The exiled daughter of Marquis is Dead (One Shot)

Translated by Lawfull_allianc

Three years ago, At the Royal Academy of The Kingdom of Lumitis, an incident took place.

Crown prince’s fiancee was arrested for attempting to murder the Saintess. Even though Saintess was a commoner she was an important figure who protected the kingdom from demons through magical barriers. 

The crown prince’s fiancee was the famous and beautiful daughter of Marques Balmund.

Therefore it became a huge scandal and on top of that, the Crown prince declared his engagement with Saint on the spot.

As if everything was planned, the evidence against Marquis’s daughter appeared one after another and her crime was settled.

Not even a trial was held.

Disregarding her noble status she was whipped publicly and deported to another nation. For a high-ranking noble to be punished publicly was an unthinkable situation.

Furthermore, no one opposed this except the Queen.

The House of Balmud also obediently followed the Royal family’s decision.

Crown prince’s trusted aide and younger brother followed his parents and abandoned the young lady.

The  public punishment quickly took place in the middle of the square.

Many commoners who were upset with the nobility gathered to watch the public humiliation of the daughter of a Nobel as if they wanted to relieve their anger with her suffering.

The  white skin of a beautiful maiden was exposed to the public eye. Her pride as a Noble was crushed. A young woman who always stayed pure had her dignity snatched away.  Each time she was whipped, she shouted and cried and then finally admitted guilty to her crimes.

Skin as white as snow was whipped blue and black. The wounds turned her soft white skin into crimson. This brought strange excitement and enthusiasm to the crowd.

After having her everything snatched away, the daughter of Marques was given a simple medical treatment and was immediately banished with a single piece of clothing.

Due to her affectionate nature, Saintess who was the victim had appealed to have her murder’s sentence reduced from execution was a popular tale among the public.

However, if you think about it, we don’t know if Marquis’s daughter was truly guilty. 

The only thing we know was the fact that the daughter of a high-ranking aristocrat was exiled with no money and just one piece of clothing.

It was an indirect punishment. Death by starvation.

The only person who complained about this till the end was the Empress who loved Marquis’s daughter like her own.

After the exile of the young lady, the Empress collapsed from stress and passed away a year later.

After mourning her death, the Crown prince married Saintess the following year.

A Lavish ceremony took place and all the royals from neighboring countries were invited. But all of them sent representatives instead.

And just like that, in the blink of an eye, the seemingly peaceful month ended.

A mage who was a famous hero from a neighboring country requested an audience with the Crown prince who had recently taken charge of official affairs after the Emperor had become bedridden due to his Empress.

The neighboring kingdom of Exion, to which the hero belonged, was leading the country in terms of magical power.

If a war were to break out, it was obvious that this country would be destroyed in a blink of an eye.

During the audience, Prince Adonis, who was representing the King noticed something bizarre.

The Man standing in the center was wearing a pitch-black robe and an indifferent face. Despite that everyone present was looking pale and shivering from fear.

There were six other people present in the room. Marquis Zieg and his son Tiguan, a close aide to the Crown prince, Leader of the order of Knights Duke Ezile and his son  Laurent and Marquis Balmund, Minister of Foreign, Affairs and his son Leon.

All of their pale faces were looking and dripping in a cold sweat. Only the man in black robes was grinning at Crown Prince

Even though it was disrespectful, he was a hero from a neighboring kingdom who was capable of killing dragons.

The Crown prince suppressed his dissatisfaction and called him out.

[Are you the hero from the Kingdom of Exion?]

[I am His highness. My name is Rage Ninomiya. They call me the Child of the underworld, Beloved Son of the Goddess, the Dragonslayer, the Destroyer, Incarnation of destruction, Immortal killer, the Eye of truth, and the Hero but I can’t deny any of it since it is true.]

The man dressed in black, Rage continued to speak exaggeratedly with a shameless attitude.

