body’s clothes and put them on. Now, he looked like a normal student. Paladin picked up the bag, peeked at the four or five guards guarding the door not far away, and dashed quickly out of the corridor, leaving two bodies lying sadly on the ground, gradually becoming cold.

“What department are you in!!?” 

A guard, who seemed be the leader, stood up and brandished a hook spear.

“Don’t you know that The Dean ordered all the students to assemble in the hall?” 

The five guards, guarding the side gate, saw Paladin walking silently with his head down. Although his face couldn’t be seen, he was wearing a student uniform, which more or less let the guards relax a little.

“Ah… This is the side gate? Ah! Yes, it’s the wrong place.”

Paladin made a foolish reply, but his right hand already snuck on his back, preparing to take off the gloves. As he advanced step by step closer to the guard, his head still lowered, Paladin gradually felt nervous, after all, this was his first time…

But at this moment, Paladin heard a voice behind him:

 “A student?” 

“How come a student is still here! Didn’t you all go to the hall to gather! “

Paladin’s eyes widened in an instant! His body slightly quivering, when he looked back at the person behind, his face had a silly smile.

A thin young man. This was Paladin’s first impression, but then, Paladin suddenly realized that, although his body was thin, his eyes were full of resolution, making  Paladin somehow afraid to look directly at. Long blue hair spreading over the shoulders, silver-white pupils, Paladin worked here for a good twenty years but he has never seen this man.

Although Paladin is a lowly slave, he has already seen every corner of the whole castle, he even met the dean several times, it’s just impossible that he never saw one of the professor!! And he didn’t hear of a new teacher coming to the branch recently. This person’s identity was worth finding.

What alarmed Paladin the most was the no less than 1200 light blue particles jumping up and down, revolving around the man like a stream. Paladin has never seen an alchemist with such great magic, with this much of magical particles, this man was presumably a famous magician. Look at himself, the power of more than fifty particles was more than enough to beat ordinary people. Paladin’s mind became more and more uneasy.

So, pretending to be ignorant, Paladin asked:

 “Professor?? How come I never saw you?”

Although subtle, Paladin noticed the agitation in the eyes of the man in front of him. 

This man is really not a professor! It’s an outsider!! 

The thin man frowned, and with familiar manner, he grabbed Paladin’s ear, and retorted:

“Foolish! I’m Nasula the teacher of the botanic department! I wondered why your back is so familiar. Why are you running around all by yourself? Come on, come back with me! The dean is already angered!”

Seeing the guard’s puzzled look, Paladin laughed in his heart: An outsider within your door, this is your own problem, don’t blame me.

So with an innocent look, Paladin pushed him and asked:

 “Who are you?” “I don’t know you! ”

As soon as the words came out, the guard noticed something was wrong, they really have never seen this teacher! Coupled with the student’s doubtful questions, their vigilance was raised to the maximum! The leading guard raised his spear and shouted

“Teacher, please don’t move, show your identification plate, otherwise… ”

The man, who identified himself as Nasula, shook his head helplessly and pulled a plate and a token (crest/emblem) from his bag. 

“You guards, why are you so nervous?”

 Said the man in a fuss. 

“I just transferred to this department, if you don’t believe me, have a look. ”

In this short period, the guard has not yet realized the contradiction in his statement. How did you recognize the students here if you are a newly transferred teacher? 

But their body subconsciously came forward, the hook sickle spear gradually lowered down…

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