The Escape of Layla ch3

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Chapter 3

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I was desperately trying to understand this situation while breathing in the sweet scent of white lily.

Is this the royal capital, Ruwain? Am I being pranked? But this bouquet of lilies came out of nowhere …

I gently traced the petals of the white lilies. The scent and touch, both felt real. Perhaps there is also a line of mages who are extremely good at it. Leonhart’s offer confused me the most.

Unless I misheard, didn’t Leonhart propose to me just now? I wonder if I had met him at a ball or evening party somewhere. As a Crown princess candidate, I tried to memorise the faces of everyone I met so that I can immediately recognise them next time but in the end I have no idea.

While I was thinking how to reply, the door of the room suddenly opened, and a woman with long half-up black hair and bluish-purple eyes entered the room. She looked a little older than Leonhart, but I was embarrassed by the words she spoke.

“Brother! What is Miss Layla’s condition? What is the situation!”

Calling Leonhart brother, she was probably his younger sister or a younger woman close to him. I am generally good at estimating a person’s age, but nothing is more rude than overestimating a woman’s age.

When the woman looked at me with a bouquet of white lilies and Leonhart, she stared at Leonhart with an incredible expression.

“… Don’t tell me you proposed to Miss Layla as soon as she woke up.”

“As expected of my sister, I am just applying right now.”

In front of Leonhart, who was laughing proudly, the woman who seemed to be Leonhart’s younger sister sighed loudly.

“…My brother is like … I’m sorry, Miss Layla.”

The woman was dumbfounded at our situation and turned to me, she gently collected the bouquet of white lilies from my hands.

“You can forget about it for now. Even though you just woke up, you were troubled by a really insensitive person.”

Not knowing what to do, I looked at the woman with a vague smile.

“Hello, Miss Layla. I’m Charlotte Vester. Leonhart’s sister. Nice to meet you.”

Introducing herself in a cheerful way, Charlotte reached out her hand. I think she wanted to shake my hands so I extended my right hand and clasped her hands.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Layla Ashbury …. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

I bowed my head while looking at her and Leonhart. I was taken care of by an unfamiliar brother and sister. Right now I don’t have anything to thank them.

“It doesn’t matter at all, but I’m worried that my brother might have brought you here forcibly …”

“That is so cruel, Miss Charlotte. I’ll explain, I was weakened by the rain so I was brought here for protection.”

“Even so, I’m sure Miss Layla’s family must be worried. If you tell me the address, I’ll send a letter to your house.”

Charlotte said that kindly, but I shook my head with a vague smile. My parents. If I disappear, they might be more happy that a burden like me is gone.

“It’s okay. I left home …”

“It certainly looks like you left with just the clothes you are wearing. What happened?”

“It must be hard to bear it alone. Please talk to us about it.”

Charlotte carried a chair next to Leonhart and sat down. She turned towards me. Normally, I wouldn’t reveal the reason for running away to strangers, but strangely, words came out in front of this pair of brother and sister.

“… not much”

After I finished talking about the situation, Charlotte held her head and muttered. Leonhart also had anger in his bluish-purple eyes.

“Not much?! I wonder if there is such a thing!? The prince and your sister are too terrible …”

Charlotte, who was trembling with anger, finally shed a tear. I was surprised. I never thought somebody would empathize enough to cry for me.

“Miss Cha, Charlotte … It is okay. It is in the past…”

“That’s not the case. Miss Layla must have been deeply hurt.”

Leonhart was looking straight at me with his bluish-purple eyes. I’m kind of confused by the strength of his gaze. It is hurting me, but I can’t do anything about it.

“It’s okay. In the past month, I cried so much that my tears dried … It’s tiring to stay angry.”

Responding to Leonhart, I opened the travelling bag that was kept on the bedside and took out a white laced handkerchief with embroidery. I was relieved that my luggage wasn’t wet. I handed my handkerchief to Charlotte.

“Miss Charlotte, please use it if you like.”

“… Thank you”

I smiled slightly at Charlotte, who was crying and started thinking about the future. I don’t know where the Royal Capital of Magic is, but even if I want to travel to the monastery, I may not be able to reach it without a little more rest. 

Leonhart took the initiative and raised his face saying I should depend on them.

“For now, why not rethink about entering the monastery? It’s true that the girls that live modestly are wonderful, but it won’t be late if you join a little later.”

“… But, as I said, I don’t want to go back to the Duke’s family.”

I don’t hate my parents, and I’m grateful to them for raising me, but I still want to live alone. Even if my feelings for His Highness fade away, I would still be a topic of gossip in aristocratic society for the rest of my life. Just thinking about it made me feel uncomfortable.

“Then, why don’t you live with us here? Let’s leave the talks of marriage aside for now and live in our mansion. Fortunately, we have a spare room.”

“Yes! You should do that!”

That’s everything I could wish for, but it’s likely to cause tremendous inconvenience. I can’t thank them enough.

“Don’t hesitate, Miss Layla. Rather, I want you to stay here for my brother …. He is an insensitive person who proposed as soon as you woke up but he has been waiting for you all this time.”


“It is true. Isn’t it?”

Was Leonhart waiting for me all this time?

I wonder if we met when we were so young that I can’t even remember about it. However, someone as beautiful as Leonhart can’t be forgotten once you see him.

My doubts only deepened, but I decided to give in to this kind pair of brother and sister.

“… Then, I’ll be in your care. Thank you.”

I bowed down and thanked them, and Charlotte shook my hand. They are supposed to be older than me, but they are kind of cute.

“Yeah, yeah! Nice to meet you, Miss Layla.”

Leonhart was watching us with a gentle expression. Even though we just met, when I saw his gentle smile, I felt my chest tighten.

I don’t know, but it seems that my life in the Royal Capital of Magic begins today.

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