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Chapter 8

 Translator: Lawfull_allianc

Editor: Cyber

“Happy birthday, Greta!”

A week later, three members of the Vester family, Leonhart, and me, the five of us, gathered at the outhouse of the mansion where the Vester family lived, and a small but very warm birthday party was held. Charlotte’s homemade cakes and dishes are lined up on the large dining table, and handmade decorations are hung on the ceiling and in the air.

Also, the enchanting magical lights that float in the room are fairy tale like. It really gave the impression that it was a birthday party happening at the Magical royal capital. Charlotte was just asking me, “Is it so rare?” To me, who was stunned and stared at the lights. It must be natural in this city.

“Look, Here’s a teddy bear from my dad and mom.”

Charlotte’s husband, Ralph, was carrying a stuffed animal as tall as Greta. It was fluffy and gave a feeling of comfort.

“Wow! Thank you, Papa and Mama!”

Greta, in her frilled pink dress, was looking just like an angel. Just looking at her makes you smile. In the future, she will become a beautiful lady, just like Charlotte.

“This is from me. Since Greta likes to draw, it’s a sketchbook and paints.”

Leonhart smiled and handed Greta a present wrapped in gorgeous wrapping paper. Greta’s eyes were shining, “Thank you, Uncle!” she replied, But Charlotte gave a suspicious look to Leonhart

“… Brother, you didn’t use any weird magic, right?”

“Weird magic, that was rude… It’s just that what you draw in the sketchbook moves.”

I said it without hesitation, there is no doubt that children will be pleased with such a wonderful thing. I would also love to draw in it.

“I’m glad it was nothing weird. The talking doll I received as a kid was creepy and useless…”

“That is terrible, bringing up such an old story. At that time, I had just started learning magic, so I wasn’t good.”

“But it seems like Charlotte is still keeping it,she showed me.”

With a large build, Ralph is stroking Greta’s head with his big hand that is as big as her face. Ralph’s body seems to be even more exaggerated beside Charlotte, who was thin like a line.

“Hey Ralph. Don’t tell them that!”

Ralph gave a sarcastic smile and said, “I’m sorry” to Charlotte who was poking him. Greta is holding her teddy while smiling and laughing between them. Anyone who saw it could tell it was a family full of happiness.

“It is okay, Ralph. Charlotte not being honest isn’t a new story. Show it to Layla later.”

“You can’t show such a creepy doll to Layla. She might faint.”

Charlotte said it so seriously that I laughed. I’m not that weak. People in this city tend to be overprotective of me, probably because of my thin body.

“What did Sister Layla bring for me?”

Greta shouted suddenly . Perhaps the conversations between the adults were boring. Her child-like honesty and innocence were healing

“Hey, Greta. That was rude.”

“Well, but I want it!”

“It’s okay, we have to do it properly.”

I walked up to Grete and smiled at the little angel.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Greta. I would like to give you this.”

I crouched to meet Greta’s eyes and gently gave her the brooch wrapped in thin paper.

“Can I open it?”

“Yes, of course. I hope you like it …”

Greta broke the thin piece of paper and took out the brooch I had embroidered for a week. There is a bright yellow sunflower in the center, with small flowers such as anemone, haze grass, and lily of the valley embroidered around it. I also struggled with the arrangement of colors to make it look as gorgeous as possible.

“Beautiful! How do you use this?”

“It’s a brooch, and you can pin it on your clothes. But since Greta is still young, it might be dangerous, so it might be a good idea to wear it on a hat or a doll.”

“It’s a very elegant embroidery … wasn’t it difficult?”

Charlotte examined the brooch and complimented it. To be honest, I did my best. When I saw Greta happy, all my fatigue went away.

“I am glad you like it. I only hope you remember to pay attention to the pin.”

“Don’t worry. It is too fancy to use like this but I will pin it on Greta’s hat.”

“Yes, please do that.”

Greta can wear it on her chest after she is a little older. Wearing it on a hat reduces the chances of her getting injured, and I also feel less worried.

“Layla, if you squat for too long, your legs will be in pain. You should sit on this chair.”

Leonhart reached out to me while showing me such a concern. Really, this person is always looking after me. Every time he takes my hand, a sweet sense of security surrounds my chest.