[Ah. Okay. What business does a hero have in this country? Maybe I hear what this important matter is?]

Hearing Adonis, Rage grinned and his mouth distorted into the shape of a crescent moon.

[Oh Yes. There is a very important story.]

Despite Rage’s nonchalant attitude, the Crown prince desperately tried to keep a straight face.

Dissatisfaction burst inside him as no one tried to warn Rage on his attitude.

[What kind of story is it? If it is helpful to our country as well isn’t it a good thing.]

[I don’t know if it is helpful or not but it is a very serious story. Everyone here must listen to it.]

At Rage’s words, Marquis Balmund begins to quiver.

The Crown Prince noticed his behavior and called out Marquis Balmund.

[Marquis Balmund. Do you know what the story is?]

Marquis Balmund turned while shaking, his face was full of rage. His eyes looked red and blood was flowing from his clenched lips.

Adonis flinched at his expression.

[With all due respect, I am afraid to say that I, my wife, and my son have already heard the story from Ninomiya yesterday…….Your highness and everyone present here should listen to his story…..I can’t say more than that.]

What kind of emotion was this?

Adonis gulped. He was overwhelmed by Marquis Balmund’s face and voice.

It was a mixture of anger and sadness.

[Are you okay?]

Rage’s voice sounded like a death sentence.

As if looking down, Rage pulled out a shabby short dagger from his breast pocket. 

Adonis was on guard but Rage threw the dagger at his feet. The dagger fell on the carpet, it was dirty and dark red.

He soon realized that it was blood.

[This is…..?]

[This is the dagger that was used to stab Lady Lithia Balmund’s heart who was banished three years ago.

Adonis and Everyone present there took time to understand the meaning.

Marquis Balmund regretfully glared at the dagger. His son covered his face and shed tears.

Others were also in a state of shock.

[Liti’s heart…..?]

[Yes. This happened a week ago. Lady Lithia who was falsely accused and was banished, sold herself into prostitution. It tainted her mind and body. In the end, she was raped by a thug on the road who stabbed her and she died….]


This can’t be true…

Adonis held his chest. His heart was beating fast and his breathing became erratic. He couldn’t accept her death.

[Why are you making such a face? Isn’t this what you all wanted?]

[I…..didn’t wish for her death]

[Isn’t that strange. The Daughter of a nobleman is banished alone without any money to an unfamiliar place. She won’t be able to survive, you knew that right!!!]

[No,.That isn’t what I meant…]

Memories with Lithia were running through Adonis’s mind.

They were engaged at age 7.

Her hair was platinum and shining, like threads of silver. Her eyes were black like onyx. 

Adonis fell in love at first sight.

She was a cute girl who laughed lightly. She liked sweets and added a spoonful of honey to her black tea. She liked light pink and always wore that color with stitched ornaments. She secretly added gold which was the color of Adonis’s eyes.

She liked small animals and took care of cats in her Estate’s garden. She hated to go behind back.

She was stubborn but quiet. She worked hard. 

Although she had low magical powers for a Nobel, her school grades were constantly high. She was excellent at taking notes and her Crown Princess education.

Her delicate and small waist and her rich and full breast were also attractive.

I liked her pretty smile.

—— I loved you

—— I loved…..?

My head was throbbing.

My head throbs violently when I think about her.

[You all killed Lady Lithia.]

Rage’s low and cold voice pierced my heart. But in reality, nothing had stuck me. Maybe Rage’s cruel words had made us aware of our sins.




Rage bluntly made everyone pale from guilt.

[Well now you are finally aware of your sins. That is better. That is better]

[It is good]

Adonis glared at him.

[Hahaha. Your sins won’t lighten by glaring at me. By the way, did you notice I said she was falsely accused?]

[Eeh, What…?]

Adonis and everyone present was feeling dizzy. Everything looked blurry. But their head was throbbing severely.

[You didn’t notice it because of the barrier surrounding this country, no…, This royal capital.]

