My Engagement was Annulled…ch4

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4. The Prince’s Entourage.

Translator: Clover 

Editor: Fiendish

“Margaret, I heard some rumors that you were surrounded by Lady Canaan yesterday, are you alright?”

I felt dizzy from His Highness Keith’s queries filled with concern, who asked me numerous questions with concern.

As one could imagine, Lady Canaan and her friends couldn’t tell anyone that water poured from the sky when they tried to push me into the pond, although no one would believe them even if they did. Therefore, the only rumor going around was that I was(me being) surrounded by Lady Canaan and her friends and taken somewhere.

“Your Highness Keith. Thank you very much. It’s no problem, we just had a little chat.”

Satisfied with my answer, His Highness smiled.

“I’m glad to hear that. If you encounter any problems in the future, you can always inform me. I’ll always be on Margaret’s side.”

The smile on his face was exactly the same as when I had first met him.

I had thought it was so bright, but it was a mask he could put on while lying. 

Now I didn’t see any sparkles at all.

(I used to think it was so bright, filled with sparkles.But it turned out to be a mask he used while lying, devoid of sparkles.)

In my education as a Queen, I’ve learned the necessity of not showing emotions, but to lie to his own fiancée with a smile without helping her?

I felt my longing and the feeling of love for His Highness Keith inside me cooling down to below freezing point and disappearing completely.

Even after His Highness left, Count Lewis Morgan, the eldest son of the Prime Minister and one of the candidates for the future entourage who was always by His Highness’ side, was still looking at me.

“Mr. Lewis? What can I do for you?

“Lady Margaret, may I have a word with you?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Why are you abandoning the friends of Lady Canaan?


“They no longer have any face for cornering the Duke’s daughter, who has the highest status in the school, without knowing their position. It will be a hot topic in future social circles.”

He then took a breather, lifted his glasses, and then said everything all at once.

“Isn’t you the Duke’s daughter responsible for correcting it? If things go on like this, they won’t find a proper fiancé to marry, will they? Why don’t you get closer to His Highness Keith?

I always feel like you are somewhat absentminded and look down on others.”

 Count Lewis’s words hit me hard in the head and my heart.

“I don’t like his glasses.”

“I hate his glasses because he says horrible things to Margaret.”

“Let’s make his glasses rainbow in colour. He’d become blind.”

“Lady Margaret? Are you still going to be your usual quiet self?”

Count Lewis said with a look that I knew too well; looking down on me.

“…Why are you telling me this, Count Lewis?”


“Shouldn’t you be saying that to Lady Canaan?”


“You’re telling me this because you know that no matter what you say to me, it won’t hurt you, and that no one in the duchy will listen to what I have to say.”

“Oh! What are you talking about?”

“If you were to complain to Lady Canaan about managing her friends better, I’m sure your family would be called into account.”

“No! I’m not afraid of that!”

“No, I understand.”

Count Lewis’s look on his face just now was just like my stepmother’s and Lady Canaan’s when they were disgusted with me.

Count Lewis looked very surprised.

“I’m sorry to bother you today. I beg your pardon now.” 

He said, and hurried away from me.

“Margaret, you were so cool.”

“The glasses escaped!”

“I’m going to take off his glasses.”

As the fairies flapped their wings in delight, Count Lewis’s words were running through my head.

It was true that from the point of view of everyone else, I might always look absent-minded while talking to the fairies in my mind.

It was also true that I’ve always thought in my heart that the fairies would help me whenever I needed it. So, they might have thought I was somehow special.

“Margaret, what’s wrong?”

“Are you going to get revenge on that old hag like this?”

“I’ll give her pimples all over her face.”

[T/N: old hag is referring to the stepmother]

As I was about to lose consciousness, I managed to gather the last bit of energy to prevent my stepmother‘s face from exploding in pimples.

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