My Engagement was Annulled…ch3

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3. Rival ladies and the Prince

Translator: Clover

Editor: RedPinE

In this nation, the daughters of noble families who had reached fifteen were required to attend the Royal Academy for two years.

The academy had a dormitory. However, I had to commute to the academy from the duke’s house; This was due to the strong opposition from my stepmother and Cynthia.

After the academy, I had to go to the Royal Palace for the queen’s teachings. And since the Royal Academy and the Royal palace were very far from my home, I would have preferred to move out of the house and live in a dormitory if I could.

But the desperate pleas of Cynthia, who feared that His Highness Keith might not visit if I were not present, and my stepmother, who feared she’d lose her punching bag, “Me”, worked against me.

Also, according to the fairies, the servants feared that they would be the new target of my stepmother after I was gone. So, they, who also relieved their stress by harassing me, were happy that I wasn’t going to the dorm.

What am I…? 

When I started to think about the need for my existence, I felt like crying, so I decided not to bother and didn’t think about it again.

“Lady Margaret is not a suitable fiancée for His Highness Keith.”

At the academy, Lady Canaan Kieffer, the daughter of Duke Kieffer, would approach me with her friends to complain at every opportunity.

I had been involved in this taunt since the first day of the academy, and I was always treated like an insect in the class

“Lady Canaan, it’s unfair. Right, Lady Margaret?

“Yes, we are from the same dukedom, but unlike your family, your mother is a baron, isn’t she?”

“Ah? She was your father’s lover, wasn’t she?”

I got used to being surrounded by the unpleasant laughter.

Lady Canaan and the other nobles appeared to know about the famous story in the aristocratic society. The story of my father’s cold treatment for his ex-wife “my mother”, and his love for his lover “my stepmother”. But now, their reserved hostility turned into blunt taunts and nasty remarks. They didn’t even try to hide it. 

I used to think Cynthia had the worst personality, but now I knew that my world was small.

“I don’t like the Academy.”

“I hate the Academy because everyone is so mean to Margaret.”

“I want to blow up the whole school!”

“Mint, please don’t blow up the school.”

It seemed that I laughed despite everything, and this caused Canaan’s wrath.

“What’s so funny about it? Please tell me about it over tea.”

I was taken to the backyard of the school, surrounded by everyone.

In the past, I had been taunted and bullied in classrooms and cafeterias before, but an empty backyard didn’t sound good.

There was also a pond, and I wondered if I was going to get pushed into it.

I looked up, and I was puzzled to see His Highness Keith in the distance.

Canaan and the others couldn’t see him because he was in the back, behind them.

But I wondered if Canaan and the others would get upset if His Highness were to approach us.

My worries were utterly useless.


His Highness Keith indeed looked at us, but he pretended not to see us and turned his back on me.

“The prince is gone!”

“I hate him after all; I shouldn’t have saved you!”

“This time, I’ll pour a lethal dose of poison for him.”

The words of the fairies and Canaan’s friends flowed over my head.

I couldn’t believe that he ignored my situation.

“Are you listening to me?”

Lady Canaan, frustrated by me, pushed my shoulder, and I almost fell into the pond behind me. But I recovered my posture just before being enveloped in a strange cloud-like thing.

Suddenly, water started pouring on Canaan and the others. They turned their backs and fled, probably due to shock.

“What the hell was that?”

“I hate them!”

“They were getting too carried away with our Margaret.”

“Next time, I’ll mix that water with chilli powder.”

“Thank you. But don’t do it again.”


“I want to get back at that stepmom, but Margaret says no.”

“I’ll blow up their house.”

“You mustn’t do anything to hurt people. I just want to be around everyone peacefully. It’s enough to stop me from falling into the pond. For God’s sake, please, don’t be one of those fairies who hurt people easily….”

The disgruntled fairies still agreed with an “okay”.

However, remembering the back of His Highness Keith, who ran away, I was at a loss for words; I hadn’t felt like this since my mother passed away.

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