[Because of barriers….!?]

[Yes, Well to be precise, it is better to call  it a fascinating cage that resembles a barrier.]

[Fascinating cage…? Do you know what you are talking about?….. This barrier was cast by my wife Saintess Relena to protect the citizens of this Kingdom.]

Adonis wasn’t confident in his words.

His beloved wife, Relena Darlian

She was a gentle, cute, and lovely lady.

But why was he feeling disgusted?

[Such kind of a barrier doesn’t give protection. It is a curse. It is a cursed cage made up of its creator’s self-love.]

[A curse…?]

I took deep breaths at his terrible words. I thought his words were extremely absurd but then why can’t I help and believe it.

It was as if his words were true.

[I, who has been blessed with ‘Eye of truth’ by the goddess herself. It would be faster if you believe it is a high-level judgment skill.]

[What is that skill!]

Adonis couldn’t stand the severe headache and shouted shriek.

I don’t understand anymore.

If I try to think about it, I feel dizzy.

I want to escape this pain.

My heart was beating violently.

[It is painful, right? It is difficult, right? That is the proof of the curse. Through ‘Eyes of Truth’ I can see that you, no, all the people living in the capital are enchanted by this curse. Those trapped in this cage can only believe the lies fed by the self-proclaimed proclaimed Saintess who created it. Of course, it doesn’t work on me. As for Marquis Balmund and his family, I have personally dispelled the curse.]


When Adonis and others turned their gaze at Marquis Balmund and his son Leon, Marquis Balmund clenched his fist tightly, bleeding and trembling with regret and anger. 

And Leon, he collapsed on his knees, his handsome face ruined with tears and running nose.

[Now, Let’s destroy this cage as a special service.]


When Rage snapped his fingers, huge waves of magical energy pierced through his body.


The Sound of something shattering was heard.

At that moment, Citizens of the royal capital woke up for the first time in three years.

It felt like a dream.

The Feeling of floating disappeared and everyone was back to reality.

Adonis and others also felt like they woke up from a dream. Headache and discomfort disappeared.

[Now, it’s time to start. Let’s start with your condemnation]

Rage’s harsh tone woke up everyone.

“Three years ago, Lady Lithia Balmund was sentenced to public whipping and exile for the attempted murder of Saintess.”

“Yes, That’s right. She tried to kill the Saintess…”

Adonis hesitated to finish the sentence.

“Tried to kill… did she try to kill?”

Adonis shook his shoulder, glaring at Rage. He turned gaze to at Tiguan,  the son of the Prime minister, to ask for help. In response, Tiguan bit his lips and turned to look at Rage.

“Lady Lithia was jealous of Relena, who was loved by everyone. She intentionally threw tea at Relena, she tormented her, and finally, in front of us, she pushed her down the stairs.”

 Rage asked the pale-faced Tiguan with a nasty smile, “By stairs do you mean steps like those?”

Rage pointed at the three steps to the throne.

Yes, the steps of the stairs that Lithia was said to have pushed down were three steps at the graduation party venue.

Recalling that, Tiguan lost his voice.

There is no way that it can be considered an attempt to murder.


“It sounds like you remember now. No one can die from such height. Also, you can’t be guilty of for making tea or knocking it down. Lord Tiguan, who would be the next Prime minister, makes such child’s arguments. It is stupid and laughable.”

Tiguan couldn’t believe he made such a stupid argument. It was impossible.

He didn’t know why Miss Lithia was condemned for such reasons.

I was prepared to kill myself for this country. However, the reason for conviction was exactly what the child said. Why I couldn’t see that. I should have judged calmly but I couldn’t see anything.

Why was Miss Lithia convicted for such a vague reason?

Miss Lithia promised to support Adonis from a young age. She was his close friend.

Tiguan looked at the sky with sadness and guilt and collapsed on his knees.

“Now, you said Lady Lithia pushed her. How did she do that?”

