My Engagement was Annulled…ch2

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2. The Prince’s Fiancee

Translator: Clover

Editor:  RedPiNE

I was thirteen years old at our first meeting. 

“Lady Margaret Silver…”

His Highness, The First Prince Keith, called my name with a radiant smile. 

My heart was pounding for the first time in my life.

“Why is he, her fiancée? I’m more suitable to be with the prince!”

Cynthia was raging throughout dinner, but I couldn’t hear her. I was too busy remembering His Highness’ smile.

“Yes, yes. Cynthia is much more suitable to be a queen than someone as unattractive as Margaret!”

“… Margaret’s mother was from an Imperial Earl family, you know.”

My stepmother glared at me for my father’s words.




Every time she beat me with a ruler, she would always repeat the exact same words, “Because of your mother, husband and I could not marry even though we loved each other! But he ended up with such a shameless woman who used her status as a shield to marry him!”

But I never believed her words because my mother never called out for father, not even in her last moments before death.

“His Highness, The First Prince, has arrived.”

“I’m going to have a chat with Lady Cynthia.”

“I’ll pour you a cup of hot tea.”

His Royal Highness Keith would visit the duke’s house from time to time, but the butler and maids never informed me.

But with the help of the fairies, I would always rush to see him, wearing the most decent dress I had, with my hair done.

“Lady Margaret. Are you feeling alright?”

“Yes, Your Highness. Thank you for your concern.”

“Dear sister! You should take it easy and stay in bed!”

In front of His Highness Keith, Cynthia spoke to me with a worried face, as if she was really anxious about her sister, who was not feeling well.

However, from an angle that His Highness Keith couldn’t see, she sneered at me with a mean look on her face.

I was secretly worried about Cynthia’s future because she was only twelve years old, and she already had such a horrible personality.






“Lady Margaret. Is it good?”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

His Highness invited me to a tea party at the royal palace. As expected, I was allowed to attend in a new dress and with my hair done. My hair was tied by the head maid (although it hurt a lot).

“Dear Keith. The macaroons are very delicious!”

I sighed softly when I saw Cynthia smiling and laughing; she was swaying in her frilly dress and fluffy pink hair.

On the invitation, it was written that my sister Cynthia was also invited.

When my stepmother and Cynthia saw the invitation, they were so excited. But their excitement went downhill when they saw my name there too. I felt disgusted after remembering their reaction.


All of a sudden, His Royal Highness Keith collapsed, and all hell broke loose.


We need an Imperial doctor right away!

“My Lord Keith!

“It’s poison!”

“The prince’s tea was poisoned.”

“I’ll poison Cynthia’s tea, too.”

“Poison? Hey, can you help him?

“No, I hate the prince because he talks to Cynthia all the time.”

“And he’s not going to die… it’s going to hurt and be quite painful, but he isn’t going to die.”

“I’ll add a lethal dose of poison then!”

“Thank God! He’s not going to die.”

But he’s in so much pain.

Please! Cookie, Choco, Mint!

I begged desperately, and the fairies reluctantly cast a spell on His Highness Keith.


Suddenly, His Highness’ body was enveloped in light and shone brightly.


When His Highness woke up, he was stunned.

“Oh, Keith! Oh, thank God!”

His Highness alternately looked at Cynthia, who was crying and clinging to him and me, who was dumbfounded (having a conversation with the fairies in my brain) across the tea stand.

I later found out that it was a maid near His Highness who had poisoned the tea. It was a new kind of poison, slow-acting, and no abnormality was found at the time of the poisoning. Also, the poisoner collapsed shortly before His Highness collapsed.

Thanks to the magic of the fairies, His Highness Keith’s pain had subsided entirely, and there was no problem after the doctor’s diagnosis.

The story of the tea party became a big topic of gossip, not only in the Royal palace but also in the whole country as ‘the miracle of the first prince.’

“It wasn’t a miracle; it was thanks to us.”

“He wouldn’t have died anyway.”

“I’ll poison him again.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as the fairies flew around like they were sulking.

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