My Engagement was Annulled…ch1

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1. Fairies on my side

Translator: Clover

Editor: RedPiNE

Look “A flying baby with wings on his back.” I was still a little girl when I said that. 

My mother looked at me with a surprised face, but then she smiled gently. She told me not to tell anyone about it because no one else could see it.

I asked, “No one?” 

“This is a special power that can be a powerful ally to protect you, or it can be an opportunity used to hurt you. So let this be a secret only between us until the day you meet someone who will love you and look at you as Margaret, not as the fairies’ beloved child.” 

I didn’t understand the meaning of her words at the time, but I kept it in my mind anyway.

I was barely ten years old when my mother passed away. Within a year of mother passing, father brought me a stepmother and a stepsister, Cynthia. The latter was only one year younger than me.

My stepmother usually struck me on my back with a ruler. And Cynthia would snatch my dresses and jewels out of my room, saying, “It’s not fair that only you have so much.”

 Her words always stayed with me for a long time.

“Margaret, are you all right?”

“I’m going to heal you.” 

“Let’s give them the same pain.”

The fairies were always there for me.

They couldn’t extend people’s lifespan, but even so, they reduced the pain of my sick mother until the end. And they always healed my back whenever my stepmother abused me.

“Thank you as always, Cookie, Choco, Mint.”

“I hate everyone in this house.”

“Me too; I also really hate them. They always do terrible things to Margaret.”

“I’m going to give them bug bites all over their faces.”

“I’m fine since you all heal the wounds they give me and protect my mother’s brooch from being stolen.”

 If it weren’t for the fairies, my life would have been lonely, bitter, sad, desperate and whatnot. I didn’t even want to imagine it. It would have been very horrific to live in this house.

As my mother had said, the fairies did become the strong allies who would protect me.

“I also hate the maid who intentionally pulls Margaret’s hair.”

“She also steals jewellery from Margaret’s room.”

“Let’s shave her hair!”

Eh? My stepmother never allowed a maid to come to my room, so I always did the chores myself. However, I always wondered why the head maid would come to do my hair every once in a while. I always thought the pain was normal, but it was just plain harassment, as it turns out.

No, as Choco said, it was more than that.

“Why is the head maid taking jewellery and stuff from my room? Did my mother send her?”

“No, she’s selling them.

“I’ve seen her doing that sometimes.”

“I’m going to hit her head with that jewellery.”

Cynthia would also steal things from me, so I hadn’t realized that the head maid was stealing from me too. This is improper of a duke’s maid; I should report her to father.

But… I suddenly remembered the icy and cold gaze father had given me, which was in direct contrast to the kind and graceful way he looks at stepmother and Cynthia.

Not only would he not believe me, but he would probably even punish me for lying, and that would be the end of it.

“I hate the chef too.

“He deliberately puts bitter herbs in Margaret’s meal.”

“I’ll pickle the chef too.”

What? Was that just another form of harassment?

I thought everyone was eating the same bitter food as me, but just with a straight face.

I always suspected that the chef might have been a lousy cook, but as it turned out, this isn’t true, right?

“But that herb is perfect and nutritious for you.”

“People don’t realize it, but it’s good for you.”

“Let’s just pour the bitterness into the mouth of the chef.”

So, was this the truth?  I thought I was in good shape, but…No, that was not the point.

I was about to lose my mind; after hearing about all the harassments, I hadn’t known about.

“After that….”

I realized that I couldn’t continue listening, so I zoned out. The fairies were my strong allies, after all.

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