Rage was staring at Leon who was looking down. Leon, who had been was broken from enchantment since yesterday, knew everything. But he couldn’t speak. No, he didn’t want to speak.

But Rage won’t forgive him.

“Now, the real younger brother of Lady Lithia, You Leon, tell us how your older sister pushed the self- proclaimed Saintess?”


Leon’s shoulders were shaking in fear. He hugged himself and dropped his gaze.



“Older sister, La..dy……. didn’t…. push…”

“Aaaah. Is that so!!!. Isn’t that funny. At that time you took the initiative to denounce your own sister. What’s the matter now? She didn’t push her then why did it happen?”


“What did you say? Say that clearly.”

Leon lifted his face and hatefully glared at Rage.

When Leon thought about Lithia, his chest hurt.

Leon liked his sister.

She was kind and beautiful.

She always spoiled him.

She believed in Leon.

She loved me.

Therefore, he couldn’t forget her face, full of despair.

Why did you do that?

Leon shouted, he couldn’t forgive himself for making his sister suffer.

“My sister didn’t do anything. She was only trying to avoid getting pushed by Miss Relena. Because of that Relena fell……..and accused sister of murder! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Why did I..!! To my sister….AAAAAAAA!!!!

Leon crouched and wailed loudly.

Leon’s tragic confession convinced everyone that Lithia was falsely accused.

Each of them was overwhelmed with their stupidity and the weight of their sins.

“So what did you do to Lady Lithia”

Rage’s gaze caught Laurent, the son of a Captain of Knights who was shivering in fear.

“Knight. What did the righteous Knight do to an innocent Lady Lithia?”


Laurent who hated immorality had vowed to uphold justice. He couldn’t speak say what he did to Lady Lithia. He was scared his pride would fall.

“Please tell us, Mr. Knight”


Rage stood in front of Laurent who was still looking down.

Rage, who was shorter than Laurent, looked directly at his paled face.

“What happened?”


“Do you not know how to speak?”




“TELL US!!!”

Everyone was scared as Rage suddenly raised his voice.

Laurent raised his head to look at Rage, who was full of anger. Laurent collapsed on the floor and started crying.

“I….I pulled Lady Lithia’s slender arms with full force…..and pinned her head on the floor.”

“That Knight! He used such force on the weak lady! Why! Even if she resisted, it was possible to detain her without using such force! Why!”

Rage’s oppressing face intimidated Laurent, whose heart started to break.

“Aaaa….She hindrance for Relena….I hated Lithia…..I loved….her…..Even if she wasn’t mine….I vowed….to protect….her…Not…Relena…Not…her…I…loved…Lithia…Why…WHY…?”

Laurent’s confession was like a bomb.

He really loved Lithia, who was Adonis’s fiancee.

Laurent, who had confessed his forbidden feelings, was completely heartbroken. He quit his position as a Knight. His father, Duke Ezile, Captain of The knights, felt as if he was watching the last of his talented son.

“So in the end Lady Lithia Balmund was falsely accused. Everyone agrees right?”, Rage said in a jesting tone but he was giving a different feeling.

A Truth that was hidden for so long was revealing itself, one by one.

Condemnation wasn’t over.

Rage approached Adonis and whispered in his ears, “After Lady Lithia was publicly whipped, she was exiled from this Kingdom. Was there any such punishment in this country’s law?”

Adonis jolted his shoulders and ruminated on Rage’s words.

“Oh, That is impossible … there’s no such sentence …”

Adonis called the punishment he decided impossible.

He shook shaked his head in denial.

“NO…there is no such punishment in our country … Lithia is the daughter of the Marquis …. Whipping the daughter of a high-ranking aristocrat publicly … is impossible…Not to mention exposing the skin publicly and humiliating them … that shouldn’t happen …As a person … an act of trampling dignity …That, as it is … Deportation? …No way…impossible”

As he looked back on his actions, Adonis lost all his blood.

