The Escape of Layla ch9

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Chapter 9

 Translator: Lawfull_allianc

“Where do I start from.” 

After Greta went to sleep, Charlotte cleaned the broken teacups before sipping freshly brewed tea. There is a teacup in front of me, but I don’t feel like drinking it right now.

“… In short, everything Grete said is true. Me and my brother have lived for hundreds of years …. not just us, but most of the Ruwain clan living in this city.”

“What, for a hundred years …?”

I do not know what is happening. I was so shocked that I could only repeat her words.

“You won’t believe it right away, but it’s true. We, the descendants of Ruwain are cursed. According to the legends, the Ruwain clan received it when they killed a monster. And even now, the abominable curse has been passed down with blood. “

Charlotte was looking at me with a serious gaze. I heard everything she said while holding my breath.

… The curse is that we won’t die until we meet the ‘fated person’. Sounds romantic right. When I first heard it I also thought it was a wonderful curse”

Charlotte dared to keep talking cheerfully, but it had to be painful. She continued talking.

“If we weren’t together with our ‘fated person’ by the age of 20, the time would stop. At 20, only time would pass. It felt good at the beginning. I can stay young forever and spend my time meaningfully by devoting myself to things that I like. “

At that point Charlotte’s eyes were slightly closed. A chill ran through the depth of her eyes.

“But after a few decades, I wondered how long this life will continue …. It was more frustrating when I couldn’t imagine seeing the end. In those endless hours, I was going crazy … well, to be honest, I even tried to commit suicide. “

Charlotte who always laughs so brightly? We don’t know what’s inside a person’s mind, but she didn’t look like someone who had thought about suicide. I was shocked, since her bright personality had always saved me.

“I can’t die even if I want to die. No matter how long I wait that ‘fated person’ or something won’t come. It really … It really broke my heart. But it is the same for everyone carrying the same curse as me. I was told by friends and people who lived in the city for hundreds of years more than I did. “

The darkness in Charlotte’s eyes faded, and she smiled fleetingly.

“… Our fated person is just a little sleeper. There is no eternity, so I should be able to meet him someday … I had no choice but to listen to those words.”

Charlotte, still sitting in her chair, looks at the teddy bear and laughs while stroking its fluffy coat.

“Shortly after that, I met Ralph. Curiously, we, the Ruwain clan, could tell at a glance when we met the ‘Fate person’. The moment I found Ralph, I grabbed him by the collar and said, “You are really a sleeper.” … Then, I felt so satisfied that I didn’t care about my sufferings. I wanted to die all the time, but the moment I met Ralph, I wanted to be with this person forever, so I’m laughing. “

Once she finished talking, Charlotte took a sip from her tea. I didn’t feel like drinking any.  The story was so unbelievable, but even with some understanding, my heart was struck by  Charlotte and Leonhart’s hundreds of years of loneliness.

“I hope Greta meets her destined person early … I’d love to see her as a bride while I and Ralph are alive.

That line wasn’t suitable for Charlotte’s apparent age, but now I could see those words contained unspoken thoughts and prayers.

“… Is there no limit to this curse? Will it not end as long as Ruwain’s blood continues?”

“Some people have theorized if Ruwain’s blood is too thin to use magic, the curse won’t work. Anyhow, the blood is still too thick in Greta’s generation. If this theory was correct, I still wouldn’t be able to escape from the curse … “

Charlotte stared at me with a smile that showed her resignation.

“It is fortunate that this curse didn’t reach the Altair’s royal family. Fortunately, the grandson of the legendary princess, the founder of the royal family, abandoned the magic in the hopes for peace in the kingdom before Ruwain received the curse. He was able to escape from this curse because he lived without any connection to Ruwain, but … if that wouldn’t have worked, the worst might have been the royal family being cursed. “

Had the royal family been cursed, it would have been a dire situation that I can’t see. A king would rule the kingdom for hundreds of years. Power struggles may disappear, but it could become an unthinkable dictatorship.


Nevertheless, I clench my hand tightly. The palm, which seemed to be sweating while listening to the story, was shaking slightly.

This curse is the reason why the inhabitants of this Mystical royal city are all young people.

It’s a cruel curse. To endure hundreds of years of loneliness and wait for a “fated person” who no one knows when they will appear. Nevertheless, the emotional strength of the people who created this bright and peaceful city deserves sincere respect. The people of Ruwain are really strong people. When my sister robbed me of my fiancé, I wanted to die. I was so embarrassed for myself now. 

“I’m sorry I told you a heavy story, but I think Layala will get to know it anyway …”

“… No, thank you for sharing. I really respect the people of this city, including Miss Charlotte.”

“Fufu, thank you. Well, it’s like everyone’s hearts are broken and that makes them stronger. When they’re born, they’re no different from the people of the kingdom.”

Charlotte drank the tea energetically and lightly winked at me.

“Well, I wonder if I was able to follow my brother’s eccentricity to some extent. I think you’ll know since you have lived with him, but he’s the type of person who proposes marriage to a woman he just met for the first time, isn’t he?”

Suddenly I couldn’t keep up with the story, and just smiled vaguely.

“Yeah, yeah … that’s right. Leonhart is not a shallow person.”

“You don’t know yet? My brother has been waiting for Layla for hundreds of years. He was so happy to see Layla that day …. Hence that inconsiderate proposal. Please overlook that.”


I tried to decipher the meaning behind Charlotte’s words for a few seconds. The moment I understood, my face became hot enough to blow fire .

I wonder if it is that.

I didn’t know what to do, so I drank the cold tea in front of me at once. It’s a very, very poor way of drinking, but if I don’t do this, the heat of my body won’t cool down.

It’s like a lovely fairy tale.

I could be Leonhart’s “fated person.”

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