My Engagement was Annulled…ch6

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6. Counterattack at the Duke’s House

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“Father, Mother, I’ve been asked out on a date by His highness Keith!”

Cynthia said something outrageous out loud at the dinner table. I was startled, but my stepmother jumped with joy.

“Oh my God! Cynthia! Good job!”

“I’m not like my sister!!”

“Cynthia, what do you mean you’ve been asked out on a date?”

Father asked Cynthia in his usual gentle tone.

“Hehe… His highness Keith was here today and we talked a lot!”

Cynthia glanced at me and smiled.

The school and the Queen’s training classes were closed today, so I was at home the whole time. And I had no idea that His Highness was here.

I glanced at the fairies.

They were flying around, unnaturally turning their eyes away from me and whistling.

‘Well, you didn’t tell me on purpose because you don’t like His Highness Keith.’

“When I told him that my sister was lonely at home because she was always locked up in her room, except when she was at school or the palace, he said he would invite me to the palace next time so that I could see her learn.”

‘…Is that a date?’

My father seemed to have the same question as I did, and turned away from Cynthia with an uncomfortable look on his face.

Then he gave me his usual cold stare.

“You can’t even say hello to His Highness Keith? I’ve been informed that Cynthia is always entertaining His Highness Keith.”

“Yes! Yes! Oh! Margaret doesn’t even greet His Highness Keith. She’s not very polite!”

“He should be engaged to me instead. He’d be so much happier with me, but his fiancée had to be my sister, poor thing!”

“Margaret has her mother’s good blood.”

As usual, my stepmother and Cynthia sneered and glared at me, and then my father concluded the rest.

I kept quiet. Besides, usually it would be Cynthia’s pampering time, and I would just eat my dinner in silence, not opening my mouth at all, like a clam.

But since I had just made a friend for the first time yesterday or thought I did, I was in what was called a runner’s high.

“I can’t greet His Highness Keith.”

Since I rarely said a word in the mansion, my sudden words were met with silence in the dining room.

“I don’t know why, but no one ever tells me when His Highness Keith is here.”


The maid dropped her spoon, and the butler who had been waiting behind my father stiffened.

“What? That’s a false accusation!”

My stepmother shouted just as loudly as Cynthia had earlier.

I wondered if my father didn’t know about this.

“They never tell me to come outside”

“I was just worried about you because you seemed weak.”

“That’s weird. I can go to the school and the queen’s training class every day without any problems, but I only get sick when His Highness Keith is at the duke’s house. Isn’t that unnatural?”

“Shut up!”

“Also, I feel uneasy that someone might see my back at the academy or at the Royal palace. Because I have scars on my back that I don’t want others to see for some reason.”

At my words, my stepmother, who had been very angry earlier, instantly turned pale.

I guessed that she might’ve been relieved till now because I was hit on a place that others couldn’t see from the outside. So, for the first time it occurred to her that she might have left a mark on my back.

No, actually, there were no marks.

But if it weren’t for the fairies, my back would definitely have been scarred after being beaten until it was red and swollen every single time over the years, so this was technically not a lie…maybe.

“…Is there anything else you want to tell me?”

I had never heard my father ask me anything before.

All he had ever done was to order me around.


“Go back to your room.”

“Excuse me.”

I was still hungry because I just had one bite of the appetizer with a bitter sauce.

“I’ve got cookies.”

“There’s chocolate tart too!”

“Next time, I’ll have the chef make you a new sweet using mint.”

“Cookie, Choco, Mint….Thank you!”

I was grateful for the sweets the fairies brought me from the kitchen.

“Hey, what was the atmosphere like in the dining hall after I left?”

Margaret’s dad was angry.”

“That duchess and the maids were scolded.”

“I’ll just destroy everyone’s vitals.”

As expected, my father didn’t know that they were preventing me from meeting His Highness Keith, or that I was being abused by her in a way that would leave a mark.

‘…What if she resents me for tattling to him and becomes more violent tomorrow?’

Despite my worries, the harassment subsided the next day.

It didn’t hurt when the head maid tied my hair.

At the breakfast table, my mother glared at me, but she didn’t call me out later.

And the food wasn’t bitter either.

However, I felt sick all day, so after returning from the palace training, I went to the kitchen.

I had been harassed by the chefs and now they thought I had started to fight back. This was my first time in the kitchen, so the chefs dropped the potatoes they were preparing from their hands.  The head chef turned pale, and the kitchen was in an uproar.

“I’m sorry to have startled you, but I need to ask you for one thing.

That is, continue to include the bitter herb in my food.”

The noisy kitchen now fell silent.

“We’re very sorry for everything!”

The whole group was about to get down on their knees, but I hurriedly stopped them, and it was decided that I would be the only one to be served bitter herb from now on.

It was incredibly bitter, but really good for my health after all.

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