Rage pursued further and whispered, “You ordered everything.”

Adonis was once a brilliant prince. 

No, even now, he had the qualities of a brilliant prince.

He had condemned his fiancee, who he should have loved for a brutal crime she didn’t commit.


His aides Tiguan, Leon, and Laurent were also brilliant

Just for the love of one girl, everyone went crazy.

“Why … I still love Lithi … Why I …”

Adonis held her head and cried.

His love for Lithia was real.

But he lost it because of his own actions.

He couldn’t stand the pain that was whelming in his chest, as if someone was choking his heart. 

His knees gave up when he remembered the memories he didn’t want to remember.

Exposed soft skin, whipped, crying and shouting, approval of false charges, Lithia’s unconscious figure after apologizing, shivering and covered in blood and tears.

————— I did that.

Adonis murmured ‘I am sorry’ as he crumbled.

He pulled his hair and repeated apologies over and over ‘I am sorry Lithia’ like a broken toy.

Rage looked down at Adonis as if he was looking at an insect.

He moved his eyes at Marquis Zieg, Duke Ezile, and Marquis Balmund and said, “This isn’t just because of enchantment. Your stupidity caused this situation.”

Rage gave a suspicious smile. Just like his hero name, he looked young and had an intimidating aura.

“You couldn’t prevent that self-proclaimed Saint from successfully entering the Royal Palace and approaching not only the Crown Prince but also your sons. It won’t be wrong to call you all stupid.”

No matter how much experienced the Hero from the neighboring country was, the Prime Minister could no longer stay silent.

“Ninomiya, Even if you are a Hero, saying further would mean political intervention.”

“Aahhh, is that so?. I think you people didn’t understand why I went as far as  to break the curse that surrounded this Capital.”

Rage gave a daring smile.

“What do you mean?”

“I want revenge.”


With such threatening words, Rage unleaded a strong bloodlust.

Duke Ezlie, a war veteran knight instinctively put his hand on the hilt of the sword but the bloodlust coming from Rage made his whole body tremble, his knees felt weak.

Even Captain of the of the knight, Prime Minister Zeig, and Marquis Balmund couldn’t stand it.

Rage’s face was distorted with hatred, bloodlust enveloping the room, his voice turning into a scream.

“I took care of Miss Lithia until the end!!! “

“When we met for the first time, I fell for her beautiful soul at first sight. I immediately rescued her from the brothel. We promised our future to each other. She always said she wasn’t worthy of me. I waited for her heart to heal, without knowing the reason.”

“Before I left for expenditure to subdue demons at the border of the country, she told me when I come back, she will tell me everything about her past and we will get married.”

“But she was stabbed by that thug. When I was treating her, I touched her soul and saw her past.

Forgive you?!!!

A person with such a beautiful soul!

So kind and beautiful

You people joined forces and single-handedly hurt her.

Entire Capital was covered with enchantment but no one noticed!!

She…she couldn’t hate this country in the end!!!!

You who lived carefree without even knowing about her, I came to take my revenge on all of you.”





Heartbroken, Adonis and his aides put their hands together, head hanging low with tears. The Prime Minister and others were also trembling under Rage’s bloodlust. 

“We…what should we do now…”

Marquis Balmund, who was the father of his Lithia turned towards Rage and spoke. Rage relaxed his bloodlust a little and spoke.

“First of all, to restore Miss Lithia’s honor, the truth will be conveyed to country and others”

“Of..of course!!”

Marquis strongly agreed. 

“Strict punishment for self-proclaimed Saintess. I don’t care if she is Crown Princess. Clarify the facts of enchantment and take all measures”

“That is…”

Marquis Zeig hesitated to reply. It was difficult to Crown Princess since Coronation for the new Emperor was near.

 “If you can’t, I will personally kill her and announce her lies to the world. By the way, my King has told me I can do whatever I want so if I wish for a war with you, I can do that.”


