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Chapter 281 Self proof of Innocence

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   Cheng Zikun is an introverted and pragmatic calligrapher who just bluntly gave the evaluation that Liu Man’s work was in first place. With that kind of evaluation, it was clear to everyone watching that her work must be outstanding. Chen Jianqiu and Mo Qi couldn’t sit still, so they hurried over to take a look.

    The three judges gathered around the table and studied it carefully. The posture was even better than when Su Yi and the doctoral students used the enlarged version of the seal font.

    Even the soft-spoken Mo Qi exclaimed, “I haven’t seen such an excellent Xiaozhuan work for a long time!”

    Chen Jianqiu wanted to take back his idea that Liu Man would be eliminated in the free-answer round. If she can produce work of this quality, even with 59 other people in the competition, Liu Man is likely to win the final.

    No wonder Mr. Su Yi, who had not accepted a disciple for ten years, would have taken a fancy to this little girl and accepted her as a closed disciple. Her talent is amazing.

    What Chen Jianqiu couldn’t figure out was why did Mr. Su Yi let Liu Man send in an exhibit in regular script.

    He is a straightforward man, so he asked whatever he thought of. He walked up to Su Yi and Ouyang Cen and asked Su Yi, “Mr. Su, why didn’t you let your disciple use seal scripts to participate in the exhibition?”

    Su Yi was also pretty frank, so he answered, “Her seal script was not taught by me! I taught her regular script and official script. So of course, I hope she will use regular script and official script to participate in the exhibition, so that her performance will shine light on my teaching!”

    Ouyang Cen on the side: “…”

    Chen Jianqiu thought it made sense.

    He turned his head and saw that Cheng Zikun was still obsessed with Liu Man’s works and couldn’t help himself. Mo Qi even took out reading glasses… and Wu Qu stood a step away, looking lonely and with a little bit of envy.

    Chen Jianqiu felt tight and sympathized with Wu Qu. He made up his mind and said to Ouyang Cen, “Chairman Ouyang, I think that Su Maolin’s exhibition work “Bao Yao Fu” was written by Su Xuezhen!”

    Hearing this, Ouyang Cen’s expression immediately became serious, “Do you have any evidence?”

    “The “Yunyang Ding” written by Su Maolin has a poorly formed font, and the “Bao Yao Fu” is as different as the earth is to the sky. Moreover, the characters of “Bao Yao Fu”, with the outer square and the inner circle, are exactly the style of Su Xuezhen. He deliberately suppressed his strength in the writing, but what he writes still has a very obvious personal style. Not only me, but Cheng Zikun also has the same idea.  We all think that Su Maolin is not qualified to pass the face-to-face review.”

    “Then just now, why did you all collectively agree to let Su Maolin win the second place in this round?” Su Yi’s words are always so sharp.

    Chen Jianqiu looked embarrassed and said to the two elders, “Cheng Zikun advised me to calm down, but now Wu Qu has shown how troubled he is. I think his reaction is excusable, so I decided to report this to you.”

    At the scene, only Ouyang Cen has the authority to preside over this situation and bring justice.

    Su Yi said to Ouyang Cen, “Look, Su Xuezhen’s dog can’t change eating s**t. Thirty years ago, he replaced Huaiyuan’s work with his own work. Thirty years later, he still played the same trick and used himself. His work cheats for his son. He really regards his work as a treasure.” 

Chen Jianqiu was stunned, “Mr. Su Yi, forgive me. Was Wu Qu right? Do you really have something to do with Su Xuezhen? “

    Su Yi didn’t want to mention that the relationship between him and Su Xuezhen was once teacher and apprentice. When Chen Jianqiu mentioned Su Yi, Ouyang Cen said, “You young people don’t know the history. Su Xuezhen was once Lao Su’s apprentice. He was expelled from the apprenticeship by Lao Su thirty years ago and they stopped speaking.” Chen Jianqiu was three years younger than Su Xuezhen, so he really didn’t know anything about it at that time. Now with the Internet everything can be put online for everyone to see and gossip about. If the same thing happened now, Fang Huaiyuan could make a post on the Internet to exoise Su Xuezhen.

    Chen Jianqiu thought to himself, ‘no wonder he always felt that there was a sense of familiarity in Su Xuezhen’s characters, which seemed to be similar to Mr. Su Yi’s regular writing.’

    Ouyang Cen meditated for a moment and said, “We must not encourage such unhealthy trends, and we must not allow people like Su Xuezhen to disrupt the order of the exhibition and corrupt the reputation of our association!”

    As Ouyang Cen said, he got up and walked to the judges’ bench. The immortal-seeming old man, with an elegant walking posture, his flowing hair, and refined robe made people follow him involuntarily.

    When the judges representing Left Town and Su Wang Qinghai School saw Cen Ouyang approach, they started to get up. Before either of them could finish standing, Wang Qinghai said “Ouyang President, how do you come?”

    “This group faces trouble with their discussions and judgements.  If I didn’t show up at this time, everyone would run amok.”

    Ouyang Cen’s eyes were calm and confident. Su Xuezhen and Wang Qinghai did not dare to refute him out loud, but they hated Chen Jianqiu in their hearts. It must have been Chen Jianqiu who said something to Ouyang Cen and angered him.

    Standing in the middle of the judges’ bench, Ouyang Cen spoke into one of the microphones “Due to the difficulty of the question, there is a rare collection of blank papers in the 8th group of the on-site writing assessment. In order to ensure the fairness of the assessment, after discussion with other judges, we have decided to add a question.  Please, with the exception of Liu Man, use the fonts you are good at to write the last four sentences of Li Bai’s “Jiang Jinjiu” silently on the spot.  Since “Yunyang Ding” is said to be difficult, then write something that is more familiar. “Will enter the wine”.”

    Except for Su Maolin, the other 8 people all smiled. This is obviously an opportunity for everyone to make-up the exam. The requirements are relaxed and they have their choice of font to write in. Of course, Wu Qu is the happiest person. He was ashamed to see Liu Man’s nearly perfect work, and was ready to give up his appeal. He didn’t expect that in a blink of an eye, the judges would listen to his appeal. This Vice President Ouyang, despite his cold words just now, personally served him justice. He was truly grateful.

    Su Maolin panicked and looked at his father for help.

    Su Xuezhen was dissatisfied with Ouyang Cen, “Su Maolin has finished writing “Yunyang Ding”, why do you want him to take another test?”

    Ouyang Cen asked him back, “Su Maolin and Liu Man were questioned at the same time. How does Su Maolin plan to prove his innocence?”

    “Since he can’t prove himself, then he will write it again with others. If he has real skills, writing a simple Tang poem will not conceal his excellence. If he is mixed in…” Ouyang Cen looked at Su Xuezhen quite meaningfully, “If the lie does not deter itself, he will naturally lose the qualification.”

    Su Xuezhen was covered in a cold sweat, and he was sure that Chen Jianqiu reported to Ouyang Cen!

    Participants in Group 8 returned to their desks and started writing. The small seal version of “Yunyang Ding” that was just now written by Liu Man was carefully taken away by Cheng Zikun. He said that after his research is over, he will leave it at the Exhibition Hall.

    In the middle of the scene, Liu Man became the most leisurely person. She has cleared the customs, but the interview is not over, and she can’t leave the scene. She can only stand and watch other people writing.

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