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Chapter 11

 Translator: Lawfull_allianc


I pricked my fingertip with an embroidery needle. The ringing of the bell on the table clock announcing midnight shocked me. I cleaned my fingertips with a nice white towel placed on the table while quickly putting away the work.

About two weeks after I went to the royal capital, I was quietly embroidering at midnight.

I was absorbed in it. When I start embroidery, I tend to lose track of time, but this is the first time I’ve been absorbed in it until the date changed.

Normally, Leonhart would come into my room because he is concerned that the lights stay on too late, but today it happens to be the wedding of a friend of the magic division, and Leonhart has not returned yet. He told me not to wait since it would be late, but I wanted to say “welcome home,” and started stitching. Perhaps Leonhart has returned and is resting in his room while I work on my embroidery.

Now that I’m aware of Ruwain’s curse, the importance of hearing that a friend is getting married is immeasurable. Finally, your friend is liberated from hundreds of years of isolation. It must be a spectacular occasion. One day is not enough.

My shoulders and back aches a bit as I stood up and stretched softly, probably because I had been sitting all day. Besides, my throat felt quite dry.

From a distance, I could see the complete picture by looking down at the embroidery I was doing. I relax my face, thinking that it could not even be in the top five of my embroidery work.

I’ve been making presents for Leonhart and Charlotte for the past few days. Of course, the thread used is the purple-navy blue thread that I purchased from the royal capital the other day. In the meantime, I was also making embroidered accessories for Charlotte’s shop, but the main character for the last two weeks has been presents.

I’m thinking of making a lace-knitted coaster with a purple hydrangea embroidered on it for Charlotte, and a little decorative cloth with Ruwain’s family crest stitched on it for Leonhart, but this is becoming more difficult than I thought. This time, I didn’t have to worry about the design, but the hydrangea and Ruwain’s family crest are extremely intricate, and they take a long time to embroider. I’m pleased that something that appears to be of excellent quality is being created.

I would be happy if they were pleased.

I’m wondering if they’ll both be finished in one breath. I wanted to present them to them on the same day, so both are nearly completed. I’ve pricked my fingertips, so I’ll stop tonight, but it might be finished by the end of tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to completing it. It appears to be a meticulously done piece of art. After feeling a little fatigued, I headed to the kitchen to quench my thirst.

Drawing cold water into a glass cup in the kitchen and I gulped it all at once. It wasn’t proper behaviour for the Duke’s daughter, but it was just right to quench her thirst.

I wonder if I should warm some milk and relax in the living room before retiring to bed.

With that in mind, I placed a container of warm milk, a jar of honey, a teacup, and a spoon on the tray and walked to the living room, making sure not to drop anything.

In the dim lighted living room, there is no one to be seen. I wondered whether Leonhart hadn’t returned yet, but when I noticed the cloak of the magical division lying on the sofa, I learnt of his return. Perhaps he was tired. He seemed to have forgotten to carry his cloak to his room today.

I placed the tray on the table, walked over to the sofa, and picked up his cloak. For a while, I felt safe when I saw this cloak embroidered with gold thread on dark blue cloth. I relaxed my face by gently stroking the velvety fabric.

Ever since we went to the royal capital of the kingdom Altair, the distance between me and Mr. Leanhard was even closer. To be clear, it’s almost as if we are in a romantic relationship. In fact, it may be safe to say that the distance and intimacy of our hearts is that of lovers, we just do not express the relationship in words. It’s embarrassing to be touched by him as usual. I hug him tightly once a week, so I’m doing my best, but I was surrounded by unprecedented happiness.

I want to respond quickly to Leonhart’s feelings, who has brought me so much joy, but I’m not sure where to begin. If he were to propose to me right now, I would gladly accept.

But I didn’t hate this sweet and frustrating relationship. There is no need to rush. At the very least, when my body comes back to normal, I’m sure I’ll come around. My mother told me that in an aristocratic society,a proposal from a woman is unthinkable, but it doesn’t matter what gender the one I love from the bottom of my heart is. I was so captivated by Leonhart that I didn’t care about such a trivial matter.

It’s better to hang this cloak somewhere to avoid wrinkling. It’s weird to bring it into my room. I’d be sorry to disturb Leonhart when he’s resting. I wish there was a place in the living room where I could hang it.

When I was looking around, I noticed something slipping from the cloak. Opps, I immediately gripped the clock when  something dropped on the floor with a dry sound. When I realised what had happened, I turned pale. What if it was a fragile item?

Once I put the cloak on the sofa, I hurriedly leaned down to the floor. What dropped to the floor seemed to be a rusted golden rocket. The lid seemed to have opened during the falling. I hurriedly picked it up.

It was almost by chance that I was able to glimpse the contents. The locket was attached to the gold chain appeared to be quite old, and it had a little portrait inside.

It was a picture of a woman with silver hair. It had faded a little, but it was not difficult to catch its features. The woman in the photograph was dressed in a gown that was supposedly popular in the kingdom a hundred years ago,  or even earlier. From my perspective, who lives in this era, the dress was a first-class item with exquisite elegance. Above all, the tiara shining over her head showed that she belonged to the royal family or something like that.

I remember this tiara. It was, without a doubt, a tiara worn by the Princess of the Altair. Even at such a place, the results of the Crown Princess’ education were showing. 

In other words, this woman is most likely Altair’s princess from hundreds of years ago.I’m not sure what her name was, but the silver hair and blue eyes are a trademark of the Altair royal family.

But it was her facial features that drew my attention the most.

The princess in the photograph had silver hair and blue eyes, but her face looked just like mine. That’s how I’d look if I dyed my hair silver and my eyes magically turned it into blue.

But why does Leonhart have a photograph of an ancient princess?

I wondered if he liked the dignified princess, but something didn’t feel right.  Leonhart would not judge people visually,and he is not in the position to worship the princess of the kingdom Altair in the first place.

It means that Leonhart had feelings for this woman and still carries her picture with  him. Leonhart is a descendent of the Ruwain clan that has lived for hundreds of years, so it’s not surprising that this princess interacted with him while she was still alive. But even after such a long time he still cherishes her photo. Did they have a close relationship?

Suddenly, as I recalled Charlotte’s words, I had an unpleasant premonition.

――Curiously, we, the Ruwain clan, could tell at a glance when we met the ‘Fate Person’. 

The hand holding the locket trembled. My mood, which had been ecstatic these days, had suddenly become painfully chilly. Everything was hypothetical, but my shoulders naturally shook with a bad premonition. This was too much of a coincidence.

Leonhart, who I fell in love with, his “Fated person” was not actually me, but this dignified princess.

It’s possible they couldn’t be together for some reason, and she was with him when she was still alive at the time. Above all, it didn’t seem unlikely that Leonhart was affectionate towards me since we looked alike.  Perhaps Charlotte misunderstood and mistook me for Leonhart’s “fated person.”

I wonder if Leonhart sees me as a Princess.

My heart is pounding in my chest. In an attempt to calm myself down, I took a lot of deep breaths. It’s a bad habit of mine that once I start thinking in the wrong direction, I can’t stop myself.

I can’t help but think about it, it’s not just a coincidence.

 I told myself so and quickly closed the locket carefully, slipping it inside the coat pocket. Unpleasant heart-pounding doesn’t stop. After I sipped the cold milk without adding honey, I dashed into my room and slipped into my bed.

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