“Do you understand? I will make her pay for her crimes. The Death penalty is decided. How will it happen, you can leave it to on me.”


Marquis Balmund intended to take Rage’s words into consideration.

Becoming enemies with the country that has a hero who can kill a dragon is a suicide.

Moreover, his wish is not something that is impossible. In fact, it should be done sooner.

“And finally, I want the Empress who was worried for Miss Lithia until the very end, pronounced as the Saintess and given permission to visit her grave. She probably had qualities of a Saintess which is why she was the only one who could resist the enchantment. She was only a  good human.

“Okay….we understand. Neither is a problem”

“Your stupidity killed Miss Lithia and The Empress, two beautiful souls. Weight of your crimes is heavy.”

“That is true.”

Rage looked down with cool eyes and snapped his fingers 

“Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Gubbeee!!!!”

Self-proclaimed Saintess Relena was wrapped in thick chains, suspended suspending in the air.

“It hurts!! Why are you doing this!!!”

She was a beautiful girl with pink hair who should have been loved by everyone but Adonis and her friends could only see her with eyes of disgust.

The reason why the pink hair didn’t feel creepy and the lovely face invoked a desire to protect was a large tattoo with magical powers. Eating and drinking whatever she wanted and no exercise had made her fat.

It was hard to believe that Adonis, Tiguan, Leon and, Laurent found Saintess Relena desirable until a few minutes ago.

“AaaH!! Adonis!!! Help me.”

Relena’s eyes found Adonis and she begged for help in a sweet voice

Adonis felt nauseated.

“Hey!Hey! Oh, Tiguan is here too! Leon! Remove this! Laurent! Hey!”

Everyone could only feel disgusted at her sweet way of talking.

The one who couldn’t stand it most was Rage. He mercilessly kicked Relena. Relena flew as her head pierced the throne, she struggled before she became quiet. 




“..It is over but I am still alive so thank you for the end.” 

Rage turned towards the door between the audience. He stopped just before the exit, “It is up to you to decide what you want to do about your sins.”

After saying that, Rage left.

In the gloomy atmosphere, the remaining four young people and the three pillars of the nation couldn’t move from their spot. 

Marquis Balmund recalled the memories of the day he wanted to erase them from his  mind. Every time he recalled he felt like vomiting. 

“That day….I saw my daughter getting whipped, hurt and crying…We were laughing…When I saw my innocent daughter… admitting and apologizing for crimes she didn’t commit…. I laughed…. Such cruel and ugly people are pillars of this country…it shouldn’t be like that…. It shouldn’t be.”

The next day the Royal family released the truth about the events that took place three years ago. The Royal family announced to domestic and foreign countries that the daughter of Marquis Balmund, Lady Lithia Balmund was innocent and apologized for it.

At the same time, it was announced that self-proclaimed Saintess to Crown Princess, Miss Relena and, Crown Prince Adonis would be divorced and Relena would be judged in a public trial trail.

Marquis Zieg, Duke Ezlie and, Marquis Balmund resigned from their respective posts and were demoted to count.

The night Rage broke enchantment from Marquis Balmund’s wife, Lady Lana, she went into depression and naturally passed away a few months later.

Crown Prince Adonis gave up his right to succession to his half-brother and became a commoner. He entered the monastery and continued to pray for the soul of his late fiancee. He remained single forever.

Tiguan, Leon, and Laurent were disowned and they also became commoners.

Tiguan struggled with alcohol and died in a drunkard fight.

Leon couldn’t adjust to the commoner lifestyle and had debts racking up. He eventually fell into slavery.

Laurent became a mercenary and went to a neighboring country. There he lost his dominant arm. No news was heard from him later on.

The Emperor, who was already sick, came to know the truth and suffered a heart attack due to shock. He died on the spot. He was remembered as an incompetent and cowardly  Emperor.

Finally, Saintess Relena denied the charges of enchantment and refused to apologize to Lady Lithia Balmund who was innocent saying, “I am not a bad person.”