“Thank you, Mr. Leonhart”

“Ara Ara, well played. Brother.”

“Charlotte, don’t read into it.”

“It looks like that from my eyes as well, brother-in-law.”

“Ralph has become just like Charlotte …”

Leonhart stared at the Vesters with a bitter face. Even such expressions were kind of lovely, and when I giggled, he smiled again.

After finishing my meal, I sat next to Greta and watched her draw diligently in the sketchbook she had just received. It seems that Greta’s drawing is the teddy bear she got as a gift. The teddy bear is named Eddie and unknowingly wears Greta’s little hat with the brooch that I gave her.

“Hmm, eddy is difficult to draw. Why don’t you try sister!

“I used to draw flowers only, and I can’t draw such cute things. I’m sure Eddie would be delighted with the flowers drawn by Greta.”

“Then, Eddie, I’ll make them later. I’ll draw the cake I just ate.”

“Okay. That’s good.”

Greta’s drawing is quite good. She seems to have a good memory as well, and now she has drawn the original image of the cake that has already been cut. Finally, she drew four candles and showed me her drawing with satisfaction.

“Done! It is a cake!”

At that moment, as Grete said, “Done!”, a red light lit up on the candles of the cake. The glowing and flickering paint made the candles look clearer. Leonhart said that it was a magical sketchbook, so it must have been magic. I was much more surprised than Greta.

“You’re pretty talented, Greta. Show it to your mother and father later.”

Leonhart and Ralph went to the town to pick up the liquor they had reserved for the birthday party, and Charlotte cleaned up after the meal in the kitchen. I wanted to show them this wonderful picture made by Greta as soon as possible, but it seems like I will have to wait.

“How many candles do you have for yourself, sister?”

Today is the first time I’ve seen a cake called a birthday cake with candles, but I’m sure you’re asking about my age. I replied to Greta with a smile.

“I’m 18 years old, so I’m sure I’ll have 19 candles on my next birthday.”

“Is it 18 years old? Then, it hasn’t been so long since you were born! Same as Grete!”

When 4 year old Greta said that. Her cute innocence made me burst into laughter. She said that seriously, even, so it was cute.

“Yes, that’s right. I’m still young.”

“Greta, Can also tell you Papa and Mama’s age! Well, Mama is 25 years old, Papa is 30 years old.”

I never asked her age, but Charlotte is seven years older? Not surprising, given that Grete is four years old.

That means Leonhart is probably in his late twenties, but he looks a little younger, probably because of his well-proportioned face features.

“Right, Right, Uncle is 20 years old.”

I smiled and corrected Greta, who spoke with confidence.

“Leonhart is your mother’s older brother, so it would be strange if he weren’t older than her. Try asking her again.”

Does Leonhart look youthful even from Greta’s eyes? However, Greta looks up at me strangely and speaks

“Uncle is 20 years old, isn’t he? He has been for 100s of years, for a long time.”


“Mama also has been 20 forever, but when she met papa, it was like she started aging! But Uncle hasn’t met his ‘Fated one’ yet.”

Suddenly, I heard the plates crashing, and I turned around. Charlotte was standing with a pale face. Broken teacups were scattered around her feet.

“… Grete, have you already told Layla?”

“Yeah! Because sister is the same as us, isn’t she?”

“No, Greta. Layla … Layla doesn’t have to know.”

Color changed on Charlotte’s face as she grabbed Greta by her shoulders. Immediately, tears gathered in Greta’s eyes.

“I am…I am sorry..Mama.”

I don’t understand the situation, but I immediately smiled in front of Greta, who was in tears. I’m sure it was something that shouldn’t have been heard. That is okay. I’m good at pretending to be clueless.

“Oh, that … Charlotte, I have heard nothing. So please don’t scold her.”

The forced smile that I should have been good at cramped before I knew it. That’s because I’ve had a lot of opportunities to smile naturally since I came here. I don’t want to break the relationship I have with the people who gave me a genuine smile.

“… No, I’m sorry to be emotional. It wasn’t Greta’s fault … I knew Layla would know someday.”

Charlotte’s eyes held a strong will that seemed to have solidified her determination.

“… I’ll tell you everything. We are Ruwain’s cursed blood.”

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