The Escape of Layla ch12

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Chapter 12

 Translator: Lawfull_allianc

Next morning.

After all, I couldn’t sleep well because I was thinking about it, and I was trying to figure out how to conceal the dark circles under my eyes.  I was able to change my complexion to a presentable one at the Duke’s residence by dusting a thin layer of white powder and sketching a red line, but I didn’t bring any cosmetic products. I didn’t have them even when I moved to this city since I won’t need them anymore.

I think if I wash my face with hot water, it would go unnoticed during breakfast, so I use a little amount of hot water. I don’t want Leonhart to worry. Even if he prefers the princess over me.

Yeah, I think this is a little better.

As far as I could tell in the mirror, I had a natural complexion. This should be all right. When I was at the Duke’s mansion, I had to stay up late studying and reviewing lessons, so I didn’t care about it.

I changed into a violet dress and went downstairs to prepare breakfast. The preparation is just reheating what Charlotte made the night before, but I’m reluctant to make Leonhart do it because he was out till late last night.

Leanhard wasn’t in the kitchen either, so I lit a pot of soup and took out the bread I had stored. Originally, the kitchen of this mansion was designed to be lighted only by magic, but for me, who cannot use magic, Leonhart altered it so that it can be lit with a match. Thanks to that, I was able to have Charlotte teach me how to cook.

When I think about it this way, Leonhart’s compassion, which has penetrated my everyday existence, becomes evident, and I feel somewhat resentful in my present state of mind. I know it’s unavoidable, but it’s stuck in my brain and won’t go away.

I’m sure Leonhart will arrive shortly. I will be able to smile normally by then.

After waiting for the soup to begin boiling, stirring it to prevent it from burning, I served it on a soup plate. Today it seems to be soup with cream sauce. Charlotte’s cooking is always delicious, so I’m confident this will also be excellent.

“Good morning, Layla. Did you prepare it … Thank you.”

Leanhard appeared just as he was about to leave. He is a little more relaxed in the morning than during the day. He looks somewhat cute. Even though I was worried, seeing the gentle smile made me happy.

“Good morning, Mr. Leonhart. I just got up first, so don’t mention it.”

As I arranged the soup plates on the tray, I smiled as usual. I was concerned that it would appear forced, but it seems that it was useless to worry in front of Leonhart

“It looks like he was wearing his cloak, hence I was saved. He completely forgot about it.”

While expressing his thanks, Leanhard skillfully filled the pot with water and magically lit it on fire.

I was about to go insane when I suddenly picked the topic of the cloak, but I managed to keep it together. I managed to get the butter and jam out of the cabinets without breaking my smile.

“I’m glad it didn’t wrinkle. Did you have a good time with your friends?”

“Yes, it was fun. The man who got married was already happy… I was a little jealous.”

I turned my head to look at Leonhart, who muttered like he was talking to himself. I was aware of the Ruwain curse, hence, I expected his thoughts to be complicated. But looking at his complexion it seemed to have a different meaning.

“Ah … it’s not like I’m in a hurry for reply. I’m sorry, Layla.”

Leanhard makes an excuse, turning the edges of his ears a little red. He wasn’t expecting a reply, which was making me confused.

What would I have said here up until last night? I’d like to live with you. That feeling hasn’t changed, yet the only thing that flashed across my thoughts was me and the look-alike princess who was tucked away in that locket.

“Fufu,It’s not uncomfortable at all. Rather …”

At that moment, I was struck with dizziness and accidentally touched the table. A small amount of soup dripped from the dish onto my fingertips when I touched the table with my hand, but I was dizzy and couldn’t afford to be concerned about the heat.

“… Layla !?”

There was a feeling that Leonhart was on his way over here, but I had collapsed before he could reach me. I bit my lower lip as I couldn’t support my body and saw myself collapsing to the floor. In this world that swayed, I vaguely recalled the past.

When I was sick and collapsed during a tea party,m y mother had chastised me harshly . I was instructed that I had to be flawless until it made me sick. I remembered the night I sobbed alone. Meanwhile, Rose was reading a book and chatting with his father and mother…


With the feeling of being held up by Leonhart’s arm in a panic, the field of vision gradually returned to normal. Those bluish-purple eyes I locked eyes with were wide open. Leanhard looked like he was on the verge of crying.

“Layla, Layla… I’ll cure you soon, so don’t die, Layla…”

Leanhard spoke like he was praying, burying his face in my shoulder and tightly clutching my body. I simply collapsed due to a lack of sleep; dying is a bit of an exaggeration.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Leonhart, but I’m OK…”

“Don’t move, Layla. Please don’t leave me. Don’t abandon me…”

I was taken aback as his eyes welled up with tears. I’m speechless in front of those wet and beautiful purple-navy eyes.

“Please, Layla …”

Leanhard hugged me again, clinging to me while silently weeping. I could only reach for his back and rub it without saying anything.

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