Relena’s authority as the Saintess was revoked. It was decided that she would be publicly executed as a witch who deceived not only the common folk but also the Royal family.

Even in front of the public who had gathered to watch her execution, she arrogantly shouted,” I am the heroine of this world!” “Help me”. Remembering that they revered such a person as a Saintess under enchantment, each and every person felt anger and rage.

Under the angry roars and shouts of abuse, Relena was tied to an iron pole in a fire pit. Her limbs were crushed from ropes.

She finally admitted to her crimes and apologized for everything, crying as her skin slowly burned in the weak flame such that she didn’t die immediately. Her skin gave a foul odor of burned meat.

She was allowed to die quickly after she pleaded guilty. The Magical flame was added as the weak flame became fire. Relena was engulfed in fire as she burned and disappeared from this world without leaving behind any ashes.

The incident which was caused by the actions of only one girl became famous all over the world. Stage plays and novels based on this incident sold like hotcakes.

Many people prayed for the souls of the victims at their tomb. Lady Lithia Balmund who was the victim of this incident and Empress Marialis La Lumitis, who was considered Saintess posthumously. The Shower of flowers never ceased at their tomb.

Rage Ninomiya was transported here from Japan.

During transmigration, he graciously received various cheat abilities from the Gods of this world. With his youthful enthusiasm, he hunted many demons and had various names.

Now, since things have calmed down and he happens to be close friends with the Emperor of the neighboring, Kingdom of Exion. He became counselor cum Chief court Mage.

Today Rage returned home for the first time in three days after finishing his mission of exterminating the dragon.

“Shia, I am home”

“Welcome home Rage”

His newlywed wife, Shia greeted.

She was a beautiful lady with bright platinum hair and onyx eyes.

A woman who was once known as Lithia Balmund, daughter of Marquis.

Rage tenderly embraced Shia and kissed her rosy lips.

“My lovely Shia, how is our treasure?”

“Just like you, very lively. It kicked my stomach today”

Shia’s belly was fluffy and swelled. Anyone could tell she was pregnant 

Shia’s expression as she gently stroked her belly was full of happiness.

Rage put his hand over her hand as he spoke to his unborn child, “Hey. Please come fast. Mom and dad want to see you soon!”

Shia’s face glowed with happiness and she smiled at as Rage was already infatuated with their child even before it was born. 

“I am very happy. Even though I don’t remember my past, I have you and our child, I can’t help but look forward to our future. I wonder if we’ll be this happy in the future.”

“What are you saying. I promise to make you happier and happier in the future. Don’t worry about anything.”

Rage gently embraced Shia and dropped many kisses.

Shia buried her face in his chest and embraced him with all her strength.

Shia had forgotten her time when she was called Lithia.

On that day, a thug had attacked and stabbed her. Lady Lithia Balmund, daughter of Marquis, thought about Rage as her short life came to an end. 

When Rage came back running after tearing limbs of that thug, Litha’s soul had already separated from her body and she breathed her last.

However, through his cheat, Rage forcibly created revival magic that didn’t exist in that world and brought Lithia back to life.

Maybe it was after effect but Lithia lost all her memories of the past and only a faint feeling for Rage remained.

However, at that time, Rage saw her past through his “Eyes of truth”.

Rage thought.

It is better that you have forgotten all the painful memories of the past.

It may be lonely and depressing to not remember your past 

Therefore I promise to make you happier.

However, I still can’t forgive those who made you suffer. I vow to clear up your name.

Rage changed her name from Lithia to Shia and healed all her wounds and made her scars disappear completely.

To remove all the evidence of that painful past and then start a new life together, fall in love again and, get married 

Shia felt a little lonely with her memories but she was sure that the future she and Rage would weave together will be full of happiness.

In The future she would walk with rage and their children would be much more wonderful than in the past she lost.

“I love you Rage. I’m really happy now.” 

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