The Escape of Layla ch5

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Chapter 5

Translator: Lawfull_allianc

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After finishing my breakfast alone, I packed two embroidered handkerchiefs that I completed last night and some lace coasters that looked good in a small satchel and put on my hat and left the mansion.

When I was in the Duke’s mansion, I used a horse carriage to travel even for a short distance, but since there were no carriages in this city, I had no choice but to walk. No, other citizens had a convenient means of transportation called magic, but the only means of transportation for me who had no magical power was walking.

It was fortunate since I still had the trauma from the time I was kicked by the horse. Besides, the Magic tool shop run by Ms. Charlotte was about 15 minutes away from the mansion, so it was not too far. It was just the right distance for rehabilitation of a weakened body.

The sun is intense today, probably because the sky is cloudless. I’m glad that I was wearing my hat as I stepped inside the city.

Shortly after I came to this city, I borrowed clothes from Charlotte, but soon Leonhart bought all the clothes for me. It’s not as luxurious as when I was living in the Duke’s house, but the violet dress I wore was of good quality and easy to move around. I’m very fond of it. As for the shoes, I requested them to make soft leather shoes instead of high heels and was highly impressed with how easily one could walk in them.

Calm days with no unnecessary pretense. Truly, every day was fun. I feel much more alive than when I was being educated as the Crown Princess.

Opening the door of the store with a dark blue exterior located at the center of the city, I took in the small interior of the store. Once again, I was welcomed with the mysterious magical tools that were piled up so high that the walls could not be seen.

I’ve been to this shop many times before and I really liked this unrealistic feeling. Under orange lighting that was not too bright, a decoration with crystals tied to strange colored strings hung from the ceiling. A model that looked like a real crow leaned next to a doll with different eye colors. It somehow always surprised me. When I think about it, there were places where things like ordinary glassware were piled up but for me who was not familiar with magic only those items that I had no idea of what they were used for are sold here.

“Layla! Good morning, today feels very hot.”

Charlotte, who seemed to have heard the sound of the door bell, came out from the back of the store with her little daughter. This child is looking cute again.

“Yes, but I was wearing a hat so it wasn’t a problem.”

“That’s good. I’m brewing tea right now.”

“Don’t worry about me.”

Charlotte told her daughter to “Greet Big sister Layla,” and gently put her down on the floor. The short figure with black hair tied in two was painfully cute.

“Good morning, Ms. Greta”

“Big sister Layla!”

Charlotte’s only daughter, Greta Vester, is already so cute. With black hair and bluish-purple eyes inherited from Charlotte and a face with a small nose that resembled Charlotte’s husband. The soft cheeks that you want to touch all day long. I have always liked children, but until now I haven’t had a chance to interact with them, so I’m really happy.

“Fufu, Greta is being a good girl today.”

“Sister, play with me!”

“Yes, what should we play?”

Whenever I visit this store, I spend most of my time with Greta. After lunchtime, many customers visit the store and Charlotte gets busy. Therefore, it was natural for me to look after Greta.

Charlotte always felt apologetic, but for me it was nothing but a reward. Besides, Charlotte takes care of my meals. If there is something I could do for her, I’ll do it.

“Hmm, Hug me!”

Greta stretched out her hands wanting a hug, but I couldn’t do that yet. After sleeping for two years, my arm muscles haven’t healed yet. Even without that accident, as a noble’s daughter I had never carried heavy things. The thought of dropping Greta by mistake froze me.

“No Greta. Don’t bother Miss Layla.”

Charlotte lightly reprimanded her, and held her right hand over Greta.

Immediately, Greta’s fluffy body started floating. It slowly lifted up to the same height as my face when I stood up. Greta started giggling loudly, but even after a month I am not used to this sight. It’s not that I don’t believe in Charlotte, but I’m still worried if she were to fall.

“I brewed the tea, today I made mint tea.”

“Well, thank you. I really like mint tea.”

I really like it’s refreshing taste. I was disappointed that it wasn’t often served at the tea parties I used to attend as a duke’s daughter, but it is nice, here I can drink whatever I like, whenever I like. 

While looking sideways at Greta, I arrived at the table in the back of the store. The pleasant aroma of black tea drifted softly.

Suddenly, I felt Charlotte’s gaze on me and I turned towards her, she smiled at me compassionately. You could say that as siblings her smiling face resembled Leonhart.

“Layla, you seem more alive than when you first came here. Earlier when I used to ask about your favourite things you would dodge the question.”

“……Oh, really?”

I wasn’t aware of that. At the Ducal mansion what I was expected to be wasn’t an individual but a perfect daughter, so I wasn’t used to opening up about myself.

“Yes, it’s much better now.”

“Fufu, thanks to Mrs. Charlotte and Greta.”

“I want my brother to be here as well.”

I had never experienced having tea with a woman who was close to my age while giggling and laughing. Tea time was so much fun. Charlotte may be older than me, but our relationship is completely like a friend. It was the first time in my life that I could call someone a friend.

“What kind of work did you bring today?”

“As usual, nothing big …”

I took out two embroidered handkerchiefs and a lace coaster from my small satchel and handed them to Charlotte.

“Well! Layla’s work is really elegant. I’m sorry to display it in such a store.”

“That … I’m just very happy to display it here.”

“It’s really popular these days. Recently, more and more men and women are buying it as presents. The sales are likely to increase, so I’ll prepare the store in time.”

“You don’t have to go that far for me …”

“It is okay, Layla did her best to make these right? And for you, who is a young lady, this is your first time making an income for yourself, so please accept it.”

Certainly, this is the first time I made money with my own hands. When Charlotte said that, I kind of felt excited. It’s far from surviving on my own, but I was thrilled to have such an opportunity.

“Thank you, Mrs Charlotte”

“I’m just doing the obvious thing, Don’t think too much about it.”

Unlike me, Charlotte, who speaks crisply, it’s kind of easy to spend time with. Today I fell in love with her kindness